Monday, December 31, 2007

robmacca: Review of the Year 2007

It was a month of on/off press reports about the Spice Girls reforming with Emma Bunton saying she would love a reunion - yet in January 2007 it looked like the most we would ever get would be a one off charity gig, not a full scale tour. How things changed during 2007!

January was a very Spicey month on "robmacca's entertainment news" as news of the Beckham's topping UK Glamour magazine "Best Dressed" list (David 1st and Victoria 2nd). We posted quite a revealing picture of Victoria asking, "Can Posh make it big in LA?" Victoria and Geri were pictured together in London ice skating while Emma Bunton and Melanie C were still doing solo records.

Apart from the Spice Girls reunion talk, the ITV digital Monkey made a welcome return to TV thanks to PG Tips adverts and robmacca launched an official MySpace finally.

February 2007:

Hormones must have been high during February's blogs because robmaccaEXTRA posted "that" naked picture of Daniel Radcliffe from the West End play "Equss" and reported that Channel 4 were going to cancel it's "Wank Week" after the channel was under the spotlight for it's Big Brother rascism outburst. Coventry also topped a sex survey just to round off a rather sexy month!

Coventry band The Enemy first featured on this blog in February with robmacca saying: "I fully recommend getting on the band wagon NOW", which is what happened during 2007 as the band became massive in the UK. The Brit Awards was fully covered here and a great night for the Arctic Monkeys and Amy Winehouse. Brits also did well over in America at the Oscars as Helen Mirram scoped awards for her role as The Queen (as well as at the BAFTA's). More talk of a Spice Girls reunion in late 2007 and reports of the Beckham's £10m TV deal.

March 2007:

Posh went blonde, Britney went bold and robmacca went crazy about The Ripps in March.

Girls Aloud singer, Sarah Harding got her kit off again for the Ultimo underwear collection to warm the pants of almost every teenage boy in the UK! Then Melanie C got all sexy in her new photoshoot and dressed in black pvc for the "I Want Candy" video.

robmacca followed The Ripps over to Leamington for the launch of their single "Loco" and gave the single 10 out of 10, then took a nice cold bath when a report said it hot baths were reducung sperm levels.

April 2007:

April was music month as The Enemy celebrated their first Top 10 hit with "Away From Here" and a home coming gig at Coventry's Colosseum and a signing at HMV. The Ripps were also busy putting Coventry on the map performing at Warwick Student Union with The Switches and White Light Parade.

Geri unites the Spice Girls at her daughters christening, Posh gets too posh, Mel B has a baby daughter, Mel C releases another new video and album and Sarah Harding once again gets sexy in 15 brand new pictures.

robmacca got in the local newspaper and got experimental in videos, as well as making a serious video about Royal Mail.

The Ripps "I love Cov" t-shirts became the latest addition at making Coventry cool in music and Patch, Raul and Rachel spent yet another month touring the country promoting their brand of music. Another local group The Rrrs became the "Band of the Month" and proved they had what it takes live.

robmacca also got to see those hot pop tarts Girls Aloud perform in Birmingham and Marc Almond in London and got to perform on stage in front of about 200 people with Drug For The Good at the Dog and Trumpet.

Eurovision proved to be as crazy as ever and robmacca got international making a video and as well as meeting frieds from around the world in the DenDen meet up.

Another busy month for Coventry band The Ripps as they launched their single "Holiday" at several locations yet Patch Ripp took time out to give robmacca a surprise! The Enemy continued to tour with a mother of all gigs in Birmingham as well as London and the video launch of "Had Enough" and playing Glastonbury with robmacca predicting a Brit Award in 2008.

Other local groups The Rrrs, Half of Nothing and Carter Manoeuvre kept music lovers entertained while on a global scale the Spice Girls dominated the end of the month with their announcement that they were reforming for a World Tour. BBC local radio even interviewed robmacca for two different shows. Girls Aloud Cheryl Cole got in the holiday mood with some beach clothing to make us drool and Sarah Harding showed us her summer underwear!

Coventry's Godiva Festival was the best yet, proving the city was well and truly on the music map. The Enemy performed and then became the first Coventry band to get a #1 UK album. Tom Clarke, Liam Watts and Andy Hopkins also performed a home coming special at HMV and some interesting interviews.

Shakes and Shivers, Patch Ripp, The Rrrs , Half of Nothing and Trash Fashion proved that music can be fun as they put on great live performances. It was our busiest month thanks to the Beckhams "W magazine" sexy photo shoot and the Spice Girls return kept them in the headlines and media. The unseasonal weather inspired some interesting art pictures...........

Lots of new bands to explore on Thursday nights at Kapow! as well as favourites like The Ripps kept music alive during the summer and a good time for them to celebrate Coventry. It was a working holiday for The Enemy in Ibiza before they went to prison and featured on the cover of Blag magazine and performed at the Reading/Leeds Festival. Meanwhile Liam Watts was announced as the new "Keith Moon" by some.

It was a month of pictures as Cheryl Cole showed off her new haircut, Rihanna her swimwear, Andi Peters his torso, Geri on holiday, Zac Efron's stomach, Victoria Beckham showing off her clothes range.

Mel B got married in secret, Emma Bunton had a baby and robmacca made a spoof video of Kate Nash's "Foundations".

The Enemy were being interviewed left, right and centre but still found time to invite the Lord Mayor out for a curry! Then back on tour and an acoustic performance in Banbury at Chalkey's record store as well as the iTunes exclusive in London. The very personal "You're Not Alone" was released and became The Enemy's third Top 20 this year.

Pint Shot Riot and The Cougars provided great nights out with live music as it should be - riotous! Interview with The Ripps proved that Coventry has talent.

October 2007:

The Spice Girls went to America, Cadbury's "Wispa" went back on sale and robmacca launched a new website dedicated to The Enemy. Q Magazine awarded The Enemy "Best New Act" and the band finished their UK tour in Birmingham , while Liam Watts showed us his skills at drum stick spinning!

At the start of the month Spice Girls Tickets sold out in 38 seconds and by the end of the month Wispa's were already hard to find. BBC local radio interviewed robmacca about the Spice Girls - would he really pay £1,000 to see them? Plus we all danced to Joy Division thanks to The Wombats!

November 2007:

It was the month that the Spice Girls dominated the music news with their "Greatest Hits" launch as well as new pictures and video for "Headlines". Onto a nice earner with the Tesco adverts and Victoria Secrets US exclusive, the Spice Girls need not worry that the Children In Need single failed to ignite the charts. Lots of new pictures of The Enemy kept fans happy.

Girls Aloud looked as stunning as ever at G-A-Y and we had to confirm Sarah Harding was not pregnant. Pint Shot Riot rocked the Kasbah at it's club launch. But don't mention a teddy called "Mohammed".

December 2007:

The year ended on a high as the Spice Girls tour reached London and David Beckham got tongues wagging in his pants (not literally!). The Enemy toured Japan, scored their fourth chart hit with "We'll Live And Die In These Towns" and had Radio 1's Jo Whiley. The press heaped praise on The Enemy, Lily Allen became pregnant and Girls Aloud returned to Top of the Pops. Oh yeah and Sarah Harding got kinky!

What a fantastic year 2007 has been for music, both local and national.


  1. LOL 2007 was certainly dominated by girl power hehe but well Daniel´s naked pics gave us (hungry gay men) a little bit of satisfaction with his pics :P

  2. I like to cater for everyone!

    Girl power could have been better, for me, 2007 was all about "proper" bands but the charts were still dominated by "reality" stars.


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