Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Enemy "We'll Live And Die In These Towns"

The Enemy became the first Coventry group in history to get the #1 in the UK album charts this week, rounding off a triumphant weekend.

First they played at HMV Coventry on Friday, cheered on by loyal followers of the band.

Then on Saturday Tom Clarke, Andy Hopkins and Liam Watts took centre stage in front of thousands at Coventry's "Godiva Festival" to deliver a blistering set and cemented their place in Coventry's music history books.

The album "We'll Live And Die In These Towns" out sold it's nearest rival by over 15,000 copies to sell an impressive 39,191 copies - not bad for a debut album.

It was the result of alot of hard work as The Enemy have toured constantly around the UK, first supporting other bands and then launching their own nationwide tour. Averaging out at 1 gig every 2 days since they started out, no-one could put their new found success to just "luck". It is a combination of a lot of things, but sheer determination and belief in yourself plays its part.

Snap Shots From The Week:

Inside HMV Coventry

Outside HMV Coventry: The lads chatting away and Pint Shot Riot's lead man, Rocket (in the hat) gives some support.

Large poster for the album at Coventry train station.

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  1. This is just amazing :D I'm really surprised especially 'cos nowadays it's really hard for a band to get a #1 record with the current changing music world.


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