Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Views from a Post Round

After a wild few days, it's time to calm things back down................. I'm actually glad to get back to work for a "rest"!

I love being postman cos it keeps me fit and gives me the chance to see Coventry more. The pictures above are a snap shot of daily life on my post round. Pictures 1 and 3 show a duck with her young ducklings crossing the road. I couldn't get too close as she was not happy at seeing me walking up the street.

Picture 2 was a randow flower bush display in bright pink. Seeing this flower made me see the beauty around me as I walk along. It had been raining all morning yet seeing the pretty flower showed me why we Brits love the weather really - it's good for the gardens!

The final picture was taken 10 floors up at Kenilworth Court, by the Memorial Park. Rather than take a picture of the park, I opted to show the mass of houses that make up urban life in Coventry. Somehow I was hoping I would be able to see my house.............................

Monday, May 29, 2006

Rock n Roll

Public holidays are good excuses to go out even more and drink - so my housemate and I wasted no time in taking advantage of this Bank Holiday weekend. We even managed to fit some drinking in before we got to town (as the first picture shows). The night got quite surreal when we ended up at some strangers house. Better still, some girl invited herself back to ours and we managed to upset the neighbours several doors up by blasting out music at 7am. (See video below). The less said the better ..................... spent Sunday afternoon in bed recovering, before hitting the town again for another drinking session.
Today is chill out day, just a quiet BBQ and erm...................... alcohol.

P.S. - If your the owner of the sunglasses in the picture above, let me know and you can have them back as I seemed to have "acquired" them on Saturday night!

Robmacca's Drunken Video

If you've ever wondered what "robmacca" gets up to on a drunken Saturday night out - then click the 22 second video above and find out just what I do when I take a strange girl home with me............................

Girls Aloud NIA Birmingham Pictures - Part 2

Here are another five pictures from Friday night's performance by Girls Aloud in Birmingham. All taken with Alex's mobile, because my phone pictures were rubbish! We were sat about 6 row's from the front, so our view was pretty good - except when the people in front held up their "I love Nicola Roberts" banner. All of which was very nice for Miss Roberts when she saw the banner. It was only when the lights came on I could see why this lad (aged about 6) had the banner - he was ginger, so Nicola would be the perfect ginger role model! Bless..............

The costume changes were fast and of course sexy as the concert moved along quickly, featuring music from all three albums. Sarah has such a good attitude on stage and always makes excellent conversation with the audience. I might just upload a video clip at some point.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

World Cup Fever!

I'm not a big footie fan but the sporting world is about to experience World Cup Fever, so I thought I'd contribute - thanks to an MSN Today photo gallery.

Here are four of the best:

1. A topless David Beckham King of Cum!
2. Steven Gerrard shows us his lean and mean tummy.
3. Cristiano Ronaldo stars as The Incredible Hulk.
4. Italian footballer Francis Totti makes football fun.

I might just have to watch the World Cup, to support England , of course!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Girls Aloud LIVE Birmingham NIA - Pictures

Here are the first pictures from Girls Alouds concert at Birmingham's National Indoor Arena, taken last night with Alex's camera. The concert was fast moving and the girls didn't dissapoint. Lots of costume changes and songs from all three albums, plus songs from Fame and Footloose and a Girls Aloud rendition of the Kaiser Chiefs "I Predict a Riot".

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Geri Halliwell - Hello Magazine with baby Bluebell

If you want to catch up on all the news post birth of Geri Halliwell's baby Bluebell Madonna, then this weeks "Hello" magazine has an exclusive interview along with lots of pictures. The magazine went on sale today and tells how Geri chose the name and why she is besotted since the birth of her baby daughter.
She reveals; "Nothing else seems to matter: no success, nor all the money in the world could match being a mother with Bluebell in my arms."

Looks like Geri will be popping out alot more sprogs in the years to come if this interview is anything to go by, plus she'll be doing it right here in the UK.

Any perspective fathers - please apply here for a test!

Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah *VIDEO*

You've seen the performance at Eurovision, now get ready to watch the video of this year's winning song from Finland's Lordi. Click the video above and watch the actual video for "Hard Rock Hallelujah" on this blog page.

Well done Finland, you made Eurovision such fun to watch. This song rocks!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Eurovision Review

Saturday night was Eurovision night and I had a few friends around to join in the spectacle. Martin waves the flag for the UK, but we were doomed from the start, as Daz Sampson finished 19th. Jayne (and Tom) really entered into it, and Tom even got to vote for the winners Finland.
Poor Norm had to sit through the whole event as he was here for the weekend. Even the room was decorated with the Union Jack flag and previous Eurovision UK entries.
We had scorecards and marked each song based on 4 sections, then at the end we add up the Top 5 scores and Croatia won the total votes so we phoned that through. Sadly the rest of the UK didn't vote for it so it got "nil" points from the UK (but it didn't do too badly overall!)
Our top 5 were:

5th - Lithuania 64 points
4th - Denmark 136 points
3rd - Finland 186 points
2nd - United Kingdom - 187 points
1st - Croatia - 219 points

For all those visiting the Blog cos of Lithuania, here are the lyrics to "We are the Winners" (you can see the video further down in this Blog):

We Are the Winners(Music: A. Mamontovas / S. Urbonavicius, Lyrics: A. Mamontovas / V. Diawara)Performed by LT United
We are the winnersWe are, we are!
We are the winnersWe are, we are!
We are the winners of EurovisionWe are, we are!
We are, we are!We are the winners of EurovisionWe are, we are!
We are, we are!
So, you gotta vote,
Vote, vote for the winners
Vote, vote, vote for the winners
We are the winners of Eurovision(de Vilnius city a Paris)(LT United ici)
We are the winners of Eurovision(chantons la meme chanson)('cos we got it goin' on)
Everyday you hear us on the radio(that's right)
And everyday you see us on the news(yeah)
It doesn't matter in mono or in stereo(it's better in stereo)'cos we are here to represent the truth that
We are the winners of Eurovision
We are, we are! We are, we are!
We are the winners of Eurovision
We are, we are!
We are, we are!
Go baby!
We are the winners of Eurovision
We are, we are!
We are, we are!
We are the winners of Eurovision
We are, we are!
We are, we are!
We are the winners of Eurovision
We are the winners of Eurovision
We are the winners of Eurovision
We are the winners of Eurovision
You gotta vote, vote, vote for the winners
Vote, vote, vote for the winners'coz we are the winners of EurovisionVote!

Manchester Meet Up

1. Girls Aloud adorn a shopping centre wall
2. Manchester architecture
3. Jon and Norm enjoying a drink and chat
4. Jon, Norm, Lauren and her fella
5. Geri Halliwell gets the Manchester treatment!

Take That - Manchester Concert Pictures

Take That In Concert

It was the best concert EVER - seeing Take that in concert last night in Manchester's MEN Arena. We had a ticket upgrade and had seats just left of the stage, so now our view was near perfect.

The concert was kicked off by Beverley Knight performing several crowd stirring songs before Take That emerged in a plume of smoke to a roaring 14,000 crowd. It might have been 10 years since Take That had toured as a group, but this only added to the appeal. They still could do the moves and this was proved in a stunning visual display throughout the evening. There was fire, water, hologram and flamenco dancers to keep us entertained.

The video above is of Mark Own singing "Babe", taken on my mobile phone.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Big Brother 7 - I caved in!

With just 24 into the new series of Big Brother, and a vow of abstinence -my ban on BB folded when my housemate wanted to see what they looked like.

Here's a taster, now see why I will be addicted .....................................

Friday, May 19, 2006

Eurovision Semi Final Results

What the hell?

I've just finally watched the Eurovision Semi Final (I decided that going out and enjoying alcohol and then having a good sleep and a spot of masturbation a higher priority!). As always I like to score each of the songs and as with last year I got 5 right and 5 wrong.

Here are the 10 that go through to Saturday's final:

FYR Macedonia
Bosnia & Herzegovina


The countries that are bold were my choices to go through, and listed below are the 5 other countries I thought should go through:


I'm shocked that Belgium, a 14-1 favourite didn't make it and Iceland got booed because of her earlier comments about Greece (which she said sorry for later).

Indeed Saturday will be a Euro feast of weird songs, bizarre voting and shock results. Daz Sampson is putting up a brave fight and I'm surprised the bookies have him @ 12-1 (according to www.paddypower.com as of 18/05/2006 before Semi Final results). Ithink he'll finish lower than 15th, but this is Eurovision, so you just never know how it will turn out.

My top 10 songs will be nothing like the final top 10 that will be voted for on Saturday!

My favourite to win is still Anna Vissi from the host country Greece is still my choice to win, with a surprise showing from Croatia's Severina with her light bulb changing dance song. My outside choice is from Lithuania's LT United "We Are The Winners".

If you've got no idea what I'm going on about then visit:



Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Take That

Over shadowed by my love of all things Eurovision, I've almost forgotten that I'm off to see Take That in Manchester this Sunday with my friend Norm (visit his Blog, the link is on the right hand side of this page!).

So far all the reviews and comments about the Take That Reunion Tour have been good, so hopefully we won't be too tired Sunday. I think we'll both be tired Monday as Norm has a long journey home back to London and then work, I've got the drive home from Manchester - then work.

I'm looking forward to seeing my Melanie C friends - Emma and Shaz as well..........
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