Monday, March 19, 2007

The Ripps Rock Leamington!

Patch goes Loco!

Raul and Rachel give it some welly!

Patch goes mental........

The Ripps album "Long Live The Ripps" was released today and I was privileged to be able to pop over to Leamington Spa and watch this Coventry band live for the first time.

I wasn't disappointed as Patch, Raul and Rachel put on a fantastic performance in front of all those present at Fopp Records. Right from the start of Rachel's drum stick clicks until the end as Patch belted out his strong vocals - The Ripps proved that they not only sound great in the studio, but also sound just as great live in front of an audience.

My album arrived from HMV today so I'd not had much chance to listen before the in store performance but the catchy "Holiday" was easily recognisable and has real potential to become their next single. Raul, Rachel and Patch bring out the best in each other and looked like they get on really well off stage as well as on stage. The Ripps prove that Coventry, with all it's faults is a great place to be and a city we can all be proud of.

Watch the 30 second video clip I recorded of The Ripps performing "Loco", their opening track at the performance and also on the album:

The Ripps perform "Loco" live at Fopp Records, Leamington Spa.

The Ripps rock live.

Afterwards Raul, Rachel and Patch chatted to those who had turned up to watch them perform and it made my day when the guys recognised me from MySpace and thanked me for supporting them. Each of them then signed a copy of "Loco" on 7"vinyl, CD single and the new album and were really down to earth and friendly.

If you want to know more visit their MySpace:

You can buy the new album "Long Live The Ripps" for just £7 from Fopp records:


  1. WOW you're a real fan Rob, it's nice to know there are still people who support the bands that they like still when they can just download their media. The song is quite catchy, maybe I'm a bit mad but I was able to recognize some word in Spanish besides loco.

  2. I love them!

    Glad you can understand the Spanish - I should get you to translate for me :-)

  3. You'd think that,being a Coventry band, they'd play in Cov' to launch their new album??!!

  4. They did a launch party DJ set in Coventry on Saturday, but we got to the club too late to see it.

    Record shops in Coventry are not allowed to let bands play live without a licence, as another Coventry group (The Enemy) found out recently.


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