Monday, March 05, 2007

The Ripps "Loco" Single

The Ripps new single "Loco" had me racing into Coventry's HMV record store this morning and then dancing around my dining room singing at the top of my voice to the B Side "Too Much Too Young". Now I'm enjoying the exclusive non album track "Promises", so all in all the single gets a 10 out of 10 from robmacca.
Brothers Patch and Raul Lagunas along with Rachel Butt make up this exciting new Coventry group as mentioned in this blog over the weekend. Not only are they proud to come from Coventry , they actively promote it by singing The Specials classic "Too Much Too Young". The Ripps give the song a fresh new edge that deserves to be heard by every single person in the world!
I've had a bit of a tinker with some codes so that I could get the video to play for all the visitors to robmacca! You can buy the single from such sites like: , you can also pre-order the forthcoming album Long Live The Ripps for just £7.99!

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