Sunday, May 13, 2007

The DenDen Meet Up

It was an international meet up for friends from the "DenDen" forum, proving once again that the internet can be a positive force for good. Angie and her friends travelled over from Canada, Ivan from Sweden, Jessy from Germany, Dane from Italy, Tamir from Israel as well as others who made up the crowds for this special evening in London.

It was a great reunion for many in the group and the night's highlight was when we all took over the bar as the Spice Girls/solo Spice collection came on and we all went wild on the dance floor!

Car skids off road on way to London, we had to evacuate the coach - so arrived late.
Oops, sorry Jessy - I took an awful picture of us!

The DenDen crowd tucking into pizza in London.

.............and talking lots!

Carl is on top form during the whole night.

Angie, deep in thought.

Tamir in an "arty" picture.

Giorgio pulls a funny face as he tries to avoid the camera.

Jessy and Tamir.

Carl, Jessy and Tamir - looks almost like the "Forever" cover!

Carl and Angie.

robmacca and Angie.

Tamir and Angie.

Giorgio was rightly described as "fucking hot" by his housemate!

Dee gets romantic with Chris.

Angie and Ivan upstairs in the "Eurovision" room.

Angie and Ivan - Take 2!

Angie and her famous jugs!
Angie and Marc - "Angie is #1".

Dee rushes off after the meal..........

Lee, on the way to the nightclub.

Jon VB and Jessy at the end of the night - drunk!

The one and only - John VB, inside the club.

Tamir on the way home.

......... and finally he's asleep!

This is a video of Jessy and robmacca, late for the meal and heading to Pizza Express in Soho on a bike.
There are a shed load of photo's that were taken by Carl, Marco, Jessy and Angie that can be seen HERE


  1. aww all the pics look great! it's nice that every year you guys do this.

  2. What an interesting cast of global mates you've got! Looks like you had a great time.....

  3. just checked out your blog!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the memories and pics, Robbie...


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