Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Victoria Beckham Book Signing *exclusive pics*

- robmacca, happy with his "Extra Half An Inch"- The massive crowd are filmed at Selfridges

- Victoria still smiling after 2 hours constant book signing
-Posh Spice makes plenty of eye contact with the fans

- A blurred picture of Victoria as the escalator moves up and away

It was a day to remember as I finally met Victoria Beckham at the launch of her book "That Extra Half An Inch" at Selfridges, London. As reported on robmacca a few days ago, we knew it was going to be busy - but we didn't expect a queue of around 1,000 to wait patiently for their copy of the book to be signed and to meet Victoria.

The back room soon filled up and got quite hot, but credit is due to Selfridges staff who handed out free bottles of water and kept the fans informed of what was happening during the evening. When I was buying my copies of the book, I heard a lady on the phone saying Victoria would be doing the signing from 6pm til 7pm. I wasn't worried til I saw the crowds ever growing, but as I saw familiar faces from various forums, I grew happier.

Once the signing started the queue didn't seem to move for a long time, I know Victoria likes to talk to the fans and was having pictures taken with fans as well as signing all copies of her book. We were informed Victoria would be signing til 8pm, which is when the store closes. But it was already evident by the slow moving queue, that not everyone would get to see her. Then our Posh herself said she'd stay til 9pm, but now it would just be a quick signature as she wanted to see everyone.

My coach back home was at 9pm and it was touch and go if I'd make it, but thankfully I got to see Victoria. The staff were friendly and organised and Victoria looked totally radiant. I said hello as she started signing the books, to which she looked up and gave me a chirpy "hello" back. Then I said: "Your hands must be aching by now!", she gave a little smile and replied, "it's ok, I'll be finished soon".

The two books were signed and it was time to say thank you and move on to let the next person have their 10 seconds with Posh Spice.

MySpace Bubble to Burst?

Is the MySpace.com bubble about to burst? It's been one of the most talked about sites of 2006, with just about everyone having an account. Music artists big and small use it to promote their material.
MySpace is moving to stop its users illegally uploading music content by introducing fingerprinting technology to the website.
The site will scan all uploaded music, check it against a database of rights holders and block any protected content.
Users who repeatedly try to upload content illegally will be barred from the site.
MySpace said the next step will be to look at filtering video content. During July, 1.5bn videos were watched on the site by 37.4m users.
YouTube could be the next net place to impose restrictions in a bid by music companies to stop us all enjoying music for free.

Halloween Party Pics - part 2

I'll update this as soon as I get time (I'm about to head off to London again)
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Video of the Week - Beyonce "Irreplaceable"

This week's "Video of the Week" is rather special to me, it's a reminder to myself that no-one is irreplaceable. Often people will come into our lives and seem to be solid or look like they will be around forever. But the reality is many will either let us down or disappear via the back door into oblivion.

The video, which I'm certainly going to be playing over and over tonight, will re-enforce the message home to myself that everyone can be replaced quite easily.....................

Halloween Party Pics - Part 1

Here are a collection of pictures I took last night at Fran's Halloween Party, and it certainly was a night to remember as everyone made a real effort and dressed up well for the occasion.

1. Pete, Fran and Kelly
2. Helen
3. Pete,Simone and Kelly
4. Kelly
5. robmacca

I can't believe we walked into the pub dressed like we did.
I kept my mask on all the time while at the pub - imagine if someone had seem me out!!
Once I was at Fran's and the booze was flowing then I relaxed more and was soon glowing in the dark and having a good little boogie............

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Podge and Rodge - Johnny Vegas Interview *funny*

You just have to watch Podge and Rodge in this hilarious video above. They interview Johnny Vegas with results that will have you falling off your seat. This Irish duo may be hard to understand for non English speaking viewers but still worth a watch.

I'd not heard of them until someone on a Blog posted a link to one of their video's and now my housemate and I are hooked!


Nylon coming to Coventry

*picture from http://www.nylon.is/
ICELAND'S answer to the Spice Girls will be jetting into Coventry to help switch on the city's Christmas lights.
Oddly-named girl band Nylon will be at Millennium Place on Sunday, November 19, for the big switch-on.
They will be joining X Factor champion Steve Brookstein, who won the first series of the show in 2004 with six million votes on the night of the final.
Nylon will be performing songs on the Heart FM stage at the event, organised by CV One.

Mel C: Spice Girls Reunion Unlikely

There might have been talk of a Spice Girls reunion, but Mel C says it's unlikely.
She told Radio 1: "I don't think it will happen.

"There's loads of kids in the mix now and the rest of the girls are all doing different things.
"We haven't really talked about getting together for ourselves.

"We've talked about getting together for charity events. Live8 would have been the perfect opportunity, but we couldn't get that together.

"So maybe a little one off somewhere, but not a full-scale arena tour

*From Daily Record website.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

David Beckham Pictures

Victoria Beckham Quote of the Day:

"Vintage stores never have prices on and I had a miserable experience recently. I saw something I loved and asked the owner how much. You could see him think Hmmm... Victoria Beckham. Then with a straight face he said £5,000. I left empty handed!"

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Badger Delays Train!

Top News story of the day comes from The Mirror:

RAIL services were yesterday disrupted - by a smouldering badger on the line.

Firefighters were called to investigate a smoking rail and found the dead animal which was on fire.

Watch manager Peter Brown said: "Thankfully I should think it died very quickly of electrocution, and did not suffer.

"Somebody had reported an electrical fire on the track at 8.30am. It was on fire and every time a train came past it reignited.

"The flames would die down but when another train passed the wind would cause the fire to start up again. I wasn't going to have trains stopped because the badger was already dead.

"We just told Network Rail there was a smouldering badger on the line. It didn't present a further danger."

A maintenance crew later removed the creature from the track near Tonbridge, Kent.
The cleaning operation led to some hold-ups to trains to London.

Network Rail said: "Delays were minimal."

Monday, October 23, 2006

Prince Harry: Privates on Parade!

Top news story of the day in my opinion, comes from the Daily Star, which reports that Royal Prince Harry has been getting his privates out for the boys:

CHEEKY Prince Harry just loves getting his privates on parade around the barracks.

The hellraising Royal has earned a reputation for strutting around the officers quarters with just a tiny towel to cover up his crown jewels.

The prince is even known as "Dirty Harry" because he can't resist showing off at the shower block.

We can exclusively reveal that bad boy Harry isn't shy when it comes to giving pals an eyeful of the royal meat and two veg.

Our mole added: "He's definitely a ginger - all over."

Harry, 22, who joined the Household Cavalry's Blues and Royals, has moved into Wellington Barracks, which overlook Buckingham Palace, after completing his Sandhurst training.

Sources say the third-in-line to the throne was keen to stamp his authority at his new macho lodgings. So cocky Harry started throwing his weight around when it came to shower time.

Our source says fellow officers find it cringeworthy that the prince is so brazen – some even give him wolf whistles as he cruises down the corridor.He's even been compared to the hunk in the Lynx bodyspray TV adverts.

And apparently his girlfriend Chelsy Davy, 21, loves his new antics.Our insider said: "The boys think it's hilarious to see Harry walking up and down the corridor. "He's very confident around the barracks."

*story and picture from www.dailystar.co.uk

Video of the Week - Girls Aloud "Something Kinda Ooooh"

Fresh from becoming the highest British group to enter the UK Top 40 Chart (#5) based on downloads alone, Girls Aloud release "Something Kinda Ooooh" this week. Now you can watch the video here on "robmacca".

Find out on Sunday where the single gets to on the UK Top 40, for now enjoy this catchy little number just before the Greatest Hits comes out.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hate That Frog Game

Bored Website
Thanks to the guys at www.Bored.com you can now shoot that Crazy Frog and see how far you can get him to either fly or smash and crash along the floor.
Tip: You need to shoot him before he hits the floor.
My hightest score (after quite a while) was 90.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Melanie "bump" Brown Moves Into Eddie's Pad!

Watch the video of Eddie Murphy outside the Hyde nightclub in Hollywood this week as reporters congratulated him on the news that his girlfriend, former Spice Girl, Melanie Brown is expecting his baby (or babies!). According to TMZ.com, someone says "Hey Eddie! Congrats on the baby if that's true," Eddie looks back and flashes a curious smirk, before climbing into an awaiting car.

This is on top of news that Melanie Brown is already showing a "little bump" according to friends. A Los Angeles based friend of the former Spice Girl has confirmed earlier news about Mel B's pregnancy and revealed she has moved into Eddie’s Hollywood home.

"They are delighted and Mel hasn't stopped grinning. She has a little bump already, but it will be pretty obvious soon."

"She's hardly left his side for four months. She's now moving into his house officially so they can really become a family."


Lady Victoria and Sir David Beckham

Latest stories coming from the Daily Express and Hello! magazine say that David Beckham will be honoured with a Knighthood from The Queen in the New Years Honors list.

The knighthood would make him into Sir David Beckham and this allows his wife, former Spice Girl to become Lady Victoria Beckham.

The couple are seen as the "celebrity royal couple" so the knighthood will be a perfect end to the year for the Beckham's after David was dropped by the England captain recently.
A spokesman for the couple today said: 'We have no comment on this speculation.'

* Pictures by Getty/Hello Magazine and PA/Metro

Emma Is Official Children In Need Single 2006

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton is to record a version of Petula Clark's 1960s hit Downtown as this year's official Children In Need single.

"I've always loved Downtown as a song and I'm really looking forward to putting my own stamp on it," she said.

The singer is currently appearing in BBC One's Strictly Come Dancing and said she had asked her colleagues on the show to join her in the video.
The single is out on 13 November, with Children in Need night on 17 November.

"The track's good fun and one everyone will know," said 30-year-old Bunton.

"The video should be a good laugh - I've asked all the Strictly guys to come along if they have time and show off all the hard work we've been doing and hopefully there will be a few other surprises in store too."

Children in Need last year raised £33m for charity.

*Story/picture from BBC website.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mel B and Eddie Murphy Latest Stories.........

It seems the media have gone Eddie Murphy / Mel B crazy today with various stories about the couple not only planning on getting married in the next few weeks but that Melanie B is expecting Eddie Murphy's baby. Apparently Melanie is already four months pregnant and conceived not long after the couple started dating in July.

Rumours have it that Melanie could give birth to twins, as this runs in Eddie Murphy's family but she is overjoyed with the news and this was the reason she was in the UK recently - to tell her family!

The wedding stories are flying in thick and fast as news of Murphy's divorce became final in April. The couple are becoming headlines more and more in recent weeks after spending a summer holiday together with both sets of children. Other rumours are both Eddie and Mel B have had each others names tattooed on their bodies.

Watch this space for more news as it breaks..................................

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Just for Charles............

********Warning: This Blog Topic Contains Men In Underwear!********

I wouldn't normally post pictures of men in their underwear - but this post is dedicated to my regular Blog reader Charles, who commented on my female google blog topic.

Hope you like this topic Charles - it is dedicated to you....................

Free Video Sharing To End?

Could the future of free music video sharing be nearing an end?
Last year this Blog reported that 2006 would be a boom year for video blogging, and by golly we've seen that boom with the explosion of websites like YouTube. But could the sharing of music video's be nearing an end as Universal Music has filed lawsuits against two video-sharing websites, one owned by Sony Pictures.
The two websites are Bolt.com and Grouper could be the first in a long line of companies with YouTube and MySpace in the firing line for allowing music video's to be shared for free.
Looks like the explosion could leave us with nothing for free!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lemonheads @ Colly,Coventry

The Lemonheads entertain the crowds at the Colly.

Evan Dando close up and personal.

Evan Dando playing new tunes and old classics with The Lemonheads.

The Lemonheads entertained several hundred at Coventry's Colosseum Club last night with Evan Dando losing none of his talent as frontman to this 90's band. The group have just released their album "The Lemonheads" (first since 1998 "Best of" album) and are touring the UK to promote it.

I was there with along with six of my mates and we were pretty tipsy even before we got to the Colly, but the night was worth it. Anna dragged me to the front, so we got a great view. My other pictures are a bit blurred - but I blame all the alcohol.

It was good to finally see The Lemonheads perform live as they were one of the first groups I bought on cassette form in 1993.


Post Office Closures

The inevitable destruction of Britain's postal service heads a step closer the cliff as many local branches are closed down or sold off. Along side this the Government have scrapped the Post Office card account (which many local people used).

A petition with 3 million signatures is to be handed into Downing Street this Wednesday in a effort to show how the nation feels about the post office network and where it is now heading.

Sadly, it is not likely to have much effect as Royal Mail seems intent on self destruction at the hands of a liberalized market enforced by the European Union and our Governments willingness to surrender one of our few remaining state owned businesses.

Friday, October 13, 2006

I'm Meeting Victoria Beckham!

Meet Victoria Beckham in store at 6pm on Monday 30 October when she launches her style guide "That Extra Inch and a Half" exclusively at Selfridges.

She will be signing copies of her new book in the Central Atrium on the Lower Ground Floor.

I've just booked my ticket to London and I'm gonna be there - even if I don't get anything signed, I'll have finally met Victoria Beckham!


Funny Google Picture

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Who,What,Where,Why "robmacca" Topic!

"robmacca" - is so random yet after almost 8,000 visitors and 12,000 page views people keep coming back for more.

Just WHO is this "robmacca"..............

Who is "robmacca"?
robmacca is the author of this Blog and is a little unknown postman.
What is the "robmacca" Blog about?
It covers anything that happens to be of interest, at the moment a blog topic is created. Main subjects seem to be music, robmacca's life situations, home city and country.
Where is "robmacca" from?
Born and bred in Coventry - and proud of it, along with Irish and Welsh roots.
Why not MySpace instead of "robmacca.blogspot"?
robmacca.blogspot is more personal. With MySpace it seems any freak can invade your space. Here is the safe home, with reasonable control.
Who is "robmacca" into?
robmacca still loves a wide range of music, drinking with friends, reading gossip online.
What inspires "robmacca"?
Life itself - people, places, acts of kindness, religion, politics, music and film all shape the Blog.
Where does "robmacca" like to go on holiday?
Loves Australia and the UK with Europe thrown in as a treat.
Why are there so many pictures of "robmacca" on here?
The Blog is called "robmacca" so people should see the face behind the words often!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks Video

I'd not seen or heard this song until watching E4 today, now I'm in love with "Young Folks" by Swedish trio Peter, Bjorn and John. It charted at #35 in the UK in August as their debut single here but the guys have been around since 1999. They have a follow up single called "Let's Call it Off" out 30th October 2006.
UK Tour Dates:
26 Oct Shepherds Bush Empire, London
27 Oct Sheffield Plug, Sheffield
28 Oct Bad Sneakers @ Faversham, Leeds

More info:



Google - The New "Big Brother" ?

Is Google the new "Big Brother" of the internet?

With millions of hits a day and now with the new acquisition of YouTube, you can't help but feel that Google has become the new "Big Brother" of the internet along side Microsoft.

We all know that Google remove porn links in it's Top 10's "Most Searched", but do you know just how much companies like Google really know about YOU and your time online? It's rather scary that Google itself has been the target of hackers who have posted fake messages on their Blog. Now a new threat is at hand as hackers try to manipulate the Code Search service used by Google.

A number of blogs frequented by coders have already posted a litany of amusing search terms which resulted in comic hits, usually amounting to criticism of coders or 'notes to self' that were presumably never meant to be seen.

Some of the less offensive search terms that return hits on the Google Code Search database include 'In Case Some Idiot', 'The Guy Who Wrote This' and 'I am drunk'.

Scared? You should be!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Emma Bunton set to marry Jade Jones

Emma Bunton and Jade Jones are set for a Spring wedding according to press/internet stories today. The couple have enjoyed an eight year on/off relationship but now it seems they will finally tie the knot in March and it is hoped the other Spice Girls will be able to attend the wedding.

Emma is currently appearing on the BBC's "Strictly Come Dancing", which drew an audience of 8.8 million in it's opening show on Saturday and has been very much in the public eye for 10 years thanks to her success as Baby Spice in the Spice Girls. Jade Jones used to be in a group called Damage, which had nine Top 40 UK hits. He was a recent contestant on Channel 4's "The Games" and went on to be crowned Champion after winning the eight day event.

The couple have been seen together many times over the years together, including supporting fellow Spice Girl Melanie C at her London gig last year. A public confirmation is expected soon.

Party Weekend

Another fantastic weekend has passed and the new working week begins once again.

Saturday night was the engagement party of Ted and Simone, and it was good to see the crew once again. As you can see from the picture above Linsey, Helen and Kelly all looking fabulous and in full party mood.

We were up for more and went to buy 6 bottles of wine then go to the Lithuanian house party, but when we got there the lads had gone to walk someone home. So the girls departed and went on to party at Linsey's with the wine and a trampoline!

I stayed, and once the lads returned, we were drinking vodka shots for the rest of the night. I had a stonking hangover on Sunday and was forced back into bed to try and recover! The evening was very pleasantly spent with my date and a cracking movie "Stay", ending the weekend with home delivery pizza...................

Mel B in London

According to the News of the World, Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) is apparently cheating on Eddie Murphy.
She was seen at the Electric Cinema in London, before leaving the club at 2.30am and linking arms with the man as they departed.

She was probably just out with a good friend with whom she danced with and sat with all night - no crime there, unless you get photographed by the NOTW.

Pity the press can't leave her alone while she visits the UK.
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