Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Enemy: Ibiza Holiday Pictures

Here are some EXCLUSIVE pictures of The Enemy as they relax for a few days while in sunny Ibiza last weekend. Escaping the pitiful British summer would have come as a refreshing welcome.
It looks like Tom Clarke, Liam Watts and Andy Hopkins had a great time unwinding and I'm sure Ibiza made a pleasant change from Costa Del COV.

The Enemy out on the lash and chilling by the pool.

Liam plays "peek a boo" and then sun bathes.

The Enemy playing ball in the pool, then Tom and Liam relax in the shade.

Chilling out while in Ibiza - Tom does some floating.

Looks like Andy is having a great time in these selection of Ibiza pictures.

The Enemy deserved a mini break after the hectic schedual so far this year.

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