Thursday, December 20, 2007

Spice Girls To Replace Robbie Williams?

Robbie Williams uncensored naked Rock DJ video

It looks like Robbie Williams will have to do more than just get naked for his next video if reports in the Metro are to be believed. OK, stop staring at Robbie's willy in the picture and focus on the story ...................

According to the Metro, Robbie Williams looks set to be replaced by the Spice Girls as the big cheese at record label EMI. Robbie has had a tough year as his popularity went down and Take That's went from strength to strength. Sales of Robbie's last album were down considerably and record chiefs need an international act that can sell records. The return of the Spice Girls has generated a lot of media interest and the "Greatest Hits" album has sold well around the globe, so EMI may well take a risk and opt for a brand new Spice Girls album on the back of the successful world tour.

Robbie Williams signed an £80 million deal in 2002 to produce six albums for EMI, the signer still has two albums left in his record breaking contract. His last single "She's Madonna" charted at #16 and then dropped out of the Top 30 the following week. Yet the Spice Girls would need new material that would chart higher than their comeback single "Headlines", which scraped into the charts at #11 last month.

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    1. WOW this is a interesting note, I'd love to see new Spice Girls matrial but I won't get excited until it's official.... grta Robbie pics, I hd never seen the ucesored version :P

    2. I thought Robbie said he had the biggest cock in show business it looks quite small to me. What a disappointment


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