Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pint Shot Riot: Rock The Kasbah

robmacca in his Riot gear!
Forget the riots in Paris because Coventry had it's very own riot tonight, in the shape of Pint Shot Riot and by God they rocked the Kasbah!
If your going to wear a t-shirt that says "RIOTER" then you have to be prepared for a riot to take place and the people of Coventry didn't let the side down.

Pint Shot Riot
Back in September Pint Shot Riot played at the Hope and Anchor as reported HERE, even though rioting was somewhat subdued because of security. Tonight more than made up for it at the newly opened Kasbah (formally known as the Colosseum). The crowd were free to express themselves and enjoy the music. I had decided to get right down at the front and run the risk of getting caught up in the riot.

Rocket launches another missile

The young crowd were up for it and full of energy as Pint Shot Riot blasted out some new tunes as well as the familiar tunes. Before long I realised my first mistake - never wear a hat in a mosh pit! I quickly took off my glasses and proceeded to jump around and enjoy the fun as any good Rioter should. My hands firmly gripping the railing, trying to protect the girl stood beside me trying to take photos. I almost instantly gave up the notion of taking pictures or videos as the pace in the crowd sped up to stampede level.

As the crowd jumped up and down I noted my second mistake - wearing a short sleeved t-shirt results in friction burns! If Rocket, Rob, Baby Dave and Mini Rocket had gone on too long we'd have a fire on our hands. Thankfully for me, the joy of mosh pits brings that added delight of lager throwing and the loss of a hat was replaced with gaining a pint of liquid (hopefully not piss!) over the top of my head. Normally having a pint poured over you could lead to a fight but at a gig like Pint Shot Riot, it's all part of the fun.

The evening ended with "Riot Van" and our musical taste buds had certainly been stimulated, chants of "more" were ringing out -along with Coventry City football songs. While my arms may ache from being pushed and shoved for the best part of 40 minutes, my heart was alive and well thanks to the energetic tunes of Pint Shot Riot.


Pictures get blurred when there is a Riot!

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