Friday, July 13, 2007

Godiva Festival, Coventry: Who's Playing and When

The Godiva Festival in Coventry looks like being the best yet as The Human League, The Enemy,The Ripps, Super Furry Animals, Noisettes, The Cribs and a whole host of other bands perform at the Midlands largest FREE festival. Get over to Coventry this weekend and enjoy the fun.
The Cater Manouevre
Friday 13 July:

Electric Tent - 9.00pm The Human League 7.35pm Broken Dolls 7.00pm Two Giraffes

Rhythm Tent (Comedy) - 8.00pm MC Dan Atkinson 8.15pm Stuart Goldsmith 8.35pm MC Dan Atkinson 8.40pm Topping and Butch 9.00pm INTERVAL 9.30pm Mark Watson

Spotlight Tent (G Factor Finalists) - 5:30pm Little Girl Screaming 6:05pm The Crooks 6:40pm Jamsons Nook 7:15pm The Carter Manouevre 7:55pm Men In Caves 8:35pm The Hearing 9:15pm DbMA 10:00pm Sun, Zoom, Spark The finalists:Sun Zoom Spark

Market Stage (Local Bands) - 5:30pm The Juliana Down 6:15pm What About Cube? 7:00pm Ottogono 7:45pm Shakes & Shivers 8:30pm Kifaru 9.20pm Decatone

The Enemy

Saturday 14th July:

Electric Tent
(Live Bands) - 12.05pm Fiori1 2.50pm G Factor Winners - Sun Zoom Spark 1.35pm Vijay Kishore 2.20pm The Ripps 3.10pm The Silent League 4.10pm Maps 5.10pm Noisettes 6.20pm The Cribs 7.35pm The Enemy 9.00pm Super Furry Animals

Rhythm Tent - 1.00pm African Drum Workshops 3.00pm Hamana Bjemakan (African Dance and Drums) 4.00pm Caliche 5.30pm Drumalicious 7.00pm Siyaya 9.00pm Ozomatli

Spotlight Tent (Hip Hop) - 12.30pm DJ set (Dapper) 12.45pm Open Doors 1.00pm P’knology 1.15pm Canley (Street Dance Jnr’s) 1.20pm AT7 Breakers (AJ) 1.30pm TBC 1.40pm Street stylers Vs Y.I.P Group 2.00pm Cubs & the firm 2.15pm Tight Vibes 2.30pm Mc Dee + S.A Massive 2.45pm Red 3.00pm White shark & Mistah Menace 3.15pm Dutty bwoy Malla 3.35pm B-boy Battle (Round 1 – Spin Doc) 4.15pm Open Mic (Round 1 - 4th Front) 4.50pm Tru Street Dance Crew 5.05pm Regimental 5.30pm B-boy Battle (Round 2 – Spin Doc) 6.00pm Open Mic (Round 2 - 4th Front) 6.40pm Genisis Elijah 7.10pm Precha & Baby J 740pm Jehst 8.20pm Klashnekoff 9.00pm KRS-ONE 10.30pm Shut down

Market Stage (Street Art etc) - 1.45pm Wolly the Clown – compere 2.15pm Rex Boyd 2.45pm Bread and Butter Theatre Company 3.15pm Maynard Flipflap 3.45pm Wolly the Clown 4.15pm Bruce Airhead 4.45pm Bill FergusonWalkabout in the field: Jelly Roller – The DragonRex Boyd Bread and Butter Theatre Company Maynard Flipflap Bill Ferguson Bruce Airhead Swank

Market Stage - 6.00pm Nalle 7.00pm Adrian Crowley 8.00pm Baby Dee 9.00pm James Yorkston and The Athletes

The Ripps

Sunday 15th July:

Electric Tent (Big Band Orchestra) - 1.00pm - 2.00pm & 2.30pm - 3.30pm Back to Basie Orchestra 4.30pm - 5.30pm & 6.00pm - 7.00pm The Syd Lawrence Orchestra & Singers

Rhythm Tent (Folk) - 1.00pm Thom Kirkpatrick and the Beautiful Noise 1.35pm Justine 2.10pm Harbour Lights 3.00pm Abi Lanigan 3.25pm Clarksville Mountain Band 4.20pm Jim Crawford 5.10pm Isambarde 6.05pm Sean Cannon

Spotlight Tent (Fools Paradise) - Sunday in the Spotlight Tent: 1.00pm – 5.00pm 1.00pm The Jazz Fakirs – House Band 1.45pm Gary Giffard – compere 1.50pm Rex Boyd 2.20pm Bread and Butter Theatre Company 2.50pm Maynard Flipflap 3.20pm John Hicks 3.45pm Wolly the Clown 4.10pm Bruce Airhead 4.40pm Gandini JugglingWalkabout in the field:Rex BoyceGandini JugglingMaynard FlipflapJohn HicksWollyBruce Airhead

Market Stage (Singer/Songwriter) - 12.00pm Atlum Schema 12.15pm Kristy Gallacher 12.30pm Matt Fisher and Mike Nowland 12.45pm Jen Lexmond 1.00pm Kris Bucin 1.15pm Suzy-Indygo 1.30pm Al Britten 1.45pm Abi Lanigan 2.00pm Lee Mitchell 2.15pm BBC Coventry & Warwickshire’s Singing City Choir 3.15pm Chris Tye 3.35pm Declan Bennett 3.55pm Gary Nock 4.15pm Polly Paulusma 5.15pm Newton Faulkner 6.00pm Mr Hudson and The Library

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