Friday, July 20, 2007

Weather Update

The weather in Britain seems to have reached a new low today as yesterday's rare sunshine was once again replaced with continual rain throughout the day.

Up and down the country heavy rain has caused major problems, especially for road users and anyone working outdoors. All day the rain has been relentless and thunder storms have dominated the topic of conversation throughout the country as we try and work out just where the Summer weather has gone.

July is typically a hot month in the UK and I'm usually outside sunning myself in the garden or delivering the post in my little Royal Mail shorts, instead I'm sat indoors with the heating on trying to dry my uniform. After four hours outside in almost winter conditions, I had to strip off and actually poured water out of my shoes because I was so wet. Normally my heating is off from about March until late September but 2007 is the worst British summer I have EVER known.

According to reports on, we could get up to four inches of rain in a relatively short period and it seems we are indeed getting two months of rain in 24 hours, with no sign of a let up in the down pour.
Just to think that this time last year we were reporting that temperatures had been expected to rise to 100F/39C and we were enjoying a heatwave and walking around topless. This year we'll need our swimming trunks for swimming up the high street instead of trying to get a sun tan!


  1. We want more pics of the sexy postie wearing his uniform, we want more pics.. :P haha ok it's enough.

    Over here weather has been horrible too, actually it's just finished raining.

  2. IT said on the news yesterday that we are yet to see the worst of the weather this summer.

    Global Warming - is a scary thing. Have you seen "An Inconvenient Truth?" - puts it all into perspective and is frightening stuff.

    I miss these kind of posts from you! Hope you're well.


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