Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Transmission Comes To Coventry

Coventry's Transport Museum will be the setting for Channel 4's "Transmission" on Thursday (1st Nov) with Athlete, Pigeon Detectives and the Charlatans all performing in the city.

Jason Donovan will be joining host Steve Jones to talk about his autobiography and his relationship with Kylie.

The Charlatans will be taking cameras on a guided tour of the city in search of a location to play a surprise gig. The programme will be aired on Channel 4 on November 23rd.

*pic by: Fraser Godfrey

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  • Monday, October 29, 2007

    Spice Girls Arrive In The USA

    Melanie C and Geri Halliwell arrived in America over the weekend to join Melanie Brown and Victoria Beckham, with Emma Bunton following shortly. Watch the video below as camera's follow Mel C as she arrives in L.A.

    It looks like Spice Girls fever will high in America for the next six weeks as the girls get into shape for the "Return of the Spice Girls" World Tour!

    Geri arrives in America.......

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  • The Enemy - Latest Updates

    The Enemy Updates:

    It's been yet another busy week for Tom, Liam and Andy as The Enemy finally finished their tour of the UK - yet they still found time to take part in the BBC Electric Proms and offer their support to try and save Coventry City Football Club.

    Click the links below to find out what The Enemy have been doing in the media, news, press, interviews and gig videos.

    Check out: www.theenemy.eu - Lots of updates, pictures and videos featuring Coventry's The Enemy and updated almost everyday by meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    * Don't forget The Enemy official website: http://theenemy.com/ and their MySpace website www.myspace.com/theenemycoventry

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  • Pint Shot Riot - SUBvert Magazine Interview

    Coventry's Pint Shot Riot are interviewed in SUBvert Magazine in a two part interview with Rocket, who talks about life in the band and how they got Pepe Jeans to sponsor them.

    Some good pictures as well so have a little gander and read it HERE.
    The debut single 'Punches, Kicks, Trenches and Swords' is available to download from ITunes now.

    Check out Pint Shot Riot : MySpace and their website for more information about upcoming gigs and news.

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  • Sunday, October 28, 2007

    Coventry City Football Club Saved?

    Coventry City Football Club has been in the local press a lot over the past few weeks as the club looks close to going into administration as a deal to take over the club fell through and debts of £28m crippled the running of the Championship club.

    Last night the Coventry Telegraph reported that British investors are poised to take over the running of the club and thus avoiding a 10 point deduction for going into administration. Fans across the city have been donating to a special fund set up to support the club - www.skybluetrust.co.uk/ . CCFC have been around for 124 years and is an important part of our city, lets hope a deal can be struck this week and the players can get paid.

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  • Friday, October 26, 2007

    Robbie Williams Turns Down Courtney Love

    Robbie Williams pop career may not be running so smoothly at the moment but it appears he hasn't lost it completely yet, as it has been revealed that he has spurned any romantic connections with Courtney Love.

    It's not often Robbie Williams turns down an offer but everyone has their limits and some celebrities are worth avoiding.

    Robbie caused a storm on US TV recently by joking about taking heroin and engaging in bum sex in his spare time. Perhaps Courtney Love could come in handy after all.............

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  • Wednesday, October 24, 2007

    The Enemy - Secret Gig Video

    The Enemy put on a secret gig on Friday for 100 very lucky fans, who boarded a special train to meet Tom Clarke and Liam Watts as they performed a few tracks from their album "We'll Live And Die In These Towns". As reported on www.theenemy.eu/ at the weekend, Andy Hopkins sadly had to miss the secret gig due to being "dead" - according to Tom!

    NME were on hand to record some scenes from the event (and rub my nose in it because I didn't win!!) and now you can watch the interviews with Tom Clarke and Liam Watts below.

  • Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    The Enemy: Irish Independent Interview

    The Enemy play Dublin tonight and the Irish Independent dubbed them "a promising young indie rock band from Coventry" - and that's before they even get on stage!
    Click below to read the interview with Andy Hopkins.......

  • INTERVIEWS - (Irish) Independent: "Friendly Foe" by Chris Wasser
  • Spice Girls: Headlines

    The Spice Girls "Headlines" was hardly going to stay wrapped up for long, after being premiered on Radio 1 this morning. Within minutes the song was already online and being listened to by a wider audience. The power of YouTube means you can listen to the song (even though you can't download it of course!). The EMI legal team will be hard at work trying to stop any unauthorised copies making their way to the internet - but they have their work cut out as this is probably THE most anticipated single release of 2007.

    I had heard a clip on Amazon over the weekend and had been expecting another "Wannabe" sort of track but "Headlines" delivers a much more grown up coming of age track. The Spice Girls have become women and they sound much better for it as well as looking hotter than they did back in 1996.

    Click the box at the top of this topic to have a listen to "Headlines", it's a tune your going to hear a lot between now and 2008!

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  • Monday, October 22, 2007

    OxJam Gig - Leamington Spa

    The Rrrs: "Is That Your Underwear On The Floor?"

    Proving that music really can be about having fun and enjoying yourself, The Rrrs have come up with a cracking little video to their song "Is That Your Underwear On The Floor". Some readers may remember back in May they were "Band of the Week" on this blog, well the feisty four some are back and have been performing across the Coventry area with their new drummer, Tom.

    Teaming up with The Ripps and Kalenko, The Rrrs will be part of the nationwide fund raising event "Oxjam" - which is raising cash for Oxfam through various gigs. On Thursday 25th October all three bands will be performing at Moo Bar (24 Russell St, Leamington Spa), trying to make poverty history through music. All proceeds from the door will be going to Oxfam, so it will be £4 well spent.

    There is also a raffle on the night with some prizes of course - one being some studio time for up and coming bands. Tickets can be bought in advance from HERE. It promises to be a mad fun night, as is always the case when The Rrrs and The Ripps are on the billing list and a bonus for those under 18's - the event is open to all.

    Media lovers - the event will be filmed and sent in to MTV, so there is a chance your face will grace the homes around the UK in the very near future!

    The Enemy Tour Ends In Birmingham

    The Enemy may have woken up today in their home town of Coventry with very sore heads as they celebrated the end of yet another UK tour. Thankfully they didn't have too far to travel back home at the end of the after-party following a second night at Birmingham Carling Academy.

    It was also celebrations for The Wombats, who were able to make it on stage tonight (previously ill) and the news their single "Let's Dance To Joy Division" had entered the UK charts at #15. Andy Hopkins from The Enemy had also battled against illness over the past few days to bravely solider on for the many Coventry fans who turned up both nights.

    According to NME, all three acts put on a "ferocious performances for the packed house" and The Enemy were in a celebratory mood following the gig, by presenting bottles of champagne to both support acts by way of thanks.

    Tom Clarke spoke to NME magazine and told them:

    "Playing in Birmingham for two nights was something that I really didn't expect so these dates were a real highlight, but I think the gig at Glasgow Barrowlands really stood out the most. I think the Scots are leading the way when it comes to getting on to new bands."

    "The Wombats have been great and they were definitely on a winner tonight. But I've got a lot of respect for how hard Lethal Bizzle worked on this tour. I wouldn't feel very confident going out in front of a crowd of Lethal Bizzle fans but he went out in front of ours and managed to convert a lot of people who didn't know anything about him."

    For more music related stories, check out www.NME.com

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  • Sunday, October 21, 2007

    The Enemy: Birmingham Carling Academy

    Max and robmacca holding up Max's new Enemy poster

    The Enemy gave the Coventry faithful another night to remember at Birmingham Carling Academy with yet another stunning performance as Andy Hopkins braved his illness to make it to the gig. The Wombats sadly couldn't say the same as they had to pull out due to "unforeseen circumstances" but Lethal Bizzle and his crew put on a cracking warm up and were warmly received by the crowds.

    I had a good view of the crowds from the balcony and can honestly say - everyone was up for a good night. Long after the gig was finished the singing and chanting continued as several thousand fans streamed out of the Carling Academy and back home to Coventry. The New Street train station must have resembled a post football match scene when fans filled the platform. These fans tonight were celebrating another victory - for The Enemy.

    Rob, Max and robmacca enjoying The Enemy gig in Birmingham

    The Enemy kicked off their show with "Away From Here", so it was no messing about - just straight into an anthem. The crowds loved it as plenty of plastic lager glasses made it to the stage and the whole crowd danced, sang along and partied like it was a New Year party! The videos captured the scene quite well and can be seen at: http://www.theenemy.eu/gigvideos.aspx .

    Tom Clarke asks "How the fuck is it going Birmingham?" to which the crowds respond with cheers and shouts, then The Enemy launch into "40 Days and 40 Nights". It was hard to define where the mosh pit started or finished because so many in the crowd were dancing. The press and photographers must have got a few good pictures during "Pressure" with lots of flashing lights and egar supporters. For "Technodanceaphobic", Tom said he wanted to see the "whole fucking room" dance to it and he got his wish because we all went mental! By "Had Enough", everyone was singing along. Could the Saturday crowd out do the Sunday crowd for "Aggro"? Well, by the looks of the video the Saturday crowd put on a good show with lots of crowd surfing to keep security busy at the front.

    A funky and fancy introduction to "This Song" calmed things down a little as the alcohol kicked in and my vision became some what blurry but about 1:38 seconds into the song the Coventry faithful were back on fine singing form. Making up for the blurred video I'd managed to record! Could this be another fine anthem in the making? The clapping supporters certainly think so.

    Andy Hopkins jumped from the stage to crowd surf, even though as mentioned earlier, he had been ill in bed the day before so we were lucky he was here at all. That didn't stop the people crowd surfing and "It's Not OK" always guarantees results.

    The next song, "You're Not Alone" has always been a special song to Tom Clarke and means a lot to the people of Coventry as well who have witnessed the demise of Peugeot and Royal Mail's determination to ruin postal services in the city. Watching the video through again and it looks like a scene from the miners strike of the 80's as the security separated the band from the crowd. But this crowd were 100% behind The Enemy, so no danger other than possible stage invasions threatened security. Arms were raised in the air as an act of solidarity as Tom, Liam and Andy performed. Another personal song "Happy Birthday Jane" and then finally "We'll Live And Die In These Towns" provided one last chance for everyone to sing-a-long before making a joyful loud exit from the Carling Academy in Birmingham.

    A view of the crowd, stage and The Enemy

    Finally, why not capture or re-live the atmosphere from the night by watching these crowd videos I recorded:

    Crowds straight after The Enemy gig.

    Chanting fans at Carling Academy and train station.

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  • Friday, October 19, 2007

    Melanie C: "This Time" Video and Lyrics

    Melanie C is back with a new single on Monday, it is the title track from her fourth solo album "This Time". This single is much more mellow than previous Melanie C tracks but still worthy of a listen. A special MySpace page for ordering the single has been set up and a free poster is on hand for every order, with the chance of 5 winners getting a signed poster!

    I've been practicing all day
    Now the words I meant to say are gone
    I promised that I wouldn't cry
    Told myself I had to try and hold on
    The truth, I lied
    I hate myself inside
    And why

    I played the game and paid the price
    I never look back
    I never cry never try to wonder why
    I'll be on my own
    And never doubt, never shout or wonder how
    I'll never be lonely until
    This time, this time, this time
    This time I will

    I've been wide awake all night
    There's no sign of sleep inside my mind
    The headlight shadows scan my wall
    I convince myself you'll call in time
    The truth, I lied
    The girl in me has died
    And why

    I played the game and paid the price
    I never look back...
    This time I will be yours completely
    This time I'll make sure you don't hate me
    This time I know, this time I can and this time I will
    I never look back...
    I've been practicing all day
    Now the words I meant to say are gone.

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  • Kettle Calls Pot Black!

    Talk about calling the pot black, media whore Katie Price (Jordan, the "Glamour Model") has slammed Victoria Beckham for "craving attention".
    Ironically - "Katie & Peter: Unleashed" will be shown tonight on ITV2.
    Say no more (please!!)

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  • Thursday, October 18, 2007

    The Enemy: Latest News

    It's been a busy old week for The Enemy and one that is set to end in a massive home coming party for fans of the Coventry trio. Friday evening a select audience will be treated to a secret gig somewhere close to home, then on Saturday (20th) and Sunday (21st) all hell will be let loose in Birmingham.

    The NME Rock 'n' Roll Tour arrives and Coventry fans will be out in force to support Liam Watts, Tom Clarke and Andy Hopkins. On stage with them will be Lethal Bizzle and The Wombats on what promises to be a weekend to remember.

    Meanwhile over on www.theenemy.eu , lots of new videos and latest news posted for your viewing pleasure!

    18/10/07: PRESS - This is Derbyshire - "Jam-packed with cockiness and tunes"

    PRESS - The Sun - "The Enemy Rock Ibiza Shores"

    18/10/07: GIG VIDEOS - The Enemy live @ Newcastle (NME)

    17/10/07: PRESS - NME Magazine - Free CD and pictures from the tour

    GIG VIDEOS - Wolverhampton Civic Hall video

    17/10/07: PICTURES - Three new gig pictures by Valerio Berdini
    13/10/07: PRESS - FemaleFirst.co.uk - "Fraternising with The Enemy"

  • Spice Girls: New Website

    The Spice Girls have announced new dates for the UK - this time in Manchester, as Melanie C hinted earlier this week on This Morning.

    Tesco are reported to be paying EACH of the Spice Girls £1m as part of an advertising campaign. Tesco wanted to get in first this time around after ASDA ran a very successful Spice Girls promotion 10 years ago.

    EMI have launched a brand new website: www.thespicegirlsgreatesthits.com/ where you can find updates about the Greatest Hits album, DVD and special edition box set. A few videos are also up on the website and a spanking brand new forum for fans (see if you can find my comments on it!). It's all happening in Spice World!

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  • Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    Mel C Becomes A Spice Girls Fan!

    Melanie C has admitted she's become a bit of a Spice Girls fan after watching some of the old Spice Girls videos for the "Greatest Hits DVD" coming out next month.

    Talking live on "This Morning" Melanie C said:

    "I kind of see it through different eyes and I'm actually a bit of a fan. I've turned into a Spice Girls fan. I never thought I'd say that!"

    When asked about reported differences between the girls since they got back together, Melanie said it was a bit of a lovefest:

    "We haven't been together for a long period of time and there's gonna be ups and downs because every body's very strong as an individual, but right now we're all just very excited and enjoying each other's company."

    Spice Girls Greatest Hits is out in the UK on November 12th.

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  • Monday, October 15, 2007

    Razorlight To Split?

    Rumours and counter rumours have been circulating on and offline about the future of Razorlight after The Sun newspaper reported that lead singer Johnny Borrell has been planning a break from the band to make his own solo album.

    Johnny Borrell has become the "hated man in pop/indie" by the press and non-fans for quite a while, so perhaps a change of scenery will do him good.
    Hopefully it won't mean the total demise of Razorlight - but if your feeling a bit lost you can always check out some pictures of Johnny Borrell HERE - including the NME picture seen on the left.

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  • Sunday, October 14, 2007

    The Wombats - Let's Dance To Joy Division ( Video and Lyrics )

    The Wombats new single "Let's Dance To Joy Division" is out Monday 15th October and is set to be their biggest chart song yet, after the download release propelled The Wombats into the UK Top 40 this week. Now you can sing along to the video below. The Wombats are busy touring the UK as part of the NME Rock 'n' Roll Tour and will be in Birmingham on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st October with The Enemy and Lethal Bizzle.

    I'm back in Liverpool,
    And everything seems the same,
    But I worked something out last night,
    That changed this little boys brain,
    A small piece of advice,
    That took twenty-two years in the make,
    And I will break it for you now,
    Please learn from my mistakes,
    Please learn from my mistakes.

    Let's dance to joy division,
    And celebrate the irony,
    Everything is going wrong,
    But we're so happy,
    Let's dance to joy division,
    And raise our glass to the ceiling,
    'Cos this could all go so wrong,
    But we're just so happy,
    Yeah we're so happy.

    So if you every feeling down,
    Grab your purse and take a taxi,
    To the darker side of town,
    That's where we'll be,
    And we will wait for you and lead you through the dancefloor,
    Up to the D.J booth,
    You know what to ask for,
    You know what to ask for.

    Go ask for Joy Division,
    And celebrate the irony,
    Everything is going wrong,
    But we're so happy,
    Go ask to joy division,
    And raise our glass to the ceiling,
    'Cos this could all go so wrong,
    But we're just so happy,
    So happy.

    So let the love tear us apart,
    I've found the cure for a broken heart,
    Let it tear us apart,
    So let the love tear us apart,
    I've found the cure for a broken heart,
    Let it tear us apart,
    (Let it tear us apart)
    So let the love tear us apart,
    I've found the cure for a broken heart,
    Let it tear us apart,
    (Let it tear us apart)
    So let the love tear us apart,
    I've found the cure for a broken heart,
    Let it tear us apart,
    Let it tear us apart,
    Let it tear us apart.

    Let's dance to joy division,
    And celebrate the irony,
    Everything is going wrong,
    But were so happy,
    Let's dance to joy division,
    And raise our glass to the ceiling,
    'Cos this could all go so wrong,
    But we're just so happy,
    Yeah we're so happy,
    So happy,
    Yeah we're so happy,
    So happy,
    Yeah we're so happy.

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  • Thursday, October 11, 2007

    Cadbury's Wispa Returns!

    Cadbury's Wispa is BACK - according to Which magazine and my good friend Emma , who alerted me to the story. The chocolate bar was my favourite when it launched in 1981 and soon became a "rob loves wispa" logo all over my school books. I also remember eating at least 1 bar a day for quite a while - easy to do when you were head paper boy at the local newsagents!

    The memories have all come flooding back, it's hard to believe Cadbury's had stopped making them 4 years ago, but now pressure from thousands of people on Facebook has prompted Cadbury to launch a "classic" Wispa bar, albeit just 23 million bars - that should be enough to last me until 2008!

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  • Wednesday, October 10, 2007

    Spice Girls Headlines

    • Bono from U2 is NOT working with the Spice Girls, although he is a fan.

    • John Travolta has offered to fly the "Spice Force One" Boeing 757 airliner during their tour.

    • P Diddy has donated £4 million fleet of bullet-proof buses for the Spice Girls tour.

    • DJ Mark Ronson would love to do a remix of "Stop", his favourite Spice Girls track.

    • Victoria Beckham is said to want to leave the US for the UK.

    • Emma Bunton hired out a £5,000-a-week villa in the south of France last month to prepare for the World Tour.

    • Geri Halliwell has said the World Tour would be a spectacular theatre-like production with a story running through it.

    OK, your up to date with the latest Spice Girls headlines.............

  • robmacca random stuff
  • Spice Girls Donate All To Charity

    Spice Girls give it all away!

    The Spice Girls are getting into the festive spirit and it's not even Christmas yet! Ahead of their Greatest Hits release on 12th November - Melanie C, Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton will be donating every single penny from their new single to charity.

    They have already been making headlines for 10 years but now Children In Need look set to benefit as ALL profits, even the Spice Girls share, will go to worthy causes when "Headlines" is released on November 19th. It is the most eagerly awaited CIN song and will be premiered on BBC1, Friday 2nd November.

    Melanie C told Radio 1 listeners: "It's really beautiful. Anybody who loved the old Spice Girls stuff is going to love this." The Greatest Hits album will also have one other new track that may be released at a future date. I just like any excuse to show this picture of the Spice Girls, it's my favourite reunion one so far...................

    Tuesday, October 09, 2007

    The Enemy - New Website and EXCLUSIVE Pictures

    Here are some EXCLUSIVE pictures taken by top photographer Valerio Berdini, as seen on Liveon35mm.com and used by kind permission for TheEnemy.eu, check his work out at liveon35mm.com

    I've just launched a new Enemy website and will be updating it as often as I can with all the latest news, pictures and videos from The Enemy. It will mean I'll be able to focus more on other entertainment news here - yes, I might actually need to fit in my normal job as well but I love it all!

    The photographs were taken during The Enemy gig in Cambridge a few days ago.

    Monday, October 08, 2007

    Q Awards Winners 2007

    Andy Hopkins,Tom Clarke and Liam Watts at the Q Awards

    Coventry's The Enemy have scooped "Best New Act" at this years Q Awards held yesterday in London as the lads debut album, "We'll Live And Die In These Towns" spent a thirteenth week inside the UK Top 40 Album Chart. Tom Clarke, Liam Watts and Andy Hopkins took time out from their hectic nationwide tour to be at the Q Awards at London's Grosvenor House Hotel.

    After the lunchtime ceremony, Tom, Andy and Liam travelled 243 miles up north to play at Middlesborough's Town Hall as part of the "NME Rock 'n' Roll Tour". It's not an easy life being in a band but they wouldn't have it any other way!

    Tom Clarke talks to the media about winning the award

    Here are the Q Awards Winners:

    Best act in the world today: Arctic Monkeys
    Best album: Amy Winehouse - "Back to Black"
    Best track: Manic Street Preachers - "Your Love Alone is Not Enough"
    Best video: Kaiser Chiefs - "Ruby"
    Best new act: The Enemy
    Best breakthrough artist: Kate Nash
    Best live act: Muse

    Classic song award: Stereophonics - "Local Boy in the Photograph"
    Classic album award: The Verve - "Urban Hymns"
    Classic songwriter award: Billy Bragg
    Innovation in sound award: Sigur Ros
    Lifetime achievement award: Johnny Marr
    Q merit award: Ryan Adams
    Q hero: Anthony H Wilson
    Q legend: Ian Brown
    Q inspiration: Damon Albarn
    Q idol: Kylie Minogue
    Q icon: Sir Paul McCartney

    For full report on the Q Awards check out the Q Magazine website, there is also an extra picture of The Enemy on: http://www.theenemy.eu/

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  • Britain To Get An Indian Summer

    Forget the doom and gloom about postal strikes, rising petrol prices and England losing at sport because it looks like we could be heading for an Indian Summer by Friday/Saturday as temperatures look like rising to 19/20c, according to forecasters.

    Now while we might not be walking around topless like Rebecca Gayheart (90210 star) and husband Eric Dane (as seen in the picture on the left), it will feel a lot more pleasant for this time of year where temperatures are normally averaging 13c.

    *Picture from PopCulturePundit.com

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  • Sunday, October 07, 2007

    The Enemy: "Little Noise Sessions"

    The Enemy are to help raise money for Mencap as part of the "Little Noise Sessions" by performing a gig at the Union Chapel, Islington, London.

    Radio 1's Jo Whiley will be curating The Enemy performance on Tuesday 27th November 2007 and other acts performing during the season will be Snow Patrol, Athlete, Keane, Biffy Clyro, Will Young, The Pigeon Detectives and various other guests. The "Little Noise Sessions" begin 21st November and conclude with The Enemy on the 27th November.

    The gigs will raise money for Mencap’s Arts Awards scheme which enables children and young people with a learning disability to take part in local arts projects.

    The Enemy set for a fund raiser.

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  • Spice Girls To Perform Solo On Tour?

    Will they or won't they be performing solo tracks when the Spice Girls world tour kicks off in December? That is the burning question that appears to be dividing the Spice Girls at the moment, according to the Sunday Mirror.

    It didn't take long for the feisty five sum to fall out over the re-union. Victoria Beckham is the one most opposed to performing solo tracks while on stage (it's hardly surprising when her voice was mostly enhanced, rather like her breasts!). Melanie C, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton are more in favour of performing some solo numbers in between Spice Girls songs to entertain the fans.

    Watch this spice for more updates!

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  • Saturday, October 06, 2007

    robmacca Is Back!

    Sorry for being quiet over the past few days - poor old robmacca been ill and yet still oh so busy!

    Had a few days off from blogging and the internet but I'm back now and will be posting like crazy over the next few days on my blogs:
  • robmacca random stuff
  • robmacca entertainment news

  • Oh I'm famous - check out for the story and for great celeb gossip!

    Tuesday, October 02, 2007

    Spice Girls Tickets - BBC Radio Interview

    Here is the robmacca interview on BBC CWR radio with Jane Vickers - it's all about the Spice Girls tour tickets! Enjoy...................

  • Liam Watts: Spinning A Drum Stick Video

    Busy with The Enemy on the NME Rock 'n' Roll Tour, Liam Watts still took time out to show the NME's Jamie Fullerton how to spin a drum stick. Here is Jamie's video:

  • Monday, October 01, 2007

    The Enemy: Riot Breaks Out At Cardiff Gig

    The Enemy couldn't have predicted this riot!

    Just a few days into their NME Rock 'n' Roll Tour and The Enemy almost caused a riot as they played Cardiff last night. Reports icWales :"very few new bands could have done what The Enemy did last night", this was after The Wombats were unable to attend due to illness and Lethal Bizzle was caught up in a motorway pile-up that kept him on the M4 instead of the stage at Cardiff University.

    The crowds were kept waiting in wet Wales as doors failed to open at 7pm due to the missing artists and finally the wet throng gained access after 8pm. You can imagine that some were not happy at then waiting until 9:35pm for The Enemy to finally come on stage, but for others it gave ample time to down a few beers before the gig eventually started.

    The Coventry trio launched straight into the anthem "Away From Here" and won over the crowd, who were soon singing along. But by the second offering ("40 Days and 40 Nights"), the main lights had to be turned on as a 10 man brawl erupted near the front of the stage. Security wasted no time in sorting it out and restoring some sort of order at the lively venue.

    The Enemy are able to carry the crowds along with songs like "Aggro" and "Pressure" that stir emotions, yet unite the audience in vocal support for The Enemy. As Tom Clarke belts out lyrics about life in modern Britain, with all it's problems, Andy Hopkins crowds surfs!

    "This is so good I want to be in there with you!", shouts the bassist as he launches himself into a waiting sea of arms. The newspaper summed it up saying: "working class heroes? spot-on"

  • Spice Girls London Tickets

    The Spice Girls tickets for London have reportedly sold out in 38 seconds as fans bombarded Ticketmaster phone lines. Two extra dates had to be added to cope with demand and it is expected the Sunday 16th December and Tuesday 18th December, will sell out very quickly.

    It's been a crazy 24 hours for me as Spice fans began sending texts and messaging me online asking if I had received an email saying I'd "won" tickets. Sadly I hadn't, but some of my Spice friends kindly said they could get me tickets if I wanted them.

    To cut a long story short, I managed to get some tickets for the Spice Girls World Tour on Sunday 16th December, I'll hopefully still be able to get tickets for the Sydney concert as well.

    We've not seen hype like this since the Spice Girls were at their peak in 1997/98 and it promises to continue if Simon Fuller has anything to do with it. The Daily Mirror has said that Bono (U2) will record a new track with the Spice Girls for their "Greatest Hits" album. He has been rumoured to have been asked to add a "rock" edge to the normal bubble pop Spice Girls production.

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