Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Shakes and Shivers @ Golden Cross, Coventry

Shakes and Shivers @ Golden Cross, Coventry

The Shakes and Shivers performed a blistering gig last night at the Golden Cross, Coventry. I think it was this band that produced all the heat as Tom and Luke sweat their b**locks off while singing, dancing and swigging beer. Meanwhile John on drums, melted like a malteser chocolate as he bashed away in the background.

Coventry has produced a lot of fine bands recently and Shakes and Shivers are another one to add to that growing list. It would make a perfect duet to see Tom Sutch from Shakes and Shivers on stage with Sharliza Rahman from The Rrrs because they both bring much needed fun when watching bands perform. Both are energetic and go simply crazy while on stage. We need more people like these.

Watch the video below to see the Shakes and Shivers in action last night:

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