Friday, April 20, 2007

"robmacca" In Local Newspaper

robmacca in the Coventry Telegraph.

robmacca was in the local newspaper today as the Coventry Telegraph reported on The Enemy's HMV performance. As circled in the picture above you can see just how close I was to the front. I'd been about 10 in the queue before the signing , but once inside there were already "HMV guests" - which included Tom's young brother Andy (as seen at the front of the picture talking to his friend Dom who is playing with his mobile phone). If there hadn't been any HMV guests then I'd have been right at the front, but I'm still happy where I ended up standing.

Tom Clarke,Liam Watts and Andy Hopkins on stage.

*Pictures thanks to ic Coventry

*UPDATE: Here is a picture posted in another local newspaper, see if you can spot robmacca in this one............


  1. Ohh you're famous now ;) .... I wonder if u mind signing me a copy of that pic hehe

  2. But did you get to meet that guy on the right hand side of the pic at the front? Yum.....


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