Sunday, February 20, 2005

Girls Aloud @ G-A-Y 19/02/05

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Sarah gives a rose to Alex.
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Nicola strutts her stuff.
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Kimberley enjoys "The Show" 
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Girls Aloud perform, minus Nadine who was at home ill.
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 Cheryl gets hot hot hot.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Desperate Spicewives

Desperate Spicewives. Posted by Hello

"Life always has something interesting to throw at us, just when we are about to sit down and get comfy.

It`s been a busy week in Hysteria Lane for our 5 Desperate Spicewives. First shock of the week had been the return of Melanie B - who caused a stir at a party then turned soft after trying to do a Cheryl Tweedy in a toilet. All was not well when she tried to meet up with the other residents of Hysteria Lane only to be snubbed by the ohhhhhh so busy Geri Halliwell. All was not lost as Melanie boarded a secret bus and had sandwiches with some fans instead of a slap up meal in Hysteria Lane.

All was not as it seemed for Geri, was she really too busy for Melanie B or was she desperately trying to hold her career together? It seems that underneath all those public smiles her career was yet again on ice. You couldn`t help but think that soon she will have had more managers than lovers!

No matter how many donuts she may have eaten while in America, Emma Bunton was not going to let her hard work go to waste and it was whispered she would soon be bringing out another album which would keep her busy for the rest of the year.

Not to be outdone - Melanie C set about getting fresh pictures out into the public domain ready for her tour ,single and album release in April. This lady certainly knows where to be seen and where not to be seen. An appearance at a charity gig would be just the right brownie points to enrage those in Hysteria Lane who were not so fortunate.

Finally, who could forget the ever glamourous Victoria Beckham, no one can out fox this lady. She might be about to give birth but it does not stop her doing her bit for charity as well. Why sing when you can just go naked? Elton John must be so proud with her performance.

Many people may have thought Hysteria Lane had gone quiet since those early Spice days but - fear not, our Desperate Spicewives have plenty more tricks up their sleeves!"

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Girls Aloud - My Fav Pic

Nadine - "The Show" Posted by Hello

This is my all time favourite "Girls Aloud" picture. Its cheeky and chirpy and I love the whole image. The blond in the hair and the lips look totally fab.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Truthful Tuesdays

Ask Me Anything.............. If your passing by reading this Blogg and want to ask me anything - this is your chance to post a comment and ask me a question.

"Truthful Tuesdays" is your chance to get to the nitty gritty of things - Ask me what I think about ANYTHING, ANYONE, ANYPLACE.

1. What do I think about Michael Jackson in hospital?

"Its all a fake, designed to get him off going to jail. just incase he`s found guilty!"

2. Ken Livingston (London Mayor) - Should he apologise?

"Like hell he should! I`m sick of all this politically correct crap we are fed and praise the Lord that Red Ken has the balls to stand up and NOT say sorry.
If the press dont like it - tough poo poo!"

3. Who would I like to get naked with?

"There is only one person I want to get naked with and if you know me really well you`ll know exactly WHO that person is, although 6 in a bed with Girls Aloud might come a close second"

Anymore questions, just send them my way...............

The Spice Girls Wagon #2

"Hello Spice Fans......... "The Spice Girls Wagon" has rolled along to it`s second place on it`s long slow journey. This time we`ve found Geri doing the *ebay rounds.The "stunning" poster below is selling for an amazing £3.50, worth every penny, even though Geri looks like she`s going to pop a log any second now!

Included in this bargain is the security stage man (as seen in the right hand side of the picture) - now is it just me or does he look like a cardboard cutout??!

Geri might not be having the best start to the year but we salute you Miss Halliwell for this memorable Spice moment."

Geri on *ebay Posted by Hello

Monday, February 14, 2005

Music Memories #1: "Xanadu"

The film itself may be dated, but who could ever say a bad word about the classic 1980 hit "Xanadu" by Olivia Newton-John with ELO.
For me it was the very first song I played on a juke box , with the "Theme From MASH" being my second choice.
So get out your rollerskates , pop your leg warmers on and sing along!
Posted by Hello

This Weeks Diary.............

This Weeks Diary...... Posted by Hello

Monday 14/02 - Late Night - I`m going to have a lie in but the price is working late. I`ve posted a few application forms off over the past few days so might hear this week.

Wednesday 16/02 - Day Off - Time to buy a new shaver, I`m sick of cutting my face cos the foil in my old shaver has ripped. Later I`m meeting up with Maria to do her dinner and watch a DVD. (I`d cancelled dinner last Wednesday)

Thursday 17/02 - Gay Night - I am off out with a mate of mine to our only "gay" pub, it`ll be the first time I`ve been out there this year with him. It`ll be a late night and lots of bluetooth jacking!

Friday 18/02 - Catriona - It`s dinner and "Yahtzee" (dice game) around one of my oldest friends house , and yet another late night.

Saturday 19/02 - Girls Aloud @G-A-Y , London - Alex and I will be singing along to our favourite Girls late into the night as we finally get to spend time together.

Sunday 20/02 - One Month Anniversary - Officially it will be 1 month today since we started going out, I couldn`t have asked for a better person. Being far apart for so long makes everytime we meet up so fresh and so special. What a weekend it will be.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Email of the Week

Following on from my "Blogg of the Week" , and after spending ages trying to get this picture on here.
This is my "Email of the Week" , thanks to Maria who put a smile on my face by sending it.

Best Blogger Pic of the Week

Vagina Anyone??Posted by Hello

I`ve only just started out Blogging but it can be great fun reading other peoples Bloggs. Why not take a trip to this Blogg and take a look at the pictures from "Best Adverts Ever" :

( I hope they don`t mind me linking their Blogg but I just loved the pictures ....... I wonder if you could guess my favourite !!)

Saturday, February 12, 2005

My New Phone

My new phone, the Samsung E330 - which arrived yesterday. As soon as my mobile number is transfered over, then I`ll be using it non stop.
In the meantime I`ve got time to read the book and have a play with it! Posted by Hello

Another pic of my new Samsung E330 , with 500 texts a month and 500 off-peak minutes per month - I should be able to keep in touch with everyone without having to worry about the time. Posted by Hello

Picture This.

Oh the good old days as a postie - this was me with my wild hair, at the shop where I`d have a nice cuppa in the mornings. Taken about 15 months ago, this was my "Skunk" look as my post customers would call me. Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Brit Award Corner

I thought that the Scissor Sisters looked totally fab and really deserved the Brit Awards. Not only were they dressed in really wacky yet cool outfits, they proved the critics wrong - in 2004 they dominated the British Isles while back home in America they go almost un-noticed.

Thank goodness for the Brit Awards , it sticks a finger up at the MTV plastic awards and the many American shows. Here`s to the Brits........ long may it continue to celebrate all that is British and give credit to all that is good in music!

Pity Girls Aloud didn`t win an Award ,but there is always 2006...........

Throbbing Thursdays..........

It has turned into a crazy week:

- works has been non-stop

- job hunting , application forms and CV`s

- clearing room & new house mate

- getting the new mobile sorted

- juggling social life to fit everyone in

Since I started my new job in October, everything seemed to change but not all for the better. It meant I was poorer than I had been in 10 years and it was a struggle to just buy food. Several months later and a kick up the bum, I`ve juggled my finances and may even get a better paid job soon (watch this space). In the short term I`ve just got a new lodger - so now I might be able to get out with my friends.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Slumber Sundays

Whatever happened to Slumber Sundays? It should be law that you do not have to do anything on Sunday but laze around, relax and eat chocolate. But instead I end up getting home at midday after staying at friends last night.

Then 2 hours later I`m out bowling and actually won 2 out of 3 games (I did manage to come last in game 2). Home for dinner by 17:00, before calling around to Andy and Kelly`s to lend Andy some trousers for his Asia holiday.

Now its almost 22:00 and my Slumber Sunday has passed without even a taste of chocolate, actually - maybe I still have time to fit that luxury in!

Next Week`s Diary..........

Monday 7/02 - Overtime - I`m working a couple of extra hours cos I`m desperate to get some hours in or else I will not be able to go out in March or shop for food.

Tuesday 08/02 - Late Night - I get to have a lie in and do my 12 til 20:00 shift

Wednesday 09/02 - Dinner for Maria - Having Maria around to have a good old gossip and she`s bringing me Arena magazine with Girls Aloud in, I`ll be cooking!

Thursday 10/02 - Brit Awards 2005 - I`ll be as hyper as hell watching my favourite award of the year on ITV.

Friday 11/02 - Chill Out Evening - It`ll be net and TOTP for me after work.

Saturday 12/02 - Drinks with Lyn? - I might or I might not be out with Lyn and co. I`m also in work 08:00 til 13:00 in a shift swap so I get next weekend off to see Alex and Girls Aloud.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Spice Girls Wagon

"Ahoy there my fellow Spice fans, come up close and see what delights await you inside `The Spice Girls Wagon` ! There is something for everyone so put on your platform shoes, slip into a tight little outfit and zig a zig haaaaaaaa!"

"You`ve gotta watch out for imitations, and so this week we`re clearing out some of this crap. Yet it`s a sad state of affairs when the most expensive MelB item on *ebay is a copy of the Bo Selecta! mask, that is a copy of the real Melanie B. For £50, this could be yours............"

"With 11 bids and just 1 day 15 hrs left of bidding at £50 this was the highest Mel B item, the only other Mel B item that was actually being bid on was a 2001 copy of Smash Hits that was selling for a staggering £2.99 after 1 bid !!

Lets hope next time we can bring something more worthy out of `The Spice Girls Wagon` "

Sexy Saturdays

Here are several reasons why Saturdays are sexy:

  • You can get away with not shaving and still look sexy
  • You can go to a club or pub and after several beers - everyone looks sexy
  • Not having to go to work on Saturdays is pretty damn sexy
  • You can wear your sexiest clothes and feel sexy
  • Summer is coming and so are those Saturday shorts

Friday, February 04, 2005

My first blogger

I`m testing this out, it`s late on a Friday and I thought it was about time I got the robmacca Blog going...........

Welcome to my Blog!

Feel free to leave any comments anywhere in this Blog, the more comments the merrier.

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