Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Enemy: Pentonville Prison Review

Here is the review of The Enemy's visit to Pentonville prison by The Times:

".......Inside the prison, the chapel has been converted into
an unlikely arena of rock. A low stage has been provided for the Dirty Pretty
Things and their support band, the Enemy. Prison officers stand in a line at the
back. The governor, Nick Leader, explains that the attitude of inmates towards
suicide is “macho — men don’t talk about how desperate or scared they are”. He
hopes the gig might help to change this, and wants there to be

“I have a preference for R&B,” he says,
hopefully. “And I like the Twang. I wonder if they’d do anything?” The Enemy —
three diminutive, whippet-thin lads in sateen adidas tops who, God bless them,
look as if they’ve been arrested for loitering with intent next to the pic’n’mix
— take to the stage to a roar of approval and immediately encounter the main
problem, from a rock’n’roll point of view, with this jailhouse rock: it’s taking
part in a church. In broad daylight. To a sober bunch of men. Who one would
broadly surmise, given their demographic spread — 50 per cent black, mostly over
30 — probably aren’t that into rackety teenage indie-rock. Still, as befits a
three-piece who have just had a tour of Pentonville’s solitary wing, they play
an impassioned set. The audience nod their heads.

They can’t really do much more. Inmate Shaun Doherty
explains that they’re desperate for more of these gigs, so they’re all on best
behaviour. They won’t even stand up, in case they get asked to leave. "

Here is a video featuring The Enemy and Dirty Pretty Things for Wasted Youth:

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