Friday, August 31, 2007


Men in Caves from Coventry give an energetic performance at Kapow in the Phoenix.

Mommas In The Kitchen prove that blues and Jesus is alive and well!

Lipstick Gypsies "tune in and drop out" for the Kapow crowd.

robmacca looking knackered due to lack of sleep.....

Going out drinking when you have work the next day is never a good idea but when it involves three smart bands and a nice chilled out atmosphere - Kapow! @ Phoenix is always worth a hang over.

With the Bank Holiday just passed and the students all still away for the summer, it was quiet - but this didn't stop any of the three bands from putting on a lesser performance. I'd never seen any of the bands before so got quite a surprise when I heard Mommas In The Kitchen because I didn't expect blues music at Kapow. Yet I really enjoyed hearing something different, plus the lead singer Jamie Birch had a great sense of humour (loved the leaflet about Jesus on the stage!).

The Lipstick Gypsies had come over from Redditch and I wish more people had come out to give the lads a listen because they were worth it. they worked together well and looked good on stage - some might even say they were the best looking band of the evening...........

Final band of the night came from Coventry's own Men In Caves, Ross More on bass certainly packed in quite a few moves as he entertained us with his jumps while Tom Brindle on vocals/guitar and Pete Canning on drums completed the three piece. Hopefully this will not be the last time I see the band.

Oops..................... I slept in for work and had a hangover all morning but it was totally worth going out (thanks Patch!) and I'm going to have to make Thursday night Kapow! night from now on!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Coventry To Honour The Enemy

The Enemy - the toast of Coventry!

Coventry's Lord Mayor wants to hold a civic reception for The Enemy in honour of all they have done for Coventry,according to the Coventry Telegraph today. Cllr Dave Batten believes the band's recent album number one and international fame deserve recognition. It would follow a similar civic reception given to the Kombat Breakers, who almost won "Britain Has Talent".

Andy Hopkins, Liam Watts and front man Tom Clarke became the first band from Coventry to get the number one album spot, something that not even The Specials or The Primitives achieved. The Enemy have gone from strength to strength this year following two top 10 hits (Away From Here #8, Had Enough #4), several sell out tours and being part of almost every music festival.

This week the Holbrook lads supported the Rolling Stones at the O2 Arena in London, appeared in Pentonville Prison to help raise awareness about youth suicide (Wasted Youth) and are performing an acoustic set tonight in Camden London.

Cllr Batten said: "I would like to think anybody that does something to
promote the name of Coventry, in encouraging activities and presenting
themselves as a model to follow, is obviously worth celebrating.
"I have heard they [The Enemy] are absolutely fantastic."

"A number of colleagues have said how polished their
performances are, so, hopefully, I will get to meet them soon, although they are
very busy which is very good news."
Cllr Tony Skipper, shadow cabinet member for culture, sport
and libraries, said making it to the top of the album chart was a "massive

Hailing The Enemy's success, he said: "They're three
Coventry lads and I met their parents backstage at the Godiva
"It would be nice to thank them and their families and
also the people behind the scenes because they have a very good
robmacca says: "It's great that those that are helping put Coventry on the map are finally being recognised as ambassadors for our city. The Enemy and Kombat Breakers have made people stand up and notice that Coventry exists. But let us not forget that numerous people are proud to come from Coventry - The Ripps and the Coventry City football team, to name a few. It's always easier to give recognition to those who are already recognised, maybe a civic reception for The Ripps is long overdue and making the 1987 FA Cup winning Cov City freemen of Coventry."

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Enemy: Reading and Leeds Festival

Tom Clarke givin' it loads

The Enemy performed at this years Reading/Leeds Festival and the good people at the BBC have put the whole set online until September 3rd, which means you get almost 30 minutes of non-stop action from the Coventry trio. The link is below and it's worth watching the short interview with Tom Clarke after their performance.

Tom Clarke, Andy Hopkins and Liam Watts are also on this weeks cover of NME magazine, which is out now. I've updated the blog topic below to include the video for the "Wasted Youth" event at Pentonville prison, which took place on Monday.

It's been a busy time for The Enemy and it shows no sigh of slowing down as they head down to London tomorrow (30th) for a special acoustic performance in Camden, London.

The Enemy go acoustic for Radio 1.

Mel B: "Dancing With The Stars" Confirmed

Mel B is going to have a busy end to the year, as it has been confirmed today that she will be staring in the US hit programme "Dancing With The Stars" as well as touring with the Spice Girls at the end of the year.

It all kicks off on Monday 24th September and the girls will be the first to dance for the nation, the first couple booted out will go home two days later. Dolly Parton will be singing at the first results show and viewing figures are expected to be high for the ABC show.

Scary Spice has been in the news a lot recently (as seen on robmacca's entertainment news) with her secret wedding and her rather public court case with Eddie Murphy. Then it will be a gruelling few months as the Spice Girls dust off their costumes and "spice up" the world with their tour.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Enemy: Pentonville Prison Review

Here is the review of The Enemy's visit to Pentonville prison by The Times:

".......Inside the prison, the chapel has been converted into
an unlikely arena of rock. A low stage has been provided for the Dirty Pretty
Things and their support band, the Enemy. Prison officers stand in a line at the
back. The governor, Nick Leader, explains that the attitude of inmates towards
suicide is “macho — men don’t talk about how desperate or scared they are”. He
hopes the gig might help to change this, and wants there to be

“I have a preference for R&B,” he says,
hopefully. “And I like the Twang. I wonder if they’d do anything?” The Enemy —
three diminutive, whippet-thin lads in sateen adidas tops who, God bless them,
look as if they’ve been arrested for loitering with intent next to the pic’n’mix
— take to the stage to a roar of approval and immediately encounter the main
problem, from a rock’n’roll point of view, with this jailhouse rock: it’s taking
part in a church. In broad daylight. To a sober bunch of men. Who one would
broadly surmise, given their demographic spread — 50 per cent black, mostly over
30 — probably aren’t that into rackety teenage indie-rock. Still, as befits a
three-piece who have just had a tour of Pentonville’s solitary wing, they play
an impassioned set. The audience nod their heads.

They can’t really do much more. Inmate Shaun Doherty
explains that they’re desperate for more of these gigs, so they’re all on best
behaviour. They won’t even stand up, in case they get asked to leave. "

Here is a video featuring The Enemy and Dirty Pretty Things for Wasted Youth:

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Ripps "Celebrate Coventry"

The Ripps (Patch and Raul) performed an acoustic set as part of the "Celebrate Coventry" weekend and the fans turned out in style for what was one of the best behaved events of 2007. It may have been something to do with the time of day (14:25 on a Sunday afternoon), but everyone was on their best behaviour. Patch even managed to keep his mobile phone and avoid a stage invasion!

It was good to see so many young Ripps fans make the effort and come into Coventry precinct and support Patch and Raul. Likewise, Coventry can be so proud of The Ripps because they have done so much for Coventry. Although often overshadowed by a certain other band from Coventry, Raul, Rachel and Patch have travelled many thousands of miles this year to bring their brand of music to the masses and have worked their socks off.

For me The Ripps are a perfect reason to "Celebrate Coventry" because they sum up what being a Coventarian is all about. Everyone who knows Patch, Raul and Rachel have said on numerous occasions how "nice", "friendly"and "down to earth" they are. I'd like to think people around the world have a better impression of Coventry because of people like The Ripps. On stage and off, these are humble people who love what they do yet never take a performance for granted and that comes across so clearly.

It felt weird not hearing Rachel Ripp on drums or seeing her smiling face, but this was an acoustic set after all. Patch told the crowds; "we miss you Rachel" and I'm sure we all agree with him on that point but can look forward to seeing more of Rachel, Raul and Patch for many more months yet.........

The Ripps - "You Don't Even Care" (acoustic)

The Ripps - "Loco" (acoustic)

*Don't know if anyone else noticed that the security guard (see picture 2 and the videos) had a striking resemblance to Jack Sugden from Emmerdale - might just be my twisted humour or maybe he's trying to get in with Raul and Patch Ripp!

Friday, August 24, 2007

robmacca "Foundations" Video (Kate Nash)

Miss Piggy (Muppet's) and robmacca star in "Foundations" by Kate Nash!

Kate Nash has been on my mind all week - well the "Foundations" tune has been swirling around my head. At first it prompted me to create this banner:

But with nothing on TV worth watching and a few hours spare I watched the Kate Nash "Foundations" video and thought I could do a one man show of my own. Not easy when you watch the Kate Nash video below, lots of camera moves and fancy special effects.

I had to film myself (and Miss Piggy!) and try and get it all timed as close as I could. Bit difficult when you can only really add the song at the end (and even then the download I'd just bought wouldn't work so I had to record it from the speaker - how very 1980's!)

It took 6 hours to record this 4 minute video (I had not seen the Kate Nash video until yesterday) - mine is not meant to be professional (yes, it means my version is CRAP !), my intention was just to have a bit of fun and experiment.

For best results, watch the original superior Kate Nash version first - so you can see where I got my ideas from, then watch the robmacca version (ignore the poor sound quality etc).......

Kate Nash "Foundations"

Here is the robmacca "Foundations" Video:

robmacca and Miss Piggy from the "Foundations" video.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Celebrating Coventry

Coventry will be celebrating the likes of The Ripps and the Kombat Breakers this weekend as part of the "Celebrate Coventry Festival". More than 200 performers and 50 free acts will provide entertainment in locations all over the city centre.

The event, on Saturday and Sunday, will feature two carnivals and tie in with the UK School Games to show the range of cultural and creative talents the city has to offer.

Performances in Coventry will take place at The Precinct and Lower Precinct, Millennium Place and University Square in Priory Street over the Bank Holiday weekend.

UK School Games Comes To Coventry

Meanwhile the UK School Games take place 23 - 26th August around the city:

Channel 4 will broadcast two, one-hour UK School Games programmes from 8.00am to 9.00am on Sunday 16th and Sunday 23rd September.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Enemy Go To Prison

It's rock 'n' roll for artists to end up in prison, but Coventry's The Enemy have not even broken the law but will be doing a stretch inside a London jail in a few days time. But don't worry, The Enemy and Dirty Pretty Things are only playing a charity gig in Pentonville Prison this Bank Holiday Monday.

MTV News will be down with the prisoners bringing you all the details of the show for Wasted Youth- an awareness campaign for suicide among young men.

Both groups’ will perform in the chapel in the prison on Monday August 27, so watch out for some exclusive video footage making it's way on "robmacca entertainment news" soon after.

The Enemy: Blag Magazine

The Enemy are in the latest issue of Blag magazine, you can pick it up for £3.50 from Borders @ Arena Park, Coventry and all good outlets. Here is the video exclusive for Blag magazine when they came to Coventry to see Tom Clarke, Andy Hopkins and Liam Watts in action at the Colosseum in February.

The Enemy have also announced the new single "You're Not Alone" will be released on 17th September.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mel B: "He's No Wife-Beater"

Mel B has spoken out saying her new husband is no wife-beater. Speaking to Hello magazine, Melanie said:

"They're trying to make him out to be this aggressive, violent, woman batterer and he's not. If you read those police reports, they never say he physically beat up a woman."

Stephen Belafonte, 32, was charged with battery after he attacked his common-law wife Nicole Contreras during a drunken episode at their home in 2003.

"I know everything that he's done. He went through group therapy and counselling, but he's fully aware of what he's done.", said Melanie.

*Pictures and story from Hello/Daily Mail

Geri Halliwell: New Man

Geri Halliwell is dating multi-millionaire Russian Evgeny Lebedev, as pictured above. According to the Daily Mail he's splashed out £20,000 on a pair of solitaire diamond earrings for the singer as a love token and is considering joining the Spice Girls in America as part of the world wide tour.

Lebedev - who's been named as one of the world's most eligible bachelors by Tatler magazine - isn't a stranger to dating celebs either. The multi-millionaire once dated Sadie Frost.

Halliwell - in the past she has also been linked to Robbie Williams, David Walliams and Chris Evans.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Victoria Beckham

Having made a splash already in America, Victoria Beckham has been wasting no time in getting "Brand Beckham" up and running state-side. Here we see Victoria (aka Posh Spice) in a series of pictures from her latest "dvb" launch. It has been announced that the book "That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between" will be released in November for the American audience.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Zac Efron Picture

Apparently he is Zac Efron and was in "High School Musical". Then he was in "Hairspray"and now he's in this month's "Rolling Stone" magazine flashing his belly. Digital Spy seemed to like the picture and you can see more pictures here:

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rubik's Cube In 26 Moves!

According to the BBC website, the Rubik's Cube can now be solved in just 26 moves. This is all thanks to a super computer that can return the Rubik's Cube to its original state in no more than 26 moves (it took the computer 63 hours to beat the previous record).

There are 43 billion billion possible Rubik's cube positions but graduate students Daniel Kunkle and Gene Cooperman from Northeastern University in Boston were able to work out a short cut!

Over 100 million Rubik's Cubes were sold in the period 1980-1982 and has enjoyed various revivals over the years.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Enemy: Godiva Video and Interview

Here is an excellent video featuring highlights of The Enemy as they performed at the Godiva Festival in Coventry, plus an interview with Tom Clarke.

Godiva Profile: The Enemy

Add to My Profile More Videos

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Penis Wash!

It's a quiet Sunday morning watching TV, when throughout the morning I am bombarded with "Vagisil Wash" adverts.

At first I didn't pay attention but after seeing it more than once, I wondered what it was. Then the penny dropped and I worked out it was a cleaning product for a ladies vagina.

"How weird", I thought, "Why have a cleaning product just for the vagina?". The picture even shows it is soap free and doesn't cause irritation.

It got me thinking............

What about a "Penis Wash" product for men - after all, most men could do with giving it a good wash (according to those in the know).

Just imagine Sunday morning TV being filled with adverts and some dodgy "Penis Wash" product telling us all how we can get "intimate cleaning, without irritation"!

The more I thought about it, the more I could see it might be a bad idea.

Imagine men up and down the country, locked away in the bathroom with their penis in their hand and "Penis Wash" in the other.

Alas, that "gently freshens" feeling might be a bit too much for the average male and he might start cleaning his penis even more often!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cheryl Cole: Hair Cut Pictures

Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole is pictured here with hubby Ashley Cole out for a meal at London's Cipriani resturant. The five pictures below show Cheryl's new shorter fringe............... it seems Melanie C has started a new trend in Fringe Power!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Emma Bunton Has A Baby Boy

It's official - Emma Bunton has given birth to a baby boy, his name is Beau and was born at 11:12am.

A spokesperson for Emma Bunton has confirmed that the Spice Girl gave birth to a 7lbs 15oz boy.

Both Emma and the baby are doing well, although Emma devoured flapjacks and Coca Cola after the birth because she was hungry.

Alan Edwards said: "Emma gave birth to a boy at 11.12am this morning. The weight was 7lbs 15oz, which is the same weight as Jade [Jade Jones – the father] when he was born.

"I believe the name they have chosen is Beau, which is French for handsome. "The phone's been ringing off the hook, but none of the Spice Girls have called yet. I'm sure they will but they're all out of the country at the moment."

Proud dad Jade has also spoken about his new son: "He is a very lovely boy. I'm over the moon." Here on "robmacca's entertainment news" we reported earlier this week how Jade had purchased a new belly cast - looks like he bought it just in time. Now it's time to shop at Mamas and Papas..........

Jade Jones outside the hospital today

Speaking to Heat Magazine Jade said: "He looks a bit like both of us. He's a very lovely boy and I'm over the moon.Baby's had a baby – it's just amazing.

"Emma's upstairs doing really well. She's recovering and bonding with the baby. They're just having a nap right now."

*Thanks to Heat Magazine for breaking the story and my friend Emma for telling me!

Geri Halliwell: Hoiliday Pictures

Here we see Geri Halliwell on holiday in St Tropez looking very "Mi Chico Latino". No need to "Bag It Up" cos all eyes were firmly on Geri in a "Look At Me" pose as she was jet skiing.
Didn't she just "Ride It" well?, no "Calling" out with cries of "Lift Me Up". Instead it was "Scream If You Wanna Go Faster" on sea and on land as these pictures show. Maybe just one "Desire" was left at the end of the holiday, Geri wants to be able to say "It's Raining Men"...........
Click image to see larger versions

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mel B Gets Married In secret

Mel B has shocked the world by revealing that she has married boyfriend Stephen Belafonte. The Spice Girls spokeswoman confirmed the story that Melanie had married
Stephen at a private ceremony on JUNE 6TH in Las Vegas.
A statement said that the pair had wanted to "make a private commitment to each other" but would have a bigger celebration for friends and family later this year.
Melanie's publicist said that the couple have been friends for a number of years but wanted to keep the ceremony out of the public eye.
Scary Spice has an eight year old daughter, Phoenix Chi, from her first marriage to former dancer Jimmy Gulzar in 1998. Back then the couple had a speedy wedding but divorced after two years.
Eddie Murphy was linked to Melanie Brown last year and the couple now have a daughter but the relationship turned sour before they could even get down the aisle. This time around things could turn out better for Melanie and co with the more stable Stephen Belafonte, his recent film credits include Sisters and Thank You for Smoking and is general not seen as wild or very public.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Andi Peters Topless Picture

Who would have thought the BBC's Andi Peters would ever look this sexy? Yet you can find the former Top Of The Pops producer on the cover of September's "Men's Health" magazine as part of a drive to get DJ's off the decks and into the gym.

Looks like the topless Andi Peters has already been working out as the picture below shows...........

It's time for a Diet Coke break!
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