Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pint Shot Riot: Hope and Anchor Coventry Gig

Pint Shot Riot read the riot act!

Pint Shot Riot took to the stage tonight at the Hope and Anchor pub in Coventry and the sell out gig went down a storm with the home crowd. Outside the gates looking in were a crowd of teenagers who never tired of joining in the riotous night, at one point a lad had climbed a nearby wall to appear over the roof! Pint Shot Riot were launching this as their single release gig and it certainly did not disappoint.

The crowds were totally up for it, I've never been to such a happy riot in my life. The rioters had beaming faces as they danced and moshed and pushed each other around. All of this gave pleasure to the band who performed and gazed in approval. The mosh pit was a hive of energy, no one was being aggressive in a violent way, this was something pretty unique - this was lads and lasses using energy in a positive way. Sadly, the poor security team at the Hope and Anchor didn't know what to make of it all. They are used to Cov folk getting into fights and causing trouble, so came down to the stage and tried to curtail the rioters from being too energetic. It was amusing to view as security probably believed the crowd were getting out of control, yet this is what SHOULD happen at a Pint Shot Riot gig. At no point did I see anyone pushing another person out of malice, the only people with sad faces were the security team who had misunderstood how this all works!

Pint Shot Riot gave the crowd a solid performance and were totally in their element playing for the Coventry crowd, making the night a total success for everyone in attendance. The Ldyls and Delta Rush were the bands lending support and in the crowds stood Andy Hopkins from The Enemy and John Dawkins from Grand Union Management. Hopefully this is the start of bigger things for Pint Shot Riot and the vibe from Coventry remains completely upbeat and exciting. The Enemy and The Ripps have already proved Coventry is an exciting place to be and Pint Shot Riot back this up with their own brand of music and lyrics that reflect life in modern England. Many have already been inspired by these bands and this is causing a wave of new bands to emerge and ride the crest of those who have gone before them.
The Ldyls instantly get the crowd in the mood with their no messing attitude and swagger.

Delta Rush provided lyrics and sounds worthy of a listen.

Pint Shot Riot videos from the Hope and Anchor:

PSR - Riot Act

PSR - Holes (clip showing the crowds going wild)

Pint Shot Riot put on a free show at Hannigans clothes store in Coventry's Hale Street. A crowd of about 70 people filled the store as others listened outside while Pint Shot Riot belted out their familiar tunes "Holes", "Treacle Town" and the new single "Punches, Kicks, Trenches and Swords" (released October 1st).

Check out the Pint Shot Riot MySpace where you can download a free tune "Riot Act", recorded live at the BBC.

Check out more videos and pictures from the gig: HERE

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