Thursday, January 18, 2007

robmaccaOFFICIAL MySpace Launched!

Finally after spending last night and the whole of this afternoon trying to fix the problems - I've launched the "robmaccaOFFICIAL" MySpace.

Over on the site you will be able to watch the welcome video and on the Blog section - there are 10 brand new exclusive pictures in my postmans uniform (or lack of uniform in some pictures!).
Sorry if you were expecting something better but I'm crap when it comes to technical matters!


  1. i often wondered why you hadn't already one of these!

    lmao - only to be overshadowed by the news of Melanie C's latest shit cover version...meh

  2. Ohh Rob your myspace is great, I love the welcome message and choosing "First Day Of My Life" as the background song is an amazing idea, I love it!.
    I'll add you to my friends if it's ok with you but well don't even bother to check my myspace 'cos it's sh**. I've never uploaded it :P

  3. Cheers guys -added you both you guys.

    Not sure i'll have as much time to do stuff on it, but I'll try.

  4. Ah it's ok Rob u know I feel a bit nice because of this. I'm glad I'm part of your community :)


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