Monday, December 31, 2007

robmacca: Review of the Year 2007

It was a month of on/off press reports about the Spice Girls reforming with Emma Bunton saying she would love a reunion - yet in January 2007 it looked like the most we would ever get would be a one off charity gig, not a full scale tour. How things changed during 2007!

January was a very Spicey month on "robmacca's entertainment news" as news of the Beckham's topping UK Glamour magazine "Best Dressed" list (David 1st and Victoria 2nd). We posted quite a revealing picture of Victoria asking, "Can Posh make it big in LA?" Victoria and Geri were pictured together in London ice skating while Emma Bunton and Melanie C were still doing solo records.

Apart from the Spice Girls reunion talk, the ITV digital Monkey made a welcome return to TV thanks to PG Tips adverts and robmacca launched an official MySpace finally.

February 2007:

Hormones must have been high during February's blogs because robmaccaEXTRA posted "that" naked picture of Daniel Radcliffe from the West End play "Equss" and reported that Channel 4 were going to cancel it's "Wank Week" after the channel was under the spotlight for it's Big Brother rascism outburst. Coventry also topped a sex survey just to round off a rather sexy month!

Coventry band The Enemy first featured on this blog in February with robmacca saying: "I fully recommend getting on the band wagon NOW", which is what happened during 2007 as the band became massive in the UK. The Brit Awards was fully covered here and a great night for the Arctic Monkeys and Amy Winehouse. Brits also did well over in America at the Oscars as Helen Mirram scoped awards for her role as The Queen (as well as at the BAFTA's). More talk of a Spice Girls reunion in late 2007 and reports of the Beckham's £10m TV deal.

March 2007:

Posh went blonde, Britney went bold and robmacca went crazy about The Ripps in March.

Girls Aloud singer, Sarah Harding got her kit off again for the Ultimo underwear collection to warm the pants of almost every teenage boy in the UK! Then Melanie C got all sexy in her new photoshoot and dressed in black pvc for the "I Want Candy" video.

robmacca followed The Ripps over to Leamington for the launch of their single "Loco" and gave the single 10 out of 10, then took a nice cold bath when a report said it hot baths were reducung sperm levels.

April 2007:

April was music month as The Enemy celebrated their first Top 10 hit with "Away From Here" and a home coming gig at Coventry's Colosseum and a signing at HMV. The Ripps were also busy putting Coventry on the map performing at Warwick Student Union with The Switches and White Light Parade.

Geri unites the Spice Girls at her daughters christening, Posh gets too posh, Mel B has a baby daughter, Mel C releases another new video and album and Sarah Harding once again gets sexy in 15 brand new pictures.

robmacca got in the local newspaper and got experimental in videos, as well as making a serious video about Royal Mail.

The Ripps "I love Cov" t-shirts became the latest addition at making Coventry cool in music and Patch, Raul and Rachel spent yet another month touring the country promoting their brand of music. Another local group The Rrrs became the "Band of the Month" and proved they had what it takes live.

robmacca also got to see those hot pop tarts Girls Aloud perform in Birmingham and Marc Almond in London and got to perform on stage in front of about 200 people with Drug For The Good at the Dog and Trumpet.

Eurovision proved to be as crazy as ever and robmacca got international making a video and as well as meeting frieds from around the world in the DenDen meet up.

Another busy month for Coventry band The Ripps as they launched their single "Holiday" at several locations yet Patch Ripp took time out to give robmacca a surprise! The Enemy continued to tour with a mother of all gigs in Birmingham as well as London and the video launch of "Had Enough" and playing Glastonbury with robmacca predicting a Brit Award in 2008.

Other local groups The Rrrs, Half of Nothing and Carter Manoeuvre kept music lovers entertained while on a global scale the Spice Girls dominated the end of the month with their announcement that they were reforming for a World Tour. BBC local radio even interviewed robmacca for two different shows. Girls Aloud Cheryl Cole got in the holiday mood with some beach clothing to make us drool and Sarah Harding showed us her summer underwear!

Coventry's Godiva Festival was the best yet, proving the city was well and truly on the music map. The Enemy performed and then became the first Coventry band to get a #1 UK album. Tom Clarke, Liam Watts and Andy Hopkins also performed a home coming special at HMV and some interesting interviews.

Shakes and Shivers, Patch Ripp, The Rrrs , Half of Nothing and Trash Fashion proved that music can be fun as they put on great live performances. It was our busiest month thanks to the Beckhams "W magazine" sexy photo shoot and the Spice Girls return kept them in the headlines and media. The unseasonal weather inspired some interesting art pictures...........

Lots of new bands to explore on Thursday nights at Kapow! as well as favourites like The Ripps kept music alive during the summer and a good time for them to celebrate Coventry. It was a working holiday for The Enemy in Ibiza before they went to prison and featured on the cover of Blag magazine and performed at the Reading/Leeds Festival. Meanwhile Liam Watts was announced as the new "Keith Moon" by some.

It was a month of pictures as Cheryl Cole showed off her new haircut, Rihanna her swimwear, Andi Peters his torso, Geri on holiday, Zac Efron's stomach, Victoria Beckham showing off her clothes range.

Mel B got married in secret, Emma Bunton had a baby and robmacca made a spoof video of Kate Nash's "Foundations".

The Enemy were being interviewed left, right and centre but still found time to invite the Lord Mayor out for a curry! Then back on tour and an acoustic performance in Banbury at Chalkey's record store as well as the iTunes exclusive in London. The very personal "You're Not Alone" was released and became The Enemy's third Top 20 this year.

Pint Shot Riot and The Cougars provided great nights out with live music as it should be - riotous! Interview with The Ripps proved that Coventry has talent.

October 2007:

The Spice Girls went to America, Cadbury's "Wispa" went back on sale and robmacca launched a new website dedicated to The Enemy. Q Magazine awarded The Enemy "Best New Act" and the band finished their UK tour in Birmingham , while Liam Watts showed us his skills at drum stick spinning!

At the start of the month Spice Girls Tickets sold out in 38 seconds and by the end of the month Wispa's were already hard to find. BBC local radio interviewed robmacca about the Spice Girls - would he really pay £1,000 to see them? Plus we all danced to Joy Division thanks to The Wombats!

November 2007:

It was the month that the Spice Girls dominated the music news with their "Greatest Hits" launch as well as new pictures and video for "Headlines". Onto a nice earner with the Tesco adverts and Victoria Secrets US exclusive, the Spice Girls need not worry that the Children In Need single failed to ignite the charts. Lots of new pictures of The Enemy kept fans happy.

Girls Aloud looked as stunning as ever at G-A-Y and we had to confirm Sarah Harding was not pregnant. Pint Shot Riot rocked the Kasbah at it's club launch. But don't mention a teddy called "Mohammed".

December 2007:

The year ended on a high as the Spice Girls tour reached London and David Beckham got tongues wagging in his pants (not literally!). The Enemy toured Japan, scored their fourth chart hit with "We'll Live And Die In These Towns" and had Radio 1's Jo Whiley. The press heaped praise on The Enemy, Lily Allen became pregnant and Girls Aloud returned to Top of the Pops. Oh yeah and Sarah Harding got kinky!

What a fantastic year 2007 has been for music, both local and national.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Spice Girls - "Giving You Everything" BBC / Fox Documentary

The most candid documentary ever made by the Spice Girls airs on the BBC at 19:00 on New Years Eve, but now you can see it in full thanks to YouTube. The programme looks at the ups and downs, the rise and falls, the closeness and the divisions that has been the Spice Girls.

The documentary charts the early days when the Spice Girls were formed and then gained world domination to the departure of Geri Halliwell in 1998. Through the tears and individual demons - Scary, Sporty, Baby, Posh and Ginger got back together in June 2007 for the world tour and another chance to enjoy all the "Girl Power" that the Spice Girls bring.

Spice Girls: "Giving You Everything" Documentary

The programme will be up against ITV's two top soap operas on New Years Eve and will face stiff competition for viewing figures as the nation prepares to party, but robmacca is predicting an audience of around 5 million.

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  • The Enemy: Best Rock Act 2007

    The Enemy (*picture Darren Cresswell photography)

    The Enemy have been awarded "Best Rock Act" of 2007 in today's Daily Mirror, thanks to the 3AM showbiz column. The newspaper commented on The Enemy saying:

    After hot sets at Glastonbury and T In The Park, we rushed out to buy their
    debut album. They say: "We're really impressed with our gong, it wasn't
    This comes hot on the heals of the Daily Star awarding The Enemy runner up in it's "Album of the Year" award with Playlist saying:

    Gobby? Check. Songs to spill your pint to while you bounce around to them?
    Check. Surprise mid-tempo to reel in a grown-up audience?
    Check. Coventry’s The
    Enemy first graced the Daily Star before the ink had dried on their record deal
    and a demo CD made its way into my hands.

    From the early cut of 40 Days
    and 40 Nights, their limited edition debut, they screamed with hit potential.
    After gigging their way around the country 10 times over, the trio picked up a
    loyal following and songs like Had Enough and Away From Here became festival

    Indeed 2007 has been a spectacular year for Tom Clarke, Liam Watts and Andy Hopkins as they put Coventry firmly back on the music map. The Enemy spent the whole year touring and working hard to bring real music to the masses. Finally the lads get their well deserved rest over the Christmas period but the new year promises to be busy as The Enemy spend time in the studio working on their second album before jetting off to Europe to tour once again.

    The Enemy have enjoyed chart success with their number one album, "We'll Live And Die In These Towns", which has remained in the UK Top 100 Album Chart since it's release in June and produced four Top 30 hits during 2007. The next single "Your Song" promises to be a bit different as The Enemy are giving fans an opportunity to remix the song and produce a B-side when the single is released in early 2008.

    How to enter:

    Click the links below to download the parts and send your finished remixes to The Enemy by January 10th 2008. The winning remix will be chosen by Tom and released as the B-Side for The Enemy’s next single, ‘This Song Is About You’.

    You can either email a YouSendIt link (for more info go to or an MP3 to:

    Or post a CD, clearly marked 'The Enemy Remix Comp', to:
    Digital Department, Warner Bros Records, 12 Lancer Square, London, W8 4EH
    Please include your name and a daytime contact number with your entry.


    Acoustic Guitars

    Backing Vocals


    Electric Guitars

    Guitar Bits

    Horns 1

    Horns 2

    Keys 1

    Keys 2

    Kick Drum

    Layered Vocal


    You can catch the video "This Song" live, as captured in front the Birmingham crowd in October 2007:

  • Tuesday, December 25, 2007

    Girls Aloud on Top of the Pops

    Girls Aloud returned for a special edition of Top of the Pops today and these pictures from The Sun clearly show why they can "Call The Shots" ..........

    Record breaking Girls Aloud on TOTP

    Nadine Coyle - the new Legs and co!

    Blonde bombshell Sarah Harding

    Cheryl Cole makes some last minute adjustments

    Girls Aloud on TOTP as pictured in The Sun.

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  • Sunday, December 23, 2007

    Posh Frocked Off!

    Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham) is frocked off this weekend according to the Sunday Mirror, which reported that several of her outfits were stolen from her dressing room during the Spice Girls concert in Cologne, Germany on Thursday.

    Two pairs of shoes, at £5,000 a pop, were pinched along with stage outfits, including jackets and jewellery. The Sunday Mirror also said a red satin dressing robe that Roberto Cavalli had designed especially for her to wear backstage. It had "Mrs Beckham" on the front and "Posh" on the back. The other Spice Girls dressing rooms were untouched according to sources.

    This comes on the back of Posh catching one of her backing dancers taking the mickey out of her, She walked in on a dancer doing an impression of her, just standing at the mike, breathing heavily and pouting. It's tough at the top, but at least Victoria Beckhams "DVB" clothing brand keeps rising in the fashion stakes , recently being valued at £100m

    Being a Spice Girl in the media eye can be a thankless job as Scary Spice (Mel B) found out this week. She had been appearing at Selfridges to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation, singing Christmas songs and signing autographs as well as shaking a bucket. She is donating her £10k fee to kids' hospitals in America but that hasn't stopped a story in the News of the World branding Melanie "Scrooge Spice" for taking so long to donate her fee to charity.

    On a more positive note, Melanie Brown is set to renew her wedding vows in April after sneaking off to Vegas in June to marry film producer Stephen Belafonte in secret. According to the Sunday Mirror, Mel B wants her mum and daughter Phoenix Chi, eight, as a bridesmaid because she has been feeling guilty.

    Maybe it was Scary Spice who stole Posh's outfits ................

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  • Spice Girls: 2 Become 1 Strictly Come Dancing Performance

    The Spice Girls performed their former #1 Christmas hit "2 Become 1" on BBC1's "Strictly Come Dancing" final and stole the show with their live performance.
    Check out the video below and see for yourself .................

    Thursday, December 20, 2007

    David Beckham Questioned Over Car Theft

    David Beckham naked

    David Beckham has only been in the country a few days and already he's in trouble with the police (well almost!). Of course we'll exploit the story and post a naked picture of David Beckham just to make it even more interesting!

    The story goes like this: David Beckham was driving his 4x4 Range Rover through Epping, Essex and was pulled over by the police who were investigating several thefts of 4x4's. David pulled into a hotel car park , opened his window and spoke to officers who checked out his vehicle. Within a few seconds David Beckham was able to continue on his journey.

    It would have made a far more interesting story if David and Victoria Beckham were parked in the hotel car park late at night and police shine a light into the Beckham's car to find Victoria Beckham performing a sex act on her husband late at night.

    David and Victoria get raunchy

  • Spice Girls To Replace Robbie Williams?

    Robbie Williams uncensored naked Rock DJ video

    It looks like Robbie Williams will have to do more than just get naked for his next video if reports in the Metro are to be believed. OK, stop staring at Robbie's willy in the picture and focus on the story ...................

    According to the Metro, Robbie Williams looks set to be replaced by the Spice Girls as the big cheese at record label EMI. Robbie has had a tough year as his popularity went down and Take That's went from strength to strength. Sales of Robbie's last album were down considerably and record chiefs need an international act that can sell records. The return of the Spice Girls has generated a lot of media interest and the "Greatest Hits" album has sold well around the globe, so EMI may well take a risk and opt for a brand new Spice Girls album on the back of the successful world tour.

    Robbie Williams signed an £80 million deal in 2002 to produce six albums for EMI, the signer still has two albums left in his record breaking contract. His last single "She's Madonna" charted at #16 and then dropped out of the Top 30 the following week. Yet the Spice Girls would need new material that would chart higher than their comeback single "Headlines", which scraped into the charts at #11 last month.

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  • Wednesday, December 19, 2007

    Lily Allen Is Pregnant

    The singer Lily Allen is pregnant a spokesman has confirmed. The couple were said to be "obviously both thrilled by the news". Lily Allen has been dating Chemicals Brother Ed Simons since September and the news of the pregnancy may be a shock for some fans. Lily is 22 while Ed is 37 but the couple seem to be very much in love and Lily still plans to bring out her follow up album in 2008 and will continue to work around the pregnancy.

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  • Tuesday, December 18, 2007

    Return of the Spice Girls - Tour Videos

    The Spice Girls concerts were fantastic to be part of and although videos never quite capture everything, at least they keep the memory of the night alive. So here are a selection of videos from the O2 Arena in London from Saturday 15th December and Sunday 16th December 2007.

    Spice Girls - MAMA

    Spice Girls - HOLLER

    Spice Girls - VIVA FOREVER

    Spice Girls - STOP

    Emma Bunton - MAYBE

    Spice Girls - GOODBYE *mobile quality*

    More videos from the weekend can be seen at:

    Monday, December 17, 2007

    Spice Girls In Concert - O2 Pictures

    Going to see the Spice Girls after all these years, was a dream come true for me. They were the only group I'd really ever wanted to see and this weekend it became a reality as "The Return of the Spice Girls" Tour hit the UK. Who would have thought the Spice Girls would ever tour again? Seeing them perform on stage for two nights was fantastic, at times it was hard to believe that the five women on stage were indeed THE Spice Girls.
    The crowds really got into the spirit of the occasion and were cheering from start to finish and it was rather interesting how loud they became every time Posh sang her lines. Maybe it is because she has the highest profile but it was all very spontaneous and added to the night. Below are a selection of pictures from the weekend, you can see about 120 over in my Facebook profile.

    Emma performs "Maybe"

    Geri back in THAT Union Jack outfit!

    Spice Girls get raunchy during "Too Much"

    Spice Girls arrive to Spice Up Your Life!

    Emma and robmacca feeling "girl power"

    Colours of the world!

    The Spice Girls on stage

    Melanie C turns to you

    The Spice Girls are BACK!

    Dancers taken on leads during "Holler"

    Scary Spice asks "Do You Wanna Go My Way?"

    Posh on the cat walk

    Geri in her Union Jack outfit

    Spice Girls do the conga!

    Spice Girls thank the fans

    Full choir during "Mama"

    Spice Girls and choir

    Spice Girls on stage

    Return of the Spice Girls

    Job done..........

    Thursday, December 13, 2007

    Jo Whiley Meets The Enemy

    Radio 1's Jo Whiley and crew descended on The Enemy in Coventry and ended up at drummer Liam Watts house (well, his mums!) -because mum, Carol makes lovely tea!

    Conversations soon start about The Enemy's recent tour in Japan, with Liam Watts saying he hardly ate anything while in Japan because it was "all squid and fish".
    Tom Clarke: "We're just not big fish fans to be honest"
    Andy Hopkins: "I found a Pizza Express in Tokyo anyway!"
    Tom Clarke: "We spent most of our time there while in Japan, the menu was better than the one in England!"

    Jo: "What were the gigs like you did there"
    Liam Watts: "Really good, we were a bit worried cos you hear stories of Japanese crowds not going really mad, just standing there being really polite."

    Tom: "It's not that case at all - they are just like the British fans, crowd surfing etc"

    Jo: "Did you do a lot of shopping?"

    Liam: "I did a bit, I spent quite a bit on Adidas trainers actually"

    Jo: "Are you all obsessed with Adidas trainers?"
    Andy: "I wouldn't wear anything else."

    Liam Watts reveals that his mum buys him and his brother identical cards each time so that there are no arguments..............

    Jo to Liam "Are you a tidy person?"
    Liam: "Erm........"
    Tom: "He's not the tidiest!"
    Jo to Tom "Are you a tidy person?"
    Tom: "I'm not the tidiest!"
    Jo to Andy: "Are you a tidy person?"
    Andy: "I'm actually alright!"
    Tom: "Andy's mum does everything, Andy's mum wakes him up with a cup of tea and tidies his room. It's a disgrace!!"

    Jo: "What's your memory of Glastonbury Tom?"
    Tom: "
    As little as possible, we'd never been to Glastonbury before, let alone play at it. I was really excited and then we turned up and it was covered in mud!"
    "We did two gigs, one in a small tent and the other on Sunday morning. It inspired me as we looked out and could see people up to their knees in mud and just getting rained on.You just wouldn't get that unless people love music and it's a privilege and an honour to play to people who love music.

    Jo: "Have you done rehearsals around here (at Liam's) or demo's?"
    Tom: "Probably listened to parts of our first demo 40 Days and 40 Nights, but generally it's just been chilling."

    Jo: "What do you feel about bands reuniting or getting back together?"
    Tom: "I think the big question on every one's lips is - Spice Girls - what's going on there? As sad as it is, but to be serious for a minute the Spice Girls defined the 90's as much as Oasis did. I am quite excited to see if they come back and are rubbish or come back and are quite good."

    Jo: "The reviews have come back saying it went down quite good"
    Tom: "I'll actually look forward to it then."

    Jo: "What's your favourite Spice Girls track?"
    Tom: " Probably Wannabe"

    Jo: "So are you a fan of pop music?"
    Tom: "I'm not generally a fan of pop music, the Spice Girls are an exception."

    Jo: "What other music do you like apart from Led Zepplin and the Spice Girls?"
    Tom: "I really like The Who, I love The Beatles, they are just class. I think we all love Oasis. The Verve - all their albums. I'd have loved to have gone to the reunion, but we were doing a gig."

    Liam: "I don't think any of our tastes clash, we all like the same sort of stuff but I like Frank Zappa and Jazz Fusion."

    Andy: "I've just got one cassette I listen to in my car - which is Blur Greatest Hits on one side and then The Clash London Calling on the other."

    Jo: "Were you in any bands while at school?"
    Andy: "No, I didn't play until I joined this one....... that's why I'm rubbish!"

    Jo: "Ahhhh, No! So how did you get in the band?"
    Andy: "Erm.... I dunno, I just told Tom I could play and he believed me!"

    Jo: "What was the best gig you've played this year?"
    Tom: "That's a really hard one to answer........ Reading surprised me actually. I went to Reading not really knowing what to expect. Typically the further up north you go the better the shows get, until you get to Scotland where they just go mad! But the crowd at Reading were just outstanding, they just blew me away. There are loads of really good gigs I could pick out but that one I'll single out for surprise factor."

    Jo: "A lot of people are saying you've put Coventry/Birmingham on the map....."
    Tom: "We had the first album to go #1 from Coventry, but it was nothing to do with us, we just wrote the songs - it was the people who went out there and bought it, they should be just as proud."

    Jo: "What was it like playing a gig in a church hall recently?"
    Tom: "It was amazing, it was like nothing we had ever played before, it was the most beautiful venue in the world. I didn't realise until I got there it was the same venue I'd seen Noel Gallagher from Oasis perform. The acoustics are brilliant, it's a great place to play. It was the first gig where the crowds were sat down on pews."

    Jo: "What instruments can you play?"
    Tom: "I can play guitar, violin and piano. I played piano when I was about four. My Nan had a piano before she had carpet, so I used to go around on a Sunday and just sort of teach myself, that's how it all started really."

    Jo: "Where did the inspiration come from for "You're Not Alone"?"
    Tom: "We'd been out on tour writing songs about stuff that was going on in Cov, but we'd not had the chance to see the rest of the country. We'd never been to places like Manchester or Newcastle. A band called The Paddingtons took us out on our first tour, we sort of realised what we were writing about Cov, was sort of going on everywhere in the UK. It struck a chord, that what we were writing about was a bit more wide spread."

    Tom: " I don't think any of our lyrics intended to be political. We just sing about stuff that affects us and things that we see, in that sense it's social but that's as far as it goes."

    Jo: "Have you met Oasis yet?"
    Tom: "The lads have met Noel but I was in need of a bed for the night. It was after the NME Awards last year and I'd had a bit too much to drink."

    Jo: "How was the tour with the Stereophonics?"
    Tom: "Sometimes support tours can be rubbish, you can get treated like rubbish and the fans can be unreceptive but the Phonics couldn't have been any further from that to be honest. They looked after us just amazingly and I'm forever grateful for that. They put is in the next sized venues that we hadn't played in yet. Their fans are just amazing, I just never expected it. They were singing the words and wearing the shirts, especially in Scotland. I'd like to thank all their fans for making it a really wicked tour for me.

    Jo: "Did you get to hang out with the band much?"
    Tom: "We got to see them a bit but you don't get much time. Top guys."

    Jo: "Will you be celebrating Christmas?"
    Tom: "Yeah, it's only right. We were in a local pub last year (with Andy) and it go to that time of night where you think you need champagne, so we walked up to the bar and asked for two bottles of champagne. But she said she'd run out of champagne, I said "what do you mean you've run out of champagne - it's Christmas?" She said she'd got this cheap white wine but no glasses. It sounded a good idea at the time but after drinking straight from the bottle, my next memory was trying to throw a traffic cone on the Sainsbury's roof and wondering why it kept coming back down ............. it was a slanted roof so I hadn't got much of a chance. Then the next morning I woke up literally in my toilet, in just my boxers."

    Jo: "Liam, have you enjoyed having us around your house?"
    Liam: "Yeah, it's been pretty sound."

    Jo: "Do you buy each other Christmas presents?"
    Liam: "We actually don't, do we?!"
    Tom: "We decided years ago we just weren't gonna do it"
    Liam: " We'll just keep the money and buy each other a pint!"

    Jo: "Can you remember any amazing Christmas presents as a kid?"
    Andy: "A Quad bike"
    Tom: "My worst present was from Mike Starkey, who I'll name and shame now. In 1998, I think , he bought me a bag of KP Salted Peanuts for Christmas! It was a big bag - but it was still a bag of peanuts for Christmas!"

    The Enemy played live from Liam Watts lounge in Coventry:

    1. "We'll Live And Die In These Towns"
    2. "You're Not Alone"
    3. "Last Christmas/Girls Just Want To Have Fun/Bleeding" (Wham/Cyndi Lauper/Leona Lewis)

    *pics from BBC Radio 1 website / text typed by robmacca

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  • Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    Sarah Harding Gets Kinky!

    Not known for being shy, Sarah Harding revealed her kinky side this week at the St Trinian's premier in London. The stunning Girl's Aloud singer told the Daily Star:

    "I love all that stuff, dressing up in costumes - whether it’s schoolgirl stuff or nurse outfits or a maid’s."

    "It’s all good fun and I love being bossy. It’s really empowering. And it gives me a really strong feminine feeling."

    Talking about the best way to spice up people's sex lives, she commented: "Sex toys, they’re the best. I find whips funny but draw the line at chains. Vibrators are fun - whatever turns you on, I guess. It’s all just a bit of a giggle isn’t it? And not to be taken too seriously."

    *Source: Daily Star/Digital Spy Picture:

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  • Tuesday, December 11, 2007

    David Beckham: Armani Advert Picture

    This picture of David Beckham is causing quite a stir for the new Giorgio Armani underwear advertising campaign. If you can try and focus, I'll leave you to make up your own mind!

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  • Friday, December 07, 2007

    The Enemy: "We'll Live Ane Die In These Towns" Video and Lyrics

    Below is The Enemy video and lyrics for "We'll Live And Die In These Towns". The single is out on release Monday 3rd December 2007.

    The Enemy - We'll Live And Die In These Towns

    You spend your time in smokey rooms
    where haggled old women with cheap perfume say
    "it never happens for people like us you know"
    well nothing ever happened on it`s own
    and well the toilets smell of desperation
    the streets all echo of aggregation
    and you wonder
    why you cant get no sleep
    when you`ve got nothing to do,
    and you`ve had nothing to eat
    your life`s slipping
    and sliding right out of view
    and there`s absolutely nothing
    that you can do, well

    We`ll live and die,
    We`ll live and die in these towns
    Don`t let it drag you down
    Don`t let it drag you down now

    We`ll live and die,
    We`ll live and die in these towns
    Don`t let it drag you down
    Don`t let it drag you down now

    Dirty dishes from a tv meal
    that went cold from the wind
    throuh a smashed up window
    You cant go out if anybody calls ya
    cos you cant have a bath
    when there`s no hot water
    and your friends are out
    on the town again
    and you ask yourself if it will ever end
    and it`s all too much for your head to take
    just a matter of time before you break, well

    We`ll live and die,
    We`ll live and die in these towns
    Don`t let it drag you down
    Don`t let it drag you down now

    We`ll live and die,
    We`ll live and die in these towns
    Don`t let it drag you down
    Don`t let it drag you down now


    We`ll live and die,
    We`ll live and die in these towns
    Don`t let it drag you down
    Don`t let it drag you down now

    We`ll live and die,
    We`ll live and die in these towns
    Don`t let it drag you down
    Don`t let it drag you down now
    The Enemy Latest News Updates: 
  • 15/11/07: PRESS - NewsGuardian: "The sound of British rock 'n' roll"
  • 15/11/07: MUSIC VIDEOS - "We'll Live And Die In These Towns" added
  • 13/11/07: PRESS - Coventry Telegraph: "The Enemy has made Coventry cool again."
  • 13/11/07: MEDIA - Vote for The Enemy XFM Awards
  • 12/11/07: NEWS - Signed Copies of "We'll Live And Die In These Towns" Single
  • Wednesday, December 05, 2007

    The Enemy In Japan

    The Enemy - as pictured by a fan.

    Life is never dull when your part of Coventry band The Enemy, the new single ("We'll Live And Die In These Towns") has hit the shops this week and signals the final release from the much acclaimed debut album bearing the same name. The album has gone gold selling over 100,000 copies already and work on the follow up album gets into full swing in the coming weeks.
    Tom Clarke, Liam Watts and Andy Hopkins are spending the week in Japan to play four gigs:

    4 Dec 2007 20:00 OSAKA-QUATTRO Osaka, Japan
    6 Dec 2007 20:00 NAGOYA-QUATTRO Nagoya, Japan
    9 Dec 2007 20:00 TOKYO-BRITISH ANTHEMS @ STUDIOS COAST Tokyo, Japan
    10 Dec 2007 20:00TOKYO, LIQUID ROOMS Tokyo, Japan

    It is the second time The Enemy have been to Japan this year, performing as part of the "Summersonic Festival" in Osaka (11th August) and Tokyo (12th August). The Enemy have a growing Japanese fan base which have taken a shine to the genre of music that has proved popular throughout the UK.

    The Enemy updates can be read in full at:

    Monday, December 03, 2007

    Marc Almond: Carling Academy 2, Birmingham

    Marc Almond performing in Birmingham

    Marc Almond has proved himself a solo performer with longevity, long after his days with Soft Cell. Marc has maintained a loyal following, as demonstrated on his latest UK tour. Birmingham Carling Academy was a sell out early on, but could easily have sold more if the larger venue had been used instead. This didn't stop Marc performing - even after a three hour motorway journey and a head full of flu.

    Here are three videos from the evening:

    Marc Almond - I Have Lived

    Marc Almond - Your Aura

    Marc Almond - The Idol

  • Spice Girls: Tour Pictures

    The Spice Girls are back and these pictures from the first night of the world tour clearly show "Girl Power" has not lost any of it's sparkle. Mel C, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Victoria Beckham and Mel B took Canada by storm as Spicemania returned 10 years later to the 16,000 crowd at the General Motors Place, Vancouver.
    Click on the pictures to see them more clearly, the full story can be read at The Sun online. Read a full review: HERE.

    The Spice Girls "Greatest Hits" spent a third week in the UK Top 20 yesterday at #12 - one place higher than the new Girls Aloud album, proving who the real winners are when it comes to girl bands!

    Oh yes and robmacca and co will be in London for the first two UK concerts!

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