Friday, September 21, 2007

The Cougars @ Kapow, Coventry

It's normally at this point I should be busy writing a review about the bands who performed at Kapow (Phoenix) in Coventry this week, but the truth is I got a bit bladdered! The Cougars were up from Cambridge, even though they had van problems, they still made the effort to come and entertain the Coventry crowd. The Promenade Stories and the Bootleg Poets did the business of warming the venue up ready for the final act, The Cougars.

Ashley Read on lead vocals, Ross Castle on lead guitar, George Coupland on bass and new man Tom Harding on drums make up The Cougars line up and what a line up it is. The lads were up for a drink or two before getting on stage and as the pictures show below, know how to have a good time. At one point during the set, Ashley invited the crowd up on stage - which turned out to be good fun. All in all, it was another great night out with live music at it's best. It was a pity I had to get up for work several hours later.........

Check out The Cougars MySpace for more details of upcoming gigs.

The Cougars and a tipsy robmacca.

Ashley pouts, Ross dreams and Tom licks - perfect!

Sam joins The Cougars.

The Cougars in action @ Kapow, Coventry.

The Cougars - Chapter 2 @ Kapow! Coventry

The Cougars live at Kapow, Phoenix, Coventry

  • More pictures and mobile video can be found: HERE.
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