Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Enemy - The Mania Begins!

"The Enemy" mania has started as this Coventry indie, Brit rock group start their quest for world domination!

The new single "Away from Here" is to be released on April 16th on a Stiff 7", CD format, Picture disk Vinyl and for the first time on i-tunes and had it's first national play on Radio 1 last night during Zane Lowe's programme. He has named it "Hottest Single In The World Today", and rightly so!

You can here the track here:
Last week we saw the release of "It's not OK" (as featured here on robmacca) exclusively for the fans and I've got myself some strictly limited 7" singles, as well the one's that were released in the shops (and the CD). I swear I'm going to go into debt as I'm now hooked on this fantastic band. I can't remember getting so excited about a group in ages..............
I think it's great the way the hype is beginning to take hold. How cool that the single wasn't chart eligible because they didn't release a digital format - ON PURPOSE!

I've bought 7 tickets for the final night of their up coming headline tour, which culminates in their home city - Coventry. We are going to party like never before as a new generation of Coventry young people get to celebrate life here, just as the young people did in the days of The Specials.

You may not have heard much of "The Enemy" yet, but I fully recommend getting on the band wagon NOW before it's too late. This is real music, by real people, singing about the real issues affecting people today.

Visit their new website:

Watch them perform in Coventry at the end of their last tour, a few weeks ago:

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  1. WOW Rob the way you describe them really caught me, I'm glad u're excited about them, I know that feeling. Just enjoy it as much as it lasts.

    I think it's great they didn't release a digital single on purpose, not a lot of artists would do that.


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