Friday, August 03, 2007

The Ripps @ Kapow! Coventry

The Ripps performing new tracks @Kapow (Phoenix ,Coventry)

The Promenade Stories @ Kapow, Coventry

The Bootleg Poets @ Kapow, Coventry

Hung over but happy is how I'd describe my morning after feeling after another night out @ Kapow! in Coventry. This time around Kapow was open until 2am, which meant you had time to enjoy the bands and the alcohol. The Ripps headlined at the venue and were well supported by two other bands with Coventry connections.

The Promenade Stories are more known around Nottingham because both band members are at University there but the singer comes from Coventry. For me it was unusual to see a two piece band where you just had a drummer and the guitarist on vocals. At first I thought something might be missing but once you heard them you soon realised nothing was missing and this duo worked together well. Lots of hair couldn't help but make me think of "Cousin IT" from "The Addams Family", but I'm only jealous!

Talking of hair, the Bootleg Poets had no shortage of it and were happily playing with it on and off stage during their Libertinesque set. This band had no shortage of musicians as all five crammed on stage and gave the Cov crowd what they wanted - a night of good live music.

The Ripps were back in their beloved Coventry after what seemed an infinity away, even though it had only been a few weeks since they had performed at the Godiva Festival. Getting back to intimate gigs is what I love most and we were in for a right treat tonight as Patch, Raul and Rachel shared a whole cluster of new songs they had been working on for the new album. You can check out the videos below, but live is always best and if you missed Kapow! then get yourself down to Taylor Johns next Sunday night for more new material.

Along with the new tracks we were soon bopping along to classic Ripps numbers such as "Loco", "Holiday" and The Specials hit "Too Much Too Young". One thing that hasn't changed since The Ripps became famous is the down to earth personality of each band member. Raul is just as happy stamping peoples hands as they enter Kapow, Patch will have a fag and drink with anyone and everyone, Rachel is her usual smiling self no matter what!

The Ripps "Loco" with Patch tuning up after having to change guitars because he'd broken some strings.

The Ripps "Holiday" @ Kapow,Coventry

The Ripps - "Too Much Too Young" was the final song from the set and always a classic to close on as this Specials track reminds everyone how great Coventry is musically.

Bootleg Poets - "Follow The Leader" @ Kapow, Coventry

robmacca on his way home after another very enjoyable night out in Coventry!

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