Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Ripps T Shirt Pictures

The Ripps are currently here, there, and every fucking where touring the country promoting their album "Long Live The Ripps", but Rachel, Raul and Patch have taken time out to model some pictures as part of The Ripps t-shirt collection ........................

Rachel smiles for the camera.

Rachel bends over!

Raul joins in..........

Raul's porno pose!

Patch from behind......

Patch loves Cov!

If you pop over to their MySpace and ask them nicely, you may be able to order any of the t-shirts shown above.

The Ripps are currently battling it out on Radio 2's "Song of the Week", voting takes place all week with the winning song obviously becoming Radio 2's "Song of the Week" with radio play each day next week. It would be great to see Coventry's cream of the crop winning, so please cast your vote: HERE - it's nice and simple to do!

You can catch Raul, Patch and Rachel in:

Sheffiled 15th May

London 17th

Brighton 18th

Manchester 22nd

Leeds 26th

Birmingham 27th

Brighton 28th

(I'm hoping to catch them in Birmingham and Brighton over the Bank Holiday weekender.)

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