Sunday, April 29, 2007

White Light Parade and The Switches

White Light Parade in action at Warwick Student Union

As well as seeing The Ripps at Warwick Student Union this week, I got to see White Light Parade who were also supporting The Switches. It was the first time I had seen both groups, and I wasn't disappointed. White Light Parade are lads that look hard on stage, with a female drummer who looks equally determined to get the beats out there. It was a pity the crowd at Warwick Student Union were quite subdued, maybe it's because it is exam season, but you could almost feel the frustration as Danny Yates belted out lead vocals. As I listened to the very infectious "Wait For The Weekend", it could have been Oasis stood there on stage singing it.

Danny gets ready for the weekend!

Jono the spaced man!

Jono Yates is rhythm guitar and backing vocal in White Light Parade, and I found myself watching his face - not in THAT way, it was just he looked so "high" - on alcohol of course! Afterwards he stole my glasses and popped them on for a fun photo, proving that WLP are also fun.

Jono in his "gizza kiss" pose!

The Switches were on Channel 4's "Transmission" on Friday night, so it was even better when I saw them live at Warwick Uni. They seem to be making plenty of waves in the music world and had already won me over because i got a free sweet and badges when I joined their mailing list - yippee! I did feel a bit guilty at having to go before their performance finished but from what I did hear, they sounded pretty funky. I like the whole image they have on stage too.

The Switches at Warwick Uni on Thursday

The picture above is of The Ripps poster and stickers I got from the gig, as well as The Switches badges and the sweet. The bottle of Stella was the one Patch gave me.................

White Light Parade in action at Warwick Student Uni.

The Switches at Warwick Student Union

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  1. So u won't ever get tired of supporting them ! :P I quite love The Ripps merchandise, their logo is cool.


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