Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Enemy - Birmingham Virgin Megastore Signing

The Enemy performed at Virgin Megastore to hundreds of fans in Birmingham today as part of their UK promotion for their new single "Had Enough", which is released this week. Although the security and organisation was not quite as good as other places, they were very polite - as were the band. Tom Clarke had been able to wander about in Birmingham city centre without getting mobbed, but those days are limited as The Enemy continue to grow and grow in popularity.
After performing "It's Not OK", "Away From Here" and their new single "Had Enough" the band got to work signing copies of the single for the fans. Even having enough time to talk with us as they signed the 7" copies and CD singles. I asked Tom if he enjoyed Glastonbury, which he did very much so.
"How was it with all that mud?" I enquired.
To which Tom replied, "you really noticed it within five minutes".
Andy has a laugh with the crowds. Tom tries not to laugh!
Andy,Tom and Liam in full flow.........
Andy signs his name away.

Andy chats while Tom and Liam sign more copies.
Tom and the photographer havin' a laugh!
Smile lads - your on camera!
The Enemy in action @ Virgin Megastore, Birmingham.
It was another great day following The Enemy, adding some more signed records to the collection and seeing the lads perform once again. While I was over in Birmingham, I got my hands on 4 tickets for the gig on Saturday 20th October at the Carling Academy, before they sell out.
Watch the videos of the 3 songs they performed at Virgin:

"Had Enough"

"Away From Here"

"It's Not OK"

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