Sunday, January 21, 2007

Emma Bunton News

Emma flying high for her new single "All I Need To Know"

Emma Bunton may have turned 31 over the weekend but she still looks very much the "Baby Spice" as the latest picture above shows. It is taken from her new video that is being shown on the music channels right now ahead of the mellow, yet sensual new single that will hit the shops on February 12th. "All I Need To Know" is the opening track from her "Life in Mono" album, which surprisingly has only sold 40,547 copies since it's release last month. Some are writing Emma off already, but the album really is a "grower" and has been such a pleasurable album to have on while unwinding.
The video compliments this simple, honest track - why not watch the video below and judge for yourself!


  1. I still think Free Me is the best solo song she has made, in terms of the song itself & its video

  2. I much prefer "Maybe" - best track to watch (video wise)

  3. LOL I love both tracks, All I need to know is a great song and the video is really emotional but I don't know if people will be able to get the message.

  4. I just hope they buy the single or it will be the end of Emma's album, sadly.

    All I Need To Know is such a beautiful track, I'm surprised how much it has grown on me.


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