Monday, January 22, 2007

Geri and Victoria News

Geri and Victoria ice-skating in London

Geri and Victoria spent plenty of time together recently ice skating in London with their children during the Christmas period. This has raised questions about Victoria being pregnant with her fourth child and Geri reportedly told Closer magazine:

"I think she's definitely expecting again," she said. "She hasn't been feeling well, has practically stopped drinking and has been really broody."

Geri was pictured in the press recently clothes shopping for baby Madonna Bluebell in London's West End, a newspaper dubbed her Geri Spenditwell,after it claimed she spent thousands of pounds on baby clothes.

Victoria snippets

Meanwhile Victoria is never out of the media eye and has been said to be hurt by Liz Hurley's "nasty comments" about her weight and the way she conducts herself. The Beckhams have apparently been struck off Liz's March wedding list.

Victoria has turned down the chance to buy Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch because it is 3 hours drive for David to get to the LA Galaxy football club. The Beckhams were also known to be looking around the former $15m home of Lionel Richie.

Let's hope Victoria doesn't hurt her toes while she's doing her house hunting because her toes are worth $10m as she lend her name to a line of handbags and shoes to be sold in exclusive boutiques across the US.

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  1. LOL at first I ddi think the pic was real :P. Can'¿t wait for Beckhams to move to America !


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