Thursday, March 01, 2007

Victoria Beckham Goes Blonde

Victoria's blonde bombshell look

Victoria Beckham has grabbed the world's media attention once more as she revealed a stunning blonde hair style. The newspapers went into a frenzy saying Victoria was "depressed" and living a separate life from David as they try setting up in America.

She decided on a new make-over after visiting the Chris McMillan Hair Salon, hairdresser to stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruz and Kelly Osbourne.

Other newspapers reported that Victoria was using the new hairstyle as a way of "lifting herself out of crisis" as she described how trying to find a place in LA has proved one of her biggest challenges to date. She let it slip that she had just been having a nose around Meg Ryan's old palace and was in awe of all the Hollywood stars she is now mixing with. She said:

'I was at a party the other day when Tom Hanks came bounding over. He said, “I'm so thrilled you and David are coming over. I'm going to get a season ticket to watch LA Galaxy now.'
'All the time he was talking I was just thinking, 'It's Forrest Gump. And he knows who I am.'

Here at robmacca, we reported yesterday how Simon Fuller had secured a massive deal for a documentary type programme about the Beckhams move to America. Posh is set to return to the UK today as part of her jet set life style and will no doubt be the focus of attention when she lands at London. Watch this space for more news as it breaks.

Posh pictured shopping yesterday


  1. wow - she looks a lot like her sister now

    not a huge fan but it is better than her last blonde effort

  2. I think shelooks good but I prefer her old style, it'd be amazing if she could really make it over here 'cos she'd be like the only UK ex singer to make it big over here in a long time.


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