Sunday, May 27, 2007

Drug For The Good Gig

Last night was the first proper gig for "Drug For The Good", the four postmen from Coventry - Pete, Matty, Malcom and Andy. The night was a sell out for the Dog and Trumpet and went on to make several hundred pounds for charity. The crowd were very supportive and mainly consisted of Royal Mail colleagues, family and friends but helped put the band at ease as they worked through their set of own songs as well as cover versions.

The first half started with "Lucky Man" and ended with "Turning Japanese" - with robmacca on the tamborine, doing his Bez (Happy Mondays) impression! The second half, had the band playing four of their own tracks back to back. Then the madness kicked back in with the return of the tamborine player and a few well known covers - "500 Miles" and "Irish Rover". By this point the crowds were either coming up to the stage bowing down before the new rock legends, or throwing socks on stage for the bare footed Matty.

The night will go down as one to remember for all those who attended and it was a great opening for these Coventry lads. For me it was the first time I'd been out with so many Royal Mail workers!

Here are some pictures from the night taken by Alex:

robmacca the tamborine man!

Matty, robmacca and Pete





Pete, Malc and Andy

Matty and Pete

robmacca and Pete

Pete and andy


  1. Great pics , the tamborine man one is the best :P

  2. that was a good night out. Thanks for the tickets Rob. We enjoyed the gig! : )


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