Friday, February 29, 2008

NME Awards : Best Picture

Lethal Bizzle @NME Awards

Lethal Bizzle may not have won any awards at this years NME Awards, but he does win "Best Picture" for his apt t-shirt saying "Fuck the Brits". It was fitting to have a dig at the Brits at the NME Awards, as the NME Awards is all that the Brits is not.

Meanwhile, The Enemy seemed to make it back safely to Coventry last night - resisting the chance to get blinding drunk at the NME Awards. Instead the lads opted to be sensible and head back into the recording studio today. Below is an interview with The Enemy from last night's NME Awards.

  • Thursday, February 28, 2008

    NME Music Awards 2008

    The Enemy win "Best New Band" *Pic: Guy Eppel

    Tonight the NME Music Awards took place in London, and here is the list of winners ............ The Wombats and The Enemy as well as Arctic Monkeys and Kate Nash scooped awards.

    *picture by Andrew Kendall/NME

    Best British Band supported by Shockwaves
    Arctic Monkeys

    Best International Band supported by T4
    The Killers

    Best New Band supported by BBC Radio 1
    The Enemy

    Best Live Band supported by Carling

    Best Solo Artist supported by 4Music
    Kate Nash

    Best Album supported by HMV
    'Myths Of The Near Future' - Klaxons

    Best Track supported by Trinity St
    'Fluorescent Adolescent' – Arctic Monkeys

    The Wombats - Winners of "Best Dancefloor Filler"

    Best Video supported by NME TV
    'Teddy Picker' – Arctic Monkeys

    Best Music DVD
    'Unplugged In New York' - Nirvana

    Best Live Event
    Carling Weekend: Reading And Leeds Festival

    Hero Of The Year
    Pete Doherty

    Villain Of The Year
    George W Bush

    Best Dressed supported by Topman
    Noel Fielding

    Worst Dressed
    Amy Winehouse

    Best Dancefloor Filler supported by Club NME
    'Let's Dance To Joy Division' – The Wombats

    Best Album Artwork
    'The Good, The Bad And The Queen' – The Good, The Bad And The Queen

    Best Radio Show
    Zane Lowe (Radio 1)

    Worst Album
    'Blackout' - Britney Spears

    Worst Band
    The Hoosiers

    Best TV Show
    'The Mighty Boosh'

    Best Film

    Sexiest Man
    Noel Fielding

    Sexiest Woman
    Kylie Minogue

    Best Venue
    Wembley Stadium

    Best Website

    Best Band Blog
    Radiohead (

    Best Music Blog
    The Modern Age (

  • The Ripps: New Album

    The Ripps

    Get set for a Ripptastic 2008 because Coventry band The Ripps are well and truly back! Bumping into Patch and Raul on the way to the studio today, they confirmed they are very busy recording new tracks for the album. The long awaited follow up too "Long Live The Ripps" is expected to hit the shops in the coming months with heaps of gigs to keep the army of fans happy during 2008.
    To keep up to date on The Ripps, check out their MySpace.

  • Tuesday, February 26, 2008

    Eurovision: Let's Get Daz Sampson Back!

    You might remember Daz Sampson from the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest with his rap tune "Teenage Life". While it he may have failed to secure the points, it hasn't stopped him creating a brand new Eurovision tune. "Do A Little Dance" is an infectious song that will have you hooked after just one play. Sadly the BBC don't agree and have banned it from making the short list, according to

    I say, "let's get Daz Sampson back in Eurovision" - whoever you are, where ever you are - download the song and promote it however you see fit. Check out the video I made today in honour of this true Eurovision hit that may never be.......................

    robmacca doing a little dance!

  • Man Dies Stuffing His Face!

    A 34 year old graphic design student from Birmingham has died after choking to death. Adam Deeley was among guests eating the left over fairy cakes at a Swansea nightclub last Monday, where a charity event had been taking place earlier that evening.

    Five fairy cakes became lodged in Mr Deeley's throat and he began to choke but was pronounced dead at 02:30am when paramedics and first aiders were unable to clear his airways.

    Let that be a warning to us all!

  • Monday, February 25, 2008

    Ireland Enter A Turkey For Eurovision!

    Dustin the Turkey

    With just three months until the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, Ireland has caused the biggest stir of the year by entering a puppet as it's chosen artist. Dustin the Turkey was the winner of the vote this weekend and could go on to cause the biggest upset in Eurovision history - unless he gets banned before!

    Hat's off to the Irish, who have come up with a great idea. Let's face it - Ireland had only entered crap songs in recent years anyway! Maybe the UK could take a feather from Dustin, and enter something wild and wacky for this years contest.

    Check out the funny video here:

  • Thursday, February 14, 2008

    Girls Aloud: Can't Speak French - Video

    Girls Aloud single "Can't Speak French" is out on March 17th 2008 and the girls look as good as ever in this video - which you can now watch below. The single is not as good as previous singles but still worthy to become a hit.

  • Wednesday, February 13, 2008

    Neighbours: Set For Channel Five Death

    Neighbours looks set for a slow death after moving to it's new TV home on Channel Five. Despite an expensive advertising campaign, the Aussie soap opera has already started losing viewers after the switch over from BBC1.

    Although the initial 2.5 million viewing figures was a boost to the usual Channel Five slot, 300,000 viewers had deserted the soap on Tuesday and another 500,000 ditched the soap when it moved to it's new home on Channel Five this week.

    It's only a matter of time before the aging soap slumps to 1m and becomes a thing of the past - just a robmacca prediction for 2009.

  • Shakira Sells Her Bra!

    Shakira is not hard up, despite selling off her bra's on ebay this week. The singer is raising money for the Bare Feet Foundation by selling off the jewelled bra worn during last years tour, it was designed by Roberto Cavalli (who also designed the Spice Girls costumes).

    More than $60,000 (£30,700) has been raised so far, with one fan paying $14,100 (£7,200) to meet Shakira.

    Expect Britney Spears to sell off her knickers in the coming weeks...........

  • Tuesday, February 12, 2008

    McCartney/Mills: Top 10 Songs

    Paul and Heather in happier times

    It started off so well for Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, but it seems nothing is set in wood (I mean stone) these days. So while the McCartney/Mills divorce is publically drawn out in the media, we went undercover and discovered what Top 10 songs are playing in each iPod:

    Heather's Top 10:

    1. It's Yer Money I'm After Baby - Wonder Stuff

    2. D.I.V.O.R.C.E. - Tammy Wynette

    3. Money Money Money - ABBA

    4. Take It Away - Paul McCartney

    5. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick - Ian Dury & Blockheads

    6. Cry Baby - Jemini

    7. Ticket To Ride - Beatles

    8. Brass In Pocket - Pretenders

    9. Knock On Wood - Amii Stewart

    10. Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous - Good Charlotte

    Paul's Top 10:

    1. Loadsamoney - Harry Enfield

    2. Driftwood - Travis

    3. Money For Nothing - Dire Straits

    4. My Brave Face - Paul McCartney

    5. Bitch - Meredith Brooks

    6. Love To See You Cry - Enrique Iglesias

    7. Can't Buy Me Love - Beatles

    8. Mo Money, Mo Problems - Notorious B.I.G featuring 112

    9. Deadwood - Dirty Pretty Things

    10. Lonely - Akon

    The Mills/McCartney saga

  • Monday, February 11, 2008

    The Feeling: Dress As Spice Girls

    The Feeling @ G-A-Y as the Spice Girls

    The Feeling made a return to the music world with a surprise for the London crowd at G-A-Y on Saturday. The Feeling showed their humourous side as they dressed up as the Spice Girls as they promoted their new single. Their new single "I Thought It Was Over" has just entered the charts at number 12 yesterday.

    Maybe this will take a bit of heat off the Spice Girls who have had alot of flack recently for ending their world tour.

  • Amy Winehouse : Five Grammy Award Winner

    Amy Winehouse yesterday (picture: Mirror/

    Amy Winehouse looks set to make 2008 her year as she scooped five out of her six Grammy Award nominations and was let out of rehab to perform in a London studio live for the American TV audience via satellite.

    Amy won Best New Artist, Record of the Year (Rehab), Best New Album (Back To Black), Best Female Pop Vocal and Song of the Year.

    Check out the Amy Winehouse reaction video: HERE

  • Thursday, February 07, 2008

    Sarah Harding Ultimo Underwear Pictures

    Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding gets her kit off once again for Ultimo and these hot pictures will get many a heart pumping faster. The full Ultimo pictures can be seen at "robmaccaEXTRA" and if you need to order a bit of Sarah, then check out the Ultimo website!

    Sarah Harding pictures: HERE

  • Tuesday, February 05, 2008

    Spice Girls : Fans Make Funny Videos

    Fans wasted no time in making videos to express their anger or frustration at the news the Spice Girls have ditched the remaining dates of the world tour. Although the Spice Girls responded to the media/fan backlash by making a short video apology, it's not worth viewing - so here are two of the best home made videos that will leave a wet patch in your underwear as you view them!

  • Monday, February 04, 2008

    Music Gossip

    Amy Winehouse looking better at rehab. Pic: Splash/Daily Mail

    * Amy Winehouse popped out of rehab to renew her American visa and looked much better than when she went in. Maybe she will be ready for the Grammys on the 10th February, where Winehouse is nominated for six awards.

    * The real reason the Spice Girls have ended their reunion early has been revealed in the Daily Mail, and it is not about the money, family committments or bickering - but Posh's feet! According to the Daily Mail Victoria Beckham has bunions on her feet and that may have been the reason for the "split". Check out the story, complete with bunion pictures HERE.

    * Cheryl Cole from Girls Aloud has been hogging the headlines recently, with tears all round as she copes with cheating husband Ashley Cole. Tissues have been at the ready as Cheryl has been on the phone to Posh Spice several times for advice. Meanwhile Ashley has crying down the phone, begging Cheryl to come back.

    *Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding must read this blog because we predict the demise of Girls Aloud this year and it seems Sarah is trying to set up a solo music career for when the fateful day arrives. Prehaps the whole Cole story is speeding things along.

    *The Atomic Kitten single "Anyone Who Had A Heart" has failed to enter the Top 75 in the UK charts, what the papers fail to say is the song was only out on download last week and entered the charts at #77, so a bit harsh on the trio. They did look stunning at the G-A-Y performance at the weekend though!

  • Brit Soldiers Go Wild In Cyprus

    Good to see the British Army are enjoying themselves at Ayia Napa in Cyprus, nine lads ended up being charged after a drunken night out on the town. According to Bedrock Pub, fighting spilled into the bar leaving three soldiers and two Greek Cypriots injured as furniture and bottles were smashed up.

    Sounds like a normal night on the town in the UK to me, but at least Cyprus has a bit more heat. I bet Prince Harry wished he had been there for that night out!

  • Saturday, February 02, 2008

    Spice Girls: Tour Ends This Month

    Mel C is leaving the Spice Girls at the end of the month according to The Sun today. The newspaper claims Sporty Spice has had enough of touring with the Spice Girls and has pulled plans to visit Australia, China, South Africa and Argentina as part of "The Return of the Spice Girls" world tour. Meanwhile the rest of the girls commitments means the tour must end this month.

    Read the full story HERE.

    The official Spice Girls website made this statement today:

    "......Due to the phenomenal demand for tickets in the UK and the US along with the touring logistics for such a massive production it was not possible to fit everything in. As the girls return to normal family life and the kids go back to school they are reviewing all the options, who knows what the future might bring!

    The girls said: “We’ve had such an amazing time over the last 3 months. It’s been incredible being back together and seeing our fans again. We want to thank everyone who came to see us. It was all so mad the first time round, so we’ve really been able to appreciate it properly this time. There have been so many highlights and good times that we know it will be hard to be apart after Toronto. Really sorry if we didn’t get to see you this time round. We all have other commitments in our lives now but who knows what will happen next."

    Fans have reacted angrily across Australasia at the breaking news , which has shocked many. The "Greatest Hits" album went to #1 in Australia when it was released before Christmas and now fans feel betrayed because the shows will not now take place. Spice Girls fans vented their anger on a popular forum, saying the Spice Girls had only reformed for money and not for the fans.

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