Sunday, January 21, 2007

Melanie C News

Melanie C is back with a new UK single release on March 26th with an infectious cover version of "I Want Candy". Melanie was asked to record the track for the new British movie with the same title that is released on April 6th in the UK. To get an idea of what the song will be like, watch the Bow Wow Wow version below:

Melanie is keeping busy in Europe and will be releasing a new track in German, Austria and Switzerland on March 16th. It's called "The Moment You Believe" and is going to be used in an advertising campaign in Germany over the coming weeks.
The 4th studio album is set for release in 2007, so watch this space for more news!


  1. says the album is out on 30th March...but no title yet given

  2. Cool, didnt realise it would be that soon.

    Thanks Ben.

  3. Ahh it's great to hear news from Melaine, LOL I think doing a cover of "I want Candy" is a bit "cheesy" for her but it's great anyway :P

  4. It will be interesting to see how the British press react to it.


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