Monday, July 30, 2007

Half of Nothing @ Beer Engine, Coventry

Half of Nothing @ Beer Engine, Coventry

Half of Nothing played at the Beer Engine, Far Gosford Street, Coventry on an ordinarily quiet Sunday evening. Tonight was my first night out in ages and I was looking forward to seeing Half of Nothing perform again.

We even had our own little souvenir for the night, thanks to the drummer, Phil giving us a little piece of his drum stick - OK, it did look phallic, but I blame my dirty mind for thinking it was. When your performing live, you have to be prepared for the unexpected and when Rob's D string broke, the band had to improvise while he changed strings. Older tracks were played as Alex took the lead and Phil had to remember just how those older tunes went. James remained as calm as ever and even shared a joke with the punters, which led to another joke being told by someone at the bar.

A cover song was thrown in for good measure and had a good reaction from those in the pub. Sadly for Rob the replacement D string broke as well, meaning he had to play on without one - if anything, it proved how vital a role he plays in Half of Nothing. It also was a credit to see him playing on in the face of adversity. He may have felt a bit disappointed because the string had broken but those listening and watching were not in the slightest disappointed because the performance was spot on and just what we needed.

Super fan, Nino

Half of Nothing in action

Beer Engine performance featuring Half of Nothing

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