Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Long Live The Ripps!

I went into Coventry city centre today on a mission to buy a "I ♥ Cov " t-shirt from Vintage Urban Village, sadly they had sold out, but it turned out well as I saw a "Long Live The Ripps" t-shirt and almost creamed myself with excitement..............

I tried it on and it fitted perfectly, even though it was a medium junior size. I'd tried on the small adult size but when your a bag of bones like me - then there is no shame in buying kids sizes!

If you've not heard of Coventry group The Ripps then head over to their MySpace and give them a listen. The album is awesome, plus they remain totally humble and down to earth and loyal to Coventry - which I love so much.
Rather ironically there was a bulletin from the group saying you can order "I ♥ Cov " from them for a great price of £10 (plus £2.50 postage and packaging) so all has not been lost in my quest to own one of the t-shirts. While I was in Vintage Urban Village I also bought a retro top for the summer.

Good news for The Ripps fans - they are releasing a new single "Holiday" is released on 21st May, which has a perfect summer feel to it. The band can be seen "every fuckin where" as my new t-shirt says, so support this brilliant local group.

The promo video can be seen below:

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