Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Enemy - Carling Academy, Birmingham

The Enemy are going from strength to strength as the latest gig showed at Birmingham's Carling Academy. The lads put on a slick, tight show that kept the fans wanting more as the sweat poured down their topless bodies.

Tom (left), Liam (back) and Andy (right)

Escobar on stage

Right from when Escobar came on stage just after 7 pm, the crowd were vocal and supportive and were enjoying countless crowd surfing exercises during the course of the evening. Security were on hand to help in a friendly way, lifting each surfer to safety. It was more like a football match with the vast majority of the 3,000 crowd having braved the bad weather to come over from Coventry and show their support to the three lads who have helped put Coventry back on the music map. The other support act were the Harrisons - both bands providing a good warm up sound for The Enemy to swagger on stage too.

Family and friends of Tom, Andy and Liam were close by in the V.I.P area, even Andy was able to pop in and have a chat - without getting mobbed by fans. This is where the band are at the moment, still on the verge of becoming really big and yet still able to walk around without being surrounded by security. Even from this balcony area the V.I.P crew showed how it should be done by partying away through each song and chanting the odd "Coventry" here and there!

The Enemy seem to have tapped into a new generation of music lovers with their songs about working class life and fighting the system. Such tracks as "Had Enough" and "It's Not OK" seem to go further than Oasis ever did, in talking about the life of ordinary working class people. This is part of the appeal of The Enemy at the moment, they sing about real issues that affect real lives - no gloss, no bullshit just hard hitting lyrics that the audience can relate too.


The Enemy - "Away From Here"

The Enemy - "It's Not OK"

The Enemy - "Had Enough" (clip)

The Enemy - "We'll Live And Die In These Towns"

The Enemy - "40 Days and 40 Nights"

The Enemy - "Pressure"

Another sleepless night for robmacca!

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  1. WOW mate I think yuo should get a guiness gercord for having so many late nights! :P at least you're having fun.. I'm loving your red/pink (?) shirt


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