Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Ripps "Holiday" Launch - Coventry Colosseum

The Ripps made it another night to remember as they took the young Colosseum crowd in Coventry by storm. They were celebrating the release of their single "Holiday" and turned the room into one large party with some serious moshing as their fast and furious tunes boomed out.

Rachel bangs them out!

This was the perfect setting - in their hometown with friends in the audience and a room full of students all thinking about the coming holidays as exams come to a close. It was a chance to let off some steam and party hard.

Raul taking a joke from his brother Patch

Right from the start the crowd were behind The Ripps and wasted no time by showing them how much they liked their tunes. The room was alive with dancing and chanting and became a hot bed of sweaty bodies - this is what gigs should be made of!

The energy coming from the crowds was bouncing back to Patch, Raul and Rachel - who kept that energy alive on stage by giving a fantastic performance as they loved every minute of it.

Patch in action

There were some surprises in store for the Colli crowd as the band threw out some beach balls when they sang "Holiday" and welcomed a friend for guest vocals for their final song "Too much Too Young", a fitting close to bring SKA music back to the city it came from.

Special guest vocals during "Too Much Too Young"

Raul goes Two Tone in this hat!

Finally, Patch got a surprise of his own when his good friend Russ, flashed from the side of the stage. It was a chance for Patch to make a few jokes and it all added to the experience of a night out with The Ripps and co!

Here are a selection of videos from the night, recorded on my mobile phone from a very active mosh pit - so excuse the quality.

The Cov Colli crowd chanting with The Ripps, going mental. The band start playing their new single "Holiday" but filming is cut short as the mosh pit gets wild!

This video is "Vampires" and was recorded with lots of pushing and shoving going on behind (all adds to the fun!), after the song finishes Patch, Raul and Rachel begin shaking hands with the crowd.

The Ripps perform "Vandals" to the Cov crowd who lap it up big time.

The opening song of the night "Loco", gets the crowd going mad and sets the scene for the rest of the gig - Watch out Glastonbury 'cos The Ripps are coming!

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  1. Hehe.. I must admit it .. "Loco" is a catchy tune , it's great for them to promote themsleves that much.. it's the only way of making it big or being more recognized.


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