Friday, July 20, 2007

Mel B: New Man Has A Big One! (The Sun)

Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) is quoted as saying her new man Stephen Belafonte, has got a big cock. Well, according to The Sun newspaper this week. Now we've not seen any photographic evidence just yet, but we all know what happened with Max Beesley so give it a few more months and you could just be squinting your eyes on this very blog trying to cop a view. Here is how The Sun reported the story:

MEL B has been dating film producer Stephen Belafonte, a friend she has known for seven years, since her split with Beverly Hills Cop star Eddie.

She was upset by Eddie — the man the SPICE GIRLS call Beverly Hills C**k — refusing to acknowledge he is the father of Angel Iris, now three months old, and turned to Stephen for comfort.

But now she says: Mel, divorced from dancer Jimmy Gulzar, has a baby girl Angel Iris by Murphy, although he is refusing to have anything to do with her or the baby.

He’s the love of my life and I’m going to marry him.”

Mel is in sensational shape following the birth and told a pal: “Stephen’s been a godsend.
Eddie hasn’t been in touch once since I had the baby, it’s unbelievable. But Stephen has been a tower of strength.”

And Mel put the knife in to Eddie saying: “Stephen’s got a much bigger c**k as well!”
That’s classic Mel B. She was always the gobbiest of the Spice Girls and the first to brag openly about her sex life.

Mel spent Monday night with bandmate VICTORIA BECKHAM at a celebration dinner in their mutual home town — Los Angeles.

Posh and hubby DAVID went for a meal at the romantic Little Door restaurant with Mel and Spice Girls guru SIMON FULLER after Posh’s TV documentary aired on US TV.

Despite some critics giving her a hard time, the show was watched by millions as Yanks tuned in to learn more about the Beckhams.

Their A-list pal TOM CRUISE is planning a huge party at his house on Sunday to welcome them to the city following David signing to play for LA Galaxy.


David is hoping he can overcome an injury scare and be fit to make his debut for LA Galaxy against Chelsea on Saturday.

Mel, Victoria and the rest of the girls — GERI HALLIWELL, MELANIE C and EMMA BUNTON — will rehearse in LA later this year for their reunion tour.

They also plan extra gigs, after more than a million people registered for tickets.


  1. WOW it's god she's got a new man by now, he seems to be cute :P

  2. SO long as she doesn't rush into anything this time...


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