Monday, May 07, 2007

Koventry Kidnap Kommando

Miriam dressed as a Russian Spy as part of her mission while in Coventry!

The past few days have been hectic socially, so I've not had time to do my usual blogging or online reading.

Part of the week was spent hosting Miriam, who had flown in from Asia and was on her way home to Switzerland. She had an exciting plan while here and was on the same wave lenght as myself, when it comes to doing wild things.

The video below was recorded on Thursday and has Miriam dressed as a Russian spy, on a mission to "kidnap" a guy called Ben. Miriam's plan was to take him back to Switzerland with her on Saturday.................................

* I can't believe how many hours I just spent trying to get this video to work and upload correctly!

Miriam out and about in Coventry during her stay as a HospitalityClub member.

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  1. Welcome back Rob! nice to see u here. It seems to me that your friend Miriam knows how to have fune hehe, you must've enjoyed it.


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