Monday, April 23, 2007

A Day Of Celebration!

It's a day to celebrate - firstly, it's St George's day so being English I'm celebrating that fact today. I've got my England flags up on all 3 front windows for today only. If it was my day off work I may have gone out and had a drink but I think my body is still recovering from all that alcohol at The Enemy gig on Saturday..........

Secondly, it's a day to celebrate because Coventry's The Enemy stormed into the UK Charts this week at #8. Liam, Andy and Tom worked their socks off last week touring England doing gigs, signings and HMV performances. It all turned good as the single climbed up from 52 - 8, giving the lads their first Top 10 with their first chart eligible track entitled "Away From Here".
Ironically, The Enemy will now be jetting off to Europe for a 16 date tour so will indeed be "Away From Here" but they will be back soon with another 19 UK dates taking them through to late May.

The single sold a respectable 13,000 copies last week as UK singles saw a 5% increase in sales at almost 1.4 million.

Quote from Yahoo Music:

"The weeks biggest winners though are surely The Enemy. Hailing from
Coventry, they have benefited of late from the patronage of the NME and a well
received support slot with the Fratellis. Their third single 'Away From Here'
now becomes their first ever chart hit, surging 52-8 after a physical release
this week. The anthemic and incredibly appealing single arrives to herald the
release of their debut album 'We'll Live And Die In These Towns' "

*See videos from Saturday nights Coventry gig HERE

The Enemy celebrate getting to #8 in the UK charts yesterday in Coventry.

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  1. Congrats about St. George's day! good to read about The Enemy getting at #8 I must admit I'm quite impressed.


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