Friday, April 27, 2007

robmacca meets The Ripps

robmacca meets Patch.

robmacca meets Raul.

robmacca meets Rachel.

Coventry's finest group, The Ripps, were performing live at Warwick Student Union as part of the line up supporting The Switches. I went with my Lithuanian friends, Vilimas and Elvaldas - this was the first gig Vilimas had ever attended and since we were on the guest list, we got in quickly. We managed to get right to the front and got an excellent view of The Ripps as they performed a whole host of songs from their funky punk album "Long Live The Ripps".

Raul on stage at Warwick Student Uni

One of the many reasons why I like The Ripps is because they are so down to earth and totally unchanged by all the attention and limelight. For me as a new fan, I feel honoured that they recognise me and take the time to say hello and chat. I find it really hard to go up to people and ask for an autograph or to take a picture because I feel so self conscious but Raul, Patch and Rachel put me at ease because they are normal individuals that love doing what they do - performing live. If anything, it should be me buying them a drink - but Patch came up and gave me a bottle of Stella. I felt special and this is something I've never felt before when seeing any other artist.

Patch live on stage.
I really ought to invest in a digital camera because my mobile picture quality and videos don't do the bands justice. Thankfully the pictures here are taken by my friend Vilimas and Evaldas.
Visit: robmaccaEXTRA for the whole picture and video collection from the night.


  1. I like the desing of your t-shirt, it's nice to see th pics hehe the name Raul is common over here :P one of my mates is called like that.

  2. Patch looks slightly Korean and very cute!! Nice shots....

  3. It was fun. I really enjoyed the gig. Thanks for taking us there! : )


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