Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pint Shot Riot: Rock The Kasbah

robmacca in his Riot gear!
Forget the riots in Paris because Coventry had it's very own riot tonight, in the shape of Pint Shot Riot and by God they rocked the Kasbah!
If your going to wear a t-shirt that says "RIOTER" then you have to be prepared for a riot to take place and the people of Coventry didn't let the side down.

Pint Shot Riot
Back in September Pint Shot Riot played at the Hope and Anchor as reported HERE, even though rioting was somewhat subdued because of security. Tonight more than made up for it at the newly opened Kasbah (formally known as the Colosseum). The crowd were free to express themselves and enjoy the music. I had decided to get right down at the front and run the risk of getting caught up in the riot.

Rocket launches another missile

The young crowd were up for it and full of energy as Pint Shot Riot blasted out some new tunes as well as the familiar tunes. Before long I realised my first mistake - never wear a hat in a mosh pit! I quickly took off my glasses and proceeded to jump around and enjoy the fun as any good Rioter should. My hands firmly gripping the railing, trying to protect the girl stood beside me trying to take photos. I almost instantly gave up the notion of taking pictures or videos as the pace in the crowd sped up to stampede level.

As the crowd jumped up and down I noted my second mistake - wearing a short sleeved t-shirt results in friction burns! If Rocket, Rob, Baby Dave and Mini Rocket had gone on too long we'd have a fire on our hands. Thankfully for me, the joy of mosh pits brings that added delight of lager throwing and the loss of a hat was replaced with gaining a pint of liquid (hopefully not piss!) over the top of my head. Normally having a pint poured over you could lead to a fight but at a gig like Pint Shot Riot, it's all part of the fun.

The evening ended with "Riot Van" and our musical taste buds had certainly been stimulated, chants of "more" were ringing out -along with Coventry City football songs. While my arms may ache from being pushed and shoved for the best part of 40 minutes, my heart was alive and well thanks to the energetic tunes of Pint Shot Riot.


Pictures get blurred when there is a Riot!

Melanie C Wants To Become A Mum

Melanie C

From USA Today:

HOLLYWOOD — Inside the cozy Eastman Room bar off the Kodak Theatre lobby, four of the five Spice Girls have taken their seats for a group interview. Melanie C spoke about motherhood and boyfriends:

"For nearly six years I've been with my partner," Chisholm says, then clarifies, "It's a boy, by the way, in case there's any girls out there gettin' hopeful."

Chisholm's boyfriend, Thomas Starr, a builder with model looks, has done little to dampen Brits' questioning of her sexuality.

And she seems to take devilish delight in the ambiguity, witnessed by her costume choice for the group's second fashion show number. The women wore elegant evening gowns designed by Roberto Cavalli (who is also designing their still-top-secret tour costumes), and only Chisholm added a men's top hat and wore flats (to protect her "bit of a sore knee," she says).

Now the only childless Spice Girl, Chisholm says, "I would love to be a mum. And definitely that's something I want in my future, but it hasn't been the time for me."

Read the full USA Today interview: HERE

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  • Tuesday, November 27, 2007

    The Teddy Teacher Story

    This teacher - Gillian Gibbons could be charged with sedition or a months prison sentence with 40 lashes in Sudan.
    The crime?

    Allowing pupils to name a teddy bear "Mohammed".

    Check out the story: HERE

    Ironic that people were protesting angrily at the Oxford Union over the choice of speakers for the Union Society last night (BNP leader Nick Griffin and historian David Irving).

    There will be no such protests in Britain for the teacher who is in jail for naming the teddy "Mohammed", at the request of the children. It amazes me how quickly protesters will jump on one band wagon but will suddenly become silent when it comes to the need for action.

    My advice to all those who went to Oxford to protest at who was speaking as part of the free speech debate - get off your arses now and do something useful. Free speech, whether we agree with the person or not is enshrined in the British way of life - pity that such places like Sudan still lives in the dark ages and imprison innocent people.

  • Friday, November 23, 2007

    Girls Aloud: Red Cross Ball

    Girls Aloud singers Kimberley Walsh and Cheryl Cole both looked stunning at the Red Cross Ball, held in London this week. Could Kimberley be giving Mel B a run for her money by dressing in a leopard print?

    Wednesday, November 21, 2007

    Spice Girls Go Gold!

    The Spice Girls "Greatest Hits" album will go gold this week on it's second week in the UK. The news will be welcome in the Spice camp as it seems the single "Headlines" has been getting a bashing in the British media because it will not reach the number one spot this Sunday.

    The "Greatest Hits" album has apparently already sold 1.6m around the globe since the launch last week, reaching #1 in Australia, #2 in the UK, #9 in Ireland and #11 in Hong Kong to name but a few places.
    The Spice Girls also gained the highest viewing figure during the BBC "Children In Need" charity event of Friday - 10.9 million tuning in to watch them perform "Headlines " and "Stop". It's interesting to read that the official video on YouTube is fast approaching 2.5 million hits after less than three weeks on the website, gaining #1 positions for the following:

    #1 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Music - United Kingdom
    #1 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Music
    #1 - Most Discussed (This Month) - Music - United Kingdom
    #1 - Most Discussed (This Month) - Music
    #1 - Top Favorites (This Month) - Music - United Kingdom
    #1 - Most Linked (This Month) - Music - United Kingdom

    Things just keep on getting better as Melanie B goes from strength to strength on "Dancing with the Stars" and is now bookies favourite to win after getting to the finals this week.
    Heat have given us a glimpse of the tour outfits by Roberto Cavalli and the BBC documentary is just weeks away from being aired. Not getting "Headlines" to number one in the UK isn't such a disaster after all................

  • Monday, November 19, 2007

    Girls Aloud: G-A-Y Pictures

    Girls Aloud returned to G-A-Y on Saturday to promote the launch of their album and single and the pictures taken by Cable Media prove that Sarah Harding, Cheryl Cole, Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh and Nadine Coyle have staying power. Since claiming the Christmas #1 back in 2002, Girls Aloud have charted Top 10 with their 16 singles so far and look set to break that record this month.

    Sarah Harding has been hitting the headlines as she celebrated her 26th birthday but internet speculation continues to circulate claiming Sarah Harding is pregnant. Rob Cable's pictures clearly show no signs that Sarah is pregnant.

    Sarah Harding looked very "Clockwork Orange" as she left G-A-Y late on Saturday night - then it was time to get the birthday party into full swing!

  • Bjork: UK Tour 2008

    Bjork has announced a new UK tour that will take place during April and May 2008:
    April 11: Manchester Apollo
    April 14, 17: London Hammersmith Apollo
    April 22: Plymouth Pavilion
    April 25: Wolverhampton Civic Hall
    April 28: Belfast Waterfront
    May 1: Blackpool Empress Ballroom
    May 4: Sheffield City Hall

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  • Sunday, November 18, 2007

    The Enemy: Photography

    Another great photographer has given me permission to use their pictures on my fan website at .

    It seems to take up a lot of my free time these days running the website, but it is worth it because I enjoy putting in the effort. First of all we had pictures by Valerio Berdini on - a stunning collection of black and white pictures of The Enemy.

    Then the Danny North collection of "The Enemy on Tour" were added. Danny has work featured in the NME on a regular basis and is well known in the industry.

    Earlier this month super fan and regular visitor of - Piia from Finland granted permission to use her pictures that she had taken while following The Enemy around the UK and Europe.

    Finally, well known photographer Shirlaine Forrester became the latest addition to the growing picture collection on the website. Her pictures capture the band during various gigs and together for press shots.

    Before I started my website, I used to find pictures and use them freely without ever asking, or crediting the person who had taken the pictures. Now I realise the hard work they have put into bringing us the pictures, it is only fair I ask where ever I can.

    I don't know if The Enemy have seen the website (hope they don't mind me doing it!). I know they used to be regular visitors to my blog but in the end I set up because I was blogging so much about them.

    These days I'm busier than ever, when I'm not working on my blogs or websites, I'm involved with a band called Drug For The Good . I also run their MySpace as well as play tambourine on special occasions!

    Life is good in the world of robmacca .....................

    Sarah Harding: Pregnant?

    Sarah Harding (Girls Aloud) seems to be generating a lot of interest lately, not just for her Ultimo underwear collection and drunken antics but speculation has been growing that Sarah may well be pregnant.
    Stories began circulating last December as we reported on "robmacca entertainment news" and we reported back then that Sarah Harding was NOT pregnant, now it seems even more people have been questioning if the Girls Aloud singer will have a child with her boyfriend before Cheryl Cole and Ashley have their first child.
    Once again we have to say no official word has come out from the Sarah Harding camp and it is highly unlikely Sarah will be having a baby anytime soon, as Girls Aloud have just announced dates for their 2008 UK tour.

    See Sarah Harding in the Ultimo Collection HERE.
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  • Saturday, November 17, 2007

    Spice Girls: Stop Video - BBC Children In Need

    The Spice Girls performed "Stop" from Los Angeles for the BBC Children In Need charity night. Captured on camera by robmacca for those that missed the event.

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  • Spice Girls; Greatest Hits Album USA

    The Spice Girls can be proud of themselves this week as their "Greatest Hits" album has already sold all 600,000 copies that were shipped out to Victoria's Secret stores across America for Tuesday's exclusive launch. Not bad when you consider that "Forever" only sold 207,000 copies in total in the US. Sales of downloads will further increase that figure over the coming days, ahead of the physical US CD release on January 15th 2008.

    What is more remarkable is that the 600,000 sales will not even count towards a chart placing because Victoria's Secret 1,100 locations are not soundscan enabled retailers. But this is a new era for artists and EMI have been happy to release the album in this way, similar to Prince's UK release via the Sunday Mail newspaper as opposed to high street record stores. In the UK the Spice Girls "Greatest Hits" is expected to enter the charts at #2 on Sunday, which is still great for a group that were written off just seven years ago.

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  • Friday, November 16, 2007

    Spice Girls: BBC Children In Need Headlines Video

    Here is the moment the Spice Girls performed together on BBC "Children In Need", performing "Headlines" live from Los Angeles......

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  • Spice Girls "Victoria's Secret" Pictures

    The Spice Girls need no introduction, and they proved they still have what it takes as the world's #1 female group. They took the Victoria's Secret launch party by storm, performing "Headlines" and "Stop" in sexy military outfits for the American crowds. As seen in the pictures below, the Spice Girls also wooed America with some stunning evening gowns. The event caused a sensation in true Spice Girls style. Check out the GMTV video clip as well, which described the performance "like the Oscars".

    Meanwhile the Spice Girls will be appearing live from LA for the BBC Children In Need charity event tonight performing the single "Headlines". Over in Ireland, the "Greatest Hits" album went straight in at #9 and is expected to go top ten in the UK on Sunday.

    GMTV Spice Girls Interview

    *Thanks to Emma B and Heat magazine for the info.

  • Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    Spice Girls: New Pictures

    Whatever your opinions are on the "Return of the Spice Girls", you have to admit the girls are looking pretty damn good 10 years on. These new pictures arrived at my inbox today and thus continued my Spice Girls theme on the blog. I'm currently sat watching the DVD of the "Greatest Hits" (mainly because Virgin's "TV on Demand" is not working as per usual!).

    A big thank you to Chris Baldwin who took the pictures at the shooting of the "Headlines" video recently and thanks to Jonathan for sending them.

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  • Monday, November 12, 2007

    Spice Girls TESCO Advert

    The Spice Girls are back on our screens - with the new Tesco Christmas advert, we see a humourous side to Victoria Beckham, Melanie C, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and Melanie B. For the next few weeks "Spicemania" takes over with the Greatest Hits album, "Headlines" single and the "Return of the Spice Girls" world tour kicking off on the 2nd December. Mixed opinions throughout the media, but it's a welcome return for hype and nostalgia. The Spice Girls documentary should make interesting viewing as well.

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  • Friday, November 09, 2007

    Royal Mail To Close Main Post Office In Coventry

    Royal Mail have announced that they will close the main post office in Coventry, even though the union, public and MP's have opposed the move.

    The building will be sold off for short term gain but the loss will be long term for the people of Coventry. Services will NOT be better when the post office moves into WH Smiths with less counters and space, staff will NOT be better off when their pay and conditions drastically change.

    Ironic that Royal Mail are closing the main post office in Hertford Street, and moving it into WH Smiths - which is less than 5o yards from the next nearest post office.

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  • Tuesday, November 06, 2007

    The Enemy: Ricoh Arena Date Announced

    As revealed on "robmacca entertainment news" HERE in early August, The Enemy will be performing at the Ricoh Arena in their hometown, Coventry. I can now reveal the date as Saturday 5th April 2008 in the 8,000 capacity Jaguar Exhibition Hall.

    To read more click the link below:

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  • Monday, November 05, 2007

    Royal Mail: "It's Not OK" - Part Two

    *Previous video: HERE

    The video above is not meant to be an attack on Royal Mail or the manager's who run the local delivery offices. The past few months have been difficult for everyone within Royal Mail and the future looks very challenging if it is to survive. Following several days of strike action, problems began to surface about the backlogs and delays in mail delivery.

    This video highlights some of those problems several weeks later, as manager's try and cope with tight budgets and strained working relations. It exposes shortfalls as customer service slipped and highlights some interesting quotes from the media, Royal Mail and the Union.

    Royal Mail does endeavour to make a daily delivery to each UK home as well as trying to exceed each standard laid down by the regulator Postcomm. The video needs to be taken in the right context, with the back drop of industrial action. Normal daily deliveries have returned to the vast majority of the country, any mail being undelivered is usually due to exceptional circumstances.

    Since the Government raced into ending Royal Mail's monopoly, the postal market has transformed significantly. The public service, treasured by this nation is now under serious pressure. Is it all down to profits or about public service?

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