Sunday, February 04, 2007

Coventry Tops Sex Toy Survey

Coventry has topped a rather erotic poll conducted by condom makers Durex, that revealed the city is the "Sex Toy" capital of Britain. A stunning 57% of those that responded to the survey said they owned a sex aid.

The survey also found that almost 20% of Coventarians said they had sex more than once a day, which might explain why the streets get a little quiet at night!

Rather worryingly for doctors, was the number of people who said they didn't always use protection with a partner whose sexual history they didn't know (almost 20%), which explains why there has been a gradual increase in sexually transmitted infections.

In other Coventry related news, one of MySpace friends, Whats on in Cov!? sent me a video of some lads rapping about Coventry! You can watch the video below. The video coincides with the "Made In Coventry" event, held at the Ricoh Arena last weekend. World famous break dancer B-Boy Crumbs was in the city helping out local dancers Kombat Breakers put together a routine for the event.


  1. many of those surveys did you fill in?!

  2. I provided Coventry with most of the toys!

  3. LMFAO!!
    I must admit this is amazing... all of them are sooo experienced and I'm.. I'm just 18 years old


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