Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Rrrs "Look Good, Feel Great" EP Launch

nino and robmacca wearing underwear for The Rrrs stage show.

The occasion for getting drunk and having a wild night out at The Colosseum was The Rrrs "Look Good, Feel Great" EP launch and what an entertaining night it was! The music was pumping out as soon as we walked into the venue with Half of Nothing (previous Band of the Week) up on stage. The lads were as friendly as ever with Alex on vocals, Rob and James playing and backing him up and Phil could be spotted playing drums in his frantic energetic way - which is always a pleasure to watch.

Half of Nothing get the show on the road

A belly dancer provides something different

The belly dancer was a first for me and gave something different to the night, but quite fitting for larger than life The Rrrs. Another surprise was the following band, who's name I didn't catch but they sounded quite good anyway. Another energetic drummer, with his wet hair showering droplets of sweat into the beams from the spotlights.

An extra band play at the Colosseum during the EP launch night

Leamington lads The Carter Manoeuvre (current Band of the Week) had a full weekend cramming in 3 different gigs and gave an all out performance with their indie/experimental/rock sound that kept you on your toes. It is one thing to hear a tune on someones MySpace but to hear it live is another matter and James Ellis provided us with a vocal menu worthy of seconds. James Turrell kept the energy up with his bass playing throughout and still had a smile at the end. It's true that Tom Grundy can indeed play just about everything and he kept himself busy doing just that. Stuart Knight on drums had me quite fixated because he looked like he was sitting an exam paper with his concentrated look while playing.

The Carter Manoeuvre perform on dryer land

Finally it was time for The Rrrs to make their Colosseum debut - this is the reason why many were here, for their "Look Good Feel Great" EP launch. I'd got my red t-shirt earlier in the foyer and a badge and now it was time to get to the front and show some support (and also I wanted to party!). The Rrrs took centre stage and soon unleashed their brand of indie/new wave pop tunes. Knickers were being waved in the air during "Is that your underwear on the floor" and the stage now resembled a Tom Jones gig.

The Rrrs in full flow at their "Look Good Feel Great" EP launch

Sharliza was on top form, as seen in the picture above and could be seen sticking her foot in Les Woods crotch and having bum on bum nudging with backing vocalist Babs Jorge. The set list was so upbeat and lifting that it could help break any UN deadlock and bring people from opposite sides together. Steve K from Jaffa Rose provided drums again and did an excellent job and Rowan Gifted's lead guitar made the night one worthy of being remembered long into the future.......

*top picture by nino - thanks!

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  1. LOL it seems to me it was a quite funny and maybe raunchy gig :P hehe it's a great unides pic Mr. Postie


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