Saturday, July 07, 2007

Taylor Johns: "F**k Art Let's Dance" - July 6th 2007

Trash Fashion in action @ Taylor John's, Coventry

Trainchaser @ Taylor John's, Coventry

Trash Fashion and local nu-rave band Trainchaser were the stars of this week's "Fuck Art, Let's Dance" at Taylor John's in Coventry. Not quite the venue you'd expect to find nu-rave, especially since the venue has the worst lightening I've seen this year. Coventry's very own Trainchaser got the evening off to a cracking start, helped by a steady mix of DJ tunes beforehand. The crowd were timid and lined the walls like they were going to be shot, but they had no need to fear Dan and the crew as they belted out some great tunes, any Brummies in the room had better watch out, judging by their last song! I don't care if one of them looks like Alan Carr and their MySpace needs more attention - these lads are the dogs bollocks.

The other band!

Second up were a band I neither remember nor care for, while they had the looks that the first band lacked, they just tried too hard. They had their own guy filming it and certainly looked the part as a nu-rave act. They did at least get the crowds to come forward, which was a good thing.

Trash Fashion ARE nu-rave and not only have the clobber and sounds, they can perform like true stars. They are used to better crowds than what had turned up at Taylor John's , but they still gave it their best and proved that they are even better than their official website (check out the live pictures). Right from the first line to the last, Trash Fashion got the crowds going wild. "It's a rave Dave" could be heard coming from one of the girls in the crowd as the band became more naked during the performance. Someone in the crowd at least had a second name as Dave but any attempts to write on Jet Storm were wasted thanks to all that body sweat! The tunes were spot on and anyone who hasn't seen this band in action, needs to be injected with a rustyneedle!
Trash Fashion

Trash Fashion

Trainchasers - Your ID's Too Big

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Trash Fashion:
Trash Fashion again :
Other band:

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  1. Ah this one is quite different from the previous Coventry bands, hehe I think it's a nice contemporary way of expressing music.


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