Saturday, October 08, 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD: Sharliza Jelita - Breaks My Heart In Two

Sharliza Jelita - Artwork by Ben Chisnall
Click on me to download Breaks My Heart In Two.

Have you ever loved a star so much you listen to them every day, stare at their pictures, watch their videos, consume every piece of literature you can find on them, start a fanclub, and carve their name into your arm at a school assembly? That sums up Sharliza Jelita's past obsession with Thom Yorke and Radiohead in her teens. It is his birthday this month (Oct 7th) so Sharliza's present Breaks My Heart In Two, a song about unrequited love just like ‘Creep’. While he made a lot of money with his composition – his first house was christened ‘the house that Creep built’ – Sharliza won’t with hers, as she is giving away Breaks My Heart in Two for free on Soundcloud. Enjoy… it’s a bright, catchy cross between Indonesian keroncong, Trojan calypso and No Surprises. You’ll hum it as you’re doing the dishes. This track will be on her upcoming album Strange Things.

Sharliza Jelita - Breaks My Heart In Two
by -Sharliza Jelita-

The recent gig at the Water Rats turned out mad and solo – James and Bob the homeless cat turned up but weren’t allowed in the venue so Sharliza had to make do with an impromptu photoshoot and my other mechanical animals called Rabbit, Pussy and Doggy! Nick Miners was on hand to capture a sanitized version of events. Catch Sharliza's next London gigs at Oxjam Islington Takeover at Wenlock & Essex on Oct 22nd and a Halloween party with the Good Suns at the Good Ship in Kilburn on Oct 29th.

Michael Jackson's The Wiz

Sharliza Jelita at the Water Rats in a mask
LED dress from Cutecircuit, mask from Spitalfields, bling from Hamburg, person from Singapore


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