Friday, August 10, 2007

Emma Bunton Has A Baby Boy

It's official - Emma Bunton has given birth to a baby boy, his name is Beau and was born at 11:12am.

A spokesperson for Emma Bunton has confirmed that the Spice Girl gave birth to a 7lbs 15oz boy.

Both Emma and the baby are doing well, although Emma devoured flapjacks and Coca Cola after the birth because she was hungry.

Alan Edwards said: "Emma gave birth to a boy at 11.12am this morning. The weight was 7lbs 15oz, which is the same weight as Jade [Jade Jones – the father] when he was born.

"I believe the name they have chosen is Beau, which is French for handsome. "The phone's been ringing off the hook, but none of the Spice Girls have called yet. I'm sure they will but they're all out of the country at the moment."

Proud dad Jade has also spoken about his new son: "He is a very lovely boy. I'm over the moon." Here on "robmacca's entertainment news" we reported earlier this week how Jade had purchased a new belly cast - looks like he bought it just in time. Now it's time to shop at Mamas and Papas..........

Jade Jones outside the hospital today

Speaking to Heat Magazine Jade said: "He looks a bit like both of us. He's a very lovely boy and I'm over the moon.Baby's had a baby – it's just amazing.

"Emma's upstairs doing really well. She's recovering and bonding with the baby. They're just having a nap right now."

*Thanks to Heat Magazine for breaking the story and my friend Emma for telling me!

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