Friday, August 24, 2007

robmacca "Foundations" Video (Kate Nash)

Miss Piggy (Muppet's) and robmacca star in "Foundations" by Kate Nash!

Kate Nash has been on my mind all week - well the "Foundations" tune has been swirling around my head. At first it prompted me to create this banner:

But with nothing on TV worth watching and a few hours spare I watched the Kate Nash "Foundations" video and thought I could do a one man show of my own. Not easy when you watch the Kate Nash video below, lots of camera moves and fancy special effects.

I had to film myself (and Miss Piggy!) and try and get it all timed as close as I could. Bit difficult when you can only really add the song at the end (and even then the download I'd just bought wouldn't work so I had to record it from the speaker - how very 1980's!)

It took 6 hours to record this 4 minute video (I had not seen the Kate Nash video until yesterday) - mine is not meant to be professional (yes, it means my version is CRAP !), my intention was just to have a bit of fun and experiment.

For best results, watch the original superior Kate Nash version first - so you can see where I got my ideas from, then watch the robmacca version (ignore the poor sound quality etc).......

Kate Nash "Foundations"

Here is the robmacca "Foundations" Video:

robmacca and Miss Piggy from the "Foundations" video.

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