Friday, July 13, 2007

Spice Girls: New Song and Documentary

Spice Girls do a Mexican wave!
The Spice Girls are all set to do a 90 minute BBC documentary and a brand new song will be released in time for "Children In Need" on Friday 16 November 2007. The BBC have described the Spice Girls as being a "key part of BBC One's autumn line-up". The new song has also been promised by the BBC and will be perfect timing for the release of the Spice Girls "Greatest Hits" album that will also be out around that time.
According to the BBC's controller: "We've got full involvement from all of them."
"They are all keen to get involved with Children In Need. They are recording two new songs and one of them might be a single

Previously, the pop group has only said plans for new material are "under discussion"but a new single is now looking promising.

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  1. wow that's really good news!! so last year it was Emma and this year the whole gang!


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