Thursday, January 11, 2007

Emma Bunton Wants Spice Girls Reunion

Emma Bunton, who turns 31 on Januray 21st has been speaking to Scotlands "Daily Record" about how she would like to see the Spice Girls reform.
The story tells how Emma and former bandmates Geri Halliwell, Victoria Beckham, Melanie C and Mel B, all missed out on the chance to play at Live 8 in the summer of 2005.

Now the singer has been encouraged by the success of the recent Take That reunion, which saw the boy band shoot straight to the top of the charts.

Emma said: "I speak to all the girls and there have been rumours about us reforming.
"We're all doing different things and some of the girls are mums, so priorities have changed. But I would love to do something with the Spice Girls again."

Though a Spice Girls reunion tour would be a massive money spinner, Emma says the gigs would not be about cashing in.

"I know we will have an amazing time," Emma said. "I would love to look to the side of the stage and see the girls there. But it would be a one-off gig for charity rather than a full scale tour."

Emma is now working as a solo artist and recently released her album Life In Mono.
The record includes Emma's recent Children In Need single, Downtown, and followed her stint on the TV show Strictly Come Dancing.


  1. As usually Emma shows us again her kind side, she's lovely. I'm sure all the girls would like to reunite again but as Emma said they're all busy with other projects.


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